Monday, December 17, 2007

We celebrated Mak's 60th birthday with glorious food that we cooked ourselves.

Happy Birthday Mak .! We all LOVE you!

Congratulations to HADY MIRZA for winning the ASIAN IDOL !

Monday, December 3, 2007

A little update on my hubby's Patti (grandma)...she has gained conscious from her deep comatose few days back. The doc(s) did MRI scanned on her and everything looks alrite. She's back in the ward , her health is deteriorating thou she's abled mumbled some unclear words now and then.
Funny how, she has somewat forgotten abt the present but she talks or rather remembers more abt the past. At times she mumbles "nonsensical' things , like saying "today's her birthday".........."where's her sari" etc..., u know things like dat. So, has she actually lost or gain her memory ???

On another note, i had a chance to date my hubby on Saturday nite for a movie. Kids were sleeping over at my mom's place. Im glad i chose to watch The Kingdom. The movie was taken in Saudi Arabia & Washinton DC. It's abt an elite FBI task force trying to track down those terrorists who killed the Americans (families) living in Saudi , in a broad daylight.
Im no good in doing reviews, but i can say , everyone in the theatre , including us ,were glued from the beginning till the end of the story. No time to get bored. It was action packed and a movie not to be missed. If u havent watch, try to make time or at least get the dvd.
Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Garner and the rest of the actors fit their roles to a T. Oh, i did shed a little tears at the end of the story !