Friday, March 26, 2010

Things we did on a Friday morning ....

Safiah craves for bubur kampung (porridge),
and i feel like eating nasi campur..(rice w side dishes),

we ended up at Geylang Market.

And NO... we're not pregnant..hahaha
we are just two crazy housewives ,
who crave to shed some weight , but we thot eating would be a
better choice instead ...hahaha

choice of dishes (how to resist..)

The good food.

what u can get there ... and NO, we didnt get anything.

Happy Weekends !

Wednesday, March 24, 2010






Three days away from home ....,
she came back this afnn ......,
showered ... feeling super clean & freshness,like never before.
Ate one whole plate of rice with her fave chicken curry
+ few pcs of fried chicken + cut fruits.

Spoke to her favourite person(daddy) over the phone for awhile....

Now, she's taking a nap.

my baby is back from her school camp.

some of the camping stuff.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The heavy rain this morning, did not dampen us .

I met Safiah for our brunch date at Swensen, just now.

As always, it did lifted me up and forget about all those blues.

There's no lack of things to talk about and to laugh ourselves silly.

We took few pictures, but all turned out to be so retarded..hahaha

So, the only presentable pictures are the food .

Monday, March 22, 2010

I need rainbows ......

Im "suffering" from a few unpleasant news .

Dissappointments, but im abled to seal my emotions.

Eventhou, i managed to express what's rooted inside,
it seemed pointless.

Im feeling so fragile. I must moved myself away from the "feelings & thoughts " .

Maybe i should occupy my brain with something productive...
like baking chocolate chips , reading or the least, talk to my plants.

Positively thinking, it's not an uninvited ending,
it may turn out to be blessings.

Maybe , just maybe i shld take up yoga for emotional balance..LoL

Thursday, March 18, 2010

My collections of abayas are mostly black , grey and other pastel colors.

When the committees decided that the ladies wearing maroon for a change (of the usual black), i have no other choice but to look for something of the mentioned color.

I got this abaya , surprisingly in a jiffy state of time !

Now, im ready for this Saturday event .
(the pics dont do justice thou)

The maroon abaya ..

The sleeve ...

Close up ...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wednesday Blessings ......

My life is noisy .... especially now that the school is out for a week.

But not that im complaining ...
I brought the kids to the nearby park the other day,
looking at how they screamed and laughed over the silliest things ,
means ,there's joy that surrounds me.

Life is bitter sweet ...sometimes, i have to take a different routes
to resize certain issues .

Each moment is a gift. Savour it. Be in it.

Monday, March 15, 2010

One weekend is gone .......... just like dat.

Don't know where to go this coming Saturday ?

Bring your families and friends for this Talk ,
by Ustaz Mokhtar Stork.

Hey! Admission is free !..
YOU just need to come with an open mind ,open heart ....
and May HE open the doors of knowledge & wisdom for you ( and me ) .


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Safiah just called me ....

She did it !! Alhamdulillah.

Soo happy for her ! :)

The instructors who conducted crash course the past few days , didnt do much justice,according to her.

Each of them has different ways of teaching, especially on parkings.
The lessons were disoriented .

She got worried sick and panic seeps in deeper when she called me
earlier this morning.

I told her to focus on her driving and just be comfortable and confident with whatever ways she has learned ... dont bother abt the tester sitting next to her.

After her 3rd attempt today , my bestfriend finally got her driving licence.!
Yes !! *thumbs up**

I smell celebration ... its time for her to pick me up instead .**woohoo**

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Changes ......

I would say .. adjustment to new things,actually.

It may not be a solution to the problems or issues,
but im trying out the possibilities.

We cant cling on to one thing forever ....
the old ones might stay but for how long more ?

but when a new door of opportunities comes, just go forward.

Hoping for the best.

Insya allah.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Hungry me..
First stop..lunch at Ayam Penyet (Lucky Plaza).

Then it was shopping time ......

LV and Safiah :P

GUCCI and me ....

Vogue hahaha

on our way back ... with our NEW shades.
*evil grin**other stuff not in the picture*

we took crazy photos of ourselves..and we laughed out silly as usual ,hehe
for the moment , we forgot that we are mothers of two and three kids respectively..haha

Last Sunday, was not the usual Sunday for us....
The weekends are usually family times and preparing for school etc.
But,somehow or rather we managed to get out fm the house for few hours...hahaha
It's a "treat" for safiah and me,
after all the exam stress are over...results aside.
Well,we really had fun and enjoyed the outing(read:shopping) soooo much.

This year will be our 25th year of friendship..(insya allah)
We have grown and mature thru the years, but despite all the episodes in life that we had went thru , she's always there for me as much as im always there for her.

May this friendship last till our dying day..(insya allah).

Friday, March 5, 2010

Today ,

Kids ExAmS are soooo over !

Hubby is coming back this evening .

Will be having supper with the family and the inlaws.


Kids start their Practical Islam class.

Evening, hubby and me having FaithHub meeting with committees.


Morning, Briskwalk at MacRithie Reservoir .

No Quran class .

Save the best thing for last.....

Im going down town ...
S/H/O/P/P/I/N/G with my partner in crime ...
Safiah, my bestfriend !

I can *breathe* !

The weekends are here ...... !!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I want watch to this movie !

Once, hubby is back from Sydney, will drag him to come with me.

I just love SRK and Kajol duo.

Period .

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Thirst quencher ..........

The weather has been a killer .... the sun is scorching hot!

I know the plants will be very happy to receive that much of sunlight...

The laundry will get dry quickly...

But im having a big headache.

Just popped in two Panadol Extra.

With this kinda heat, i dont even want to go out .

I feel soo sticky and i tink i need to take a shower .... again, later.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Saturday afnn was spent with hubby and some FaithHub committees attending a training session for our new website.

After Maghrib, all of us proceeded to attend Maulid at Ustz's place.
Its been quite awhile since i last did my zikir....(my bad)

It was sooo rejuvenating....especially for the soul.

Sunday...our family Quran session.

An unexpected checked by Ustaz on the kids sholat recitations and some surahs..
*evil grin*

When the kids were caught off guard , everything went a tad haywire...haha

We made mistakes ...we giggled silently at each other ... we guide and encouraged one another ... and most importantly we learn & grow together.

I truely enjoyed this session every Sunday...

From the time the kids changed to their proper attire,
to the time, my son or daughter will prepare our Quran(s) and books on the table..
to the time we all will be revising (menderas) and kids will be "teaching" daddy..heheh before Ustaz appeared at our door. Priceless !

It's one of the many memories and moments of my life that i will treasure forever.