Thursday, August 30, 2007

I just got back fm my daughter's school, cos, the whole of Primary 2 students are having their Speech & Drama performances this morning..parents are invited.
The Theme :Aesop Fables

I reached the school at 7.30am , as im helping out with the make-up for the kids.
It's a simple tasks actually. There's another parent volunteering too.
We worked hand in hand...she'll put the powder and the rouge on the kids, after which i touched them up with eye-shadows and lipsticks.

Funny how the boys reacted when we "dolled" them up..hehhee
At the age of 8years old, their mind are still set that boys shld not wear make-up..hehhee

So, there i was, dolling up one by one..then came a boy fm my daughter's class..Xavier. Before i could touched him, he "warned" me...

Xavier : "cheacher, dun put so much make-up ley, i boy u know not girl."
Me : " dun worry..i put very lightly for you"
Xavier : "the lipstick got other color or not red, i boy u know"
Me : ???? (budak ni skali aku lesing ..banyak spelling betol la! )"

Xavier was finally dolled ! powdered ,red lipstick ,rouge to make his cheek looked rosy with blue eye shadow. He looked...well pretty ! hehehe

Then,there's another boy, Salman...he's supposed to act like one of the black crows. Those crows were given black body suit costumes and they supposed to change in the toilet.
Salman came back , wearing the suit with the zipper in the front ,instead of behind.
He was told to change the other way round. He came back, with the zipper behind, but he wore the suit inside out...hehehe
The teacher in charged told him how to wear it properly he went to the toilet,.... again. This time he wore it correctly...but not when one of his sleeves are much lower than the other..heheh
This is wat happend when a rich , pampered child is being left on his own..!hehhee

The performances started at 9.30am, the hall was almost filled with eager and supportive parents. My daughter's act was the last one, she's one of the singing tree trunk.
Up on the stage, i saw Xavier , face all cleaned frm all the make-up...i wonder if he has took the wet tissues left on the table earlier to wipe off all colors on his face ! hehehee

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Last nite, i received an unexpected text.
When i saw the name, i was kinda worried of wat the content of the text would be.
I read it twice just to be sure.
I was very much delighted !
I Thanked ALLAH.

I prayed this will continue.
Ive said many times to myself
The challenges are there for me to face it.
But, i have hope and will not give up.

If everything else fails, I have ALLAH to cling on.

Monday, August 27, 2007

I made 3 "uncalled for" blunders within a week. !!

Ive caused a collective of silliness,blurrness ,anger and inconvenient to those involved !!
Y'day was the last straw!

Fortunately, no "murder" was caused in those scenes.
The matters were resolved there and then, ended with crazy laughters and jokes and as the penalty, i was made to pay lunch for one of my blunders..which i obviously relented !! ;P

I felt really really guilty thou.
Tis is wat happend when im under brain juices just freeeezeeed ! I couldnt get some of the things rite.! **sheeesh**

Anyway,this morning, as i was flipping thru today's Straits Times, tis little articles interest me.

"Moon to blush red in total lunar eclipse"

# The moon will turn red tommorrow during a total lunar eclipse.
# The blush on the face of the Moon - occuring at 5.52pm Singapore time.
# Singapore will catch only tail end of the eclipse.
# Those who want to cath the "blood moon lunar eclipse" can look up
# from 5.30pm

read more in today's paper.......

PS: dun miss the opportunity to make lots of supplications tonite ..the nite of Nisfu Syaaban.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Yesterday was my mother-in-law's birthday and i TOTALLY forgot abt it !!
Every year i would wish her in the morning & the kids would call her once they are back fm skool.

This year, like yesterday...hubby texted me (fm KL) asking me , if we had wished his mother ?! I was like ...WAt !! OMG!! why didnt u tell me earlier, it was already 8plus in the nite !!

Of cos, the hubby being the one an only son had done so, in the very early morning yesterday (fm KL), also TOTALLY forgot to remind me ! **duh**

So, couldnt waste anymore time, i dialled my MIL's home one picked. I tried many times, still no one picked up. I assumed she must be going for dinner with my sister-in-law. I texted my SIL , checking if my MIL was with her...
"No, she's at wedding, in the temple...try her hp"

I tried 484939X ,no one picked up, with all the drums,musics and "chaostic" atmosphere of the wedding ceremonies, she definitely unabled to hear anything hidden in her handbag.....the machine talked and asked me to leave message, which obviously i didnt , and i dont think my MIL would bother checking on messages.

I texted my sister-in-law, again..and it was already 9plus in the nite. I checked with her if she's fetching my MIL later...... "No, try again around 10.30"
So , i waited and tried calling till it's one answer.

My eyes getting tired and sleepy. I texted hubby almost 11pm telling him ,"im going to sleep,call her tmrw morning"

And this morning,juz minutes ago, i called and spoke to her..wishing her belated bday, giving errrr, stupid excuses that a daughter in law could think of...*evil grin*. My MIL , being the best MIL ever, didnt mind my belated wishes, and the "stupid excuses" ...hehhee

Eventhou, we are different race & religion and in millions of ways,I heart my MIL many many, u know.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Rejab has left us, the nite of Nisfu Syaaban is coming...soon Ramadhan will approach us.

It is said that on this meritorous month during the night between 14th and 15th Syaaban known as Laylatul-Bara'ah (the night of freedom from fire), Allah opens up the sky and elevates every single deed of His slaves. Therefore all our prayers will insyaAllah be granted upon the Almighty's will. Amin.


Pada pertengahan bulan Syaaban, marilah kita meluangkan masa untuk
menyambut malam 15 Syaaban dikenali sebagai Nisfu Syaaban dan marilah
bersama-sama menambahkan amalan bagi mendapat keredaan Allah S.W.T.
Nisfu bermakna separuh (1/2).

Bulan Syaaban, keagungan malamnya dengan Nisfu Syaaban seperti
keagungan Ramadhan dengan Lailatul Qadarnya. Maka pada malam Nisfu
Syaaban telah datang Jibril kepada Rasulullah s.a.w lalu katanya: ?
Angkat kepalamu ke langit, itulah malam yang Allah padanya tiga ratus
rahmat dan diampunkan Allah sekelian orang yang menyekutukan (syirik)
denganNya sesuatu, kecuali: tukang nujum, kekal dalam zina, kekal
minum arak, derhaka terhadap ibubapa. ?

Allah menilik kepada hambaNya pada malam Nisfu Syaaban maka
diampunkan dosa segala makhlukNya melainkan orang syirik dan orang
yang tidak bertutur dengan saudaranya.

Apabila pada malam Nisfu Syaaban maka berjagalah kamu pada malamnya
bersembahyang, beribadat dan puasa kamu pada siangnya. Allah
berfirman yang bermaksud: Adakah orang yang meminta ampun maka Aku
ampunkannya, adakah orang ditimpa bala Aku afiatkannya
(selamatkannya). Adakah orang yang meminta rezeki maka Aku
rezekikannya, demikianlah pertanyaan lainNya sehingga keluar fajar

Tersebut dalam kitab Al-Barakah: Bahawa jin, burung, binatang-
binatang buas, ikan dilaut berpuasa mereka pada hari Nisfu Syaaban.

Tersebut di dalam Kitab Iqna' : Bahawa Jibril bersungguh-sungguh pada
malam Nisfu Syaaban menunaikan segala hajat. Maka datanglah Jibril
kepada Rasulullah s.a.w. kali keduanya katanya: Ya Muhammad!
gembirakanlah kamu bahawa Allah Taala telah mengampunkan segala
umatmu orang yang tidak menyekutukanNya sesuatu, angkatkan kepalamu,
lalu Rasulullah mengangkatkan kepalanya, tiba-tiba terbuka segala
pintu syurga.

Bahawa malam Nisfu Syaaban adalah hari raya Malaikat, begitu juga
pada malam Lailatul Qadar mereka tidak tidur, dipenuhi dengan amal
dan ibadat sepanjang malamnya. Dan bagi anak-anak Adam berhari raya
pada siang hari dengan berpuasa dan ibadat, kerana mereka tidur pada

Allah akan mengampunkan dosa pada malam Nisfu Syaaban kecuali enam

1. Orang yang kekal minum arak.

2. Orang yang derhaka dua ibubapanya.

3. Orang yang kekal dalam zina.

4. Orang yang banyak berkelahi.

5. Orang yang melakukan perjualan dengan sumpah yang dusta.

6. Orang yang memperlagakan orang supaya berkelahi.

Pada malam Nisfu Syaaban setelah berlalu 1/3 malamnya, Allah turunkan
kelangit dunia lalu berfirman yang bermaksud: Adakah orang-orang yang
meminta maka Aku perkenankan permintaannya, adakah orang yang
meminta, maka Aku perkenankan permintaannya, adakah orang yang
meminta ampun maka Aku ampunkannya, adakah orang bertaubat maka aku
Taubatkannya dan diampunkan bagi sekelian orang mukmin lelaki dan
perempuan melainkan orang yang berzina atau orang yang berdendam
marah hatinya kepada saudaranya.

Sabda Nabi s.a.w.: Hai Aisyah! adakah engkau izinkan aku sembahyang
pada malam ini? Jawab Aisyah: Ya, aku izinkan. Lalu Nabi pun
bersembahyanglah sepanjang malam Nisfu Syaaban itu, beliau telah
diambil rohnya (mati), lalu aku (Aisyah) tutupkannya dengan kain,
Daku letakankan tanganku di atas dua tapak kakinya. Maka gembira aku
kerana beliau masih bernafas lagi dan aku dengar beliau membaca di
dalam sujudnya yang bermaksud:

Aku berlindung dengan kemaafan engkau dari siksa engkau dan aku
berlindung dengan keredaan engkau daripada kehinaan engkau dan aku
berlindung dengan engkau daripada kejahatan yang datang daripada
engkau, aku tidak terhingga memuji engkau sepertimana engkau memuji
dari engkau.

Nabi menyuruh Aisyah mengamalkan doa di atas di dalam sujud.

Sesiapa sembahyang pada malam Nisfu Syaaban daripada umat Muhammad
s.a.w. terlebih afdal daripadanya ibadatnya 400 tahun. Demikian Allah
memberi tahu kepada Nabi Isa a.s, lalu Nabi Isa a.s. pun berdoa
kepada Tuhan: Mudah-mudahan aku daripada umat Muhammad s.a.w.

Telah disebut empat malam istimewa tentang beribadat (berbuat amal
kebajikan) iaitu malam Nisfu Syaaban, malam Raya Fitrah yang pertama
dan malam Arafah. Disembunyikan malam Lailatul Qadar kerana ianya
adalah malam rahmat dan penyelamat mereka daripada api neraka, supaya
sepanjang malam Ramadhan atau sepanjang sepuluh yang akhir daripada
Ramadhan umat Muhammad berlumba-lumba dalam ibadat dengan berjaga
malamnya. Demikian pula saat mustajab doa pada hari Jumaat.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

There's lightnings and a little drizzled when i woke up this morning.
Such a nice weather to continue sleeping...i wished.
But i have to prepare the kids for skool..and for me, once i woke up ,
it's hard to get back to sleep.

Raining like this, dun we all need an
Umbbrella...ella ella eh eh..........

Sheeesh...the song is like everywhere !
and now it just stuck on my head !

It's your fault ,Rihanna !

Monday, August 20, 2007


It was a full in-btwn-breaks of crashed revisions for the kids.
Maths! was sooo darn stressful to teach,
especially so,cos, i am one Maths failure!
I have to flip the answer keys almost on every sums !
The rest of the other subjects are manageable. **PHew**
To think that tis is only a P5 syllabus, i wonder how i have to cope
for PSLE next year....hope i dun have to go thru mental breakdown.
cam aku pulak nak sit for exams !

After a stressfull revision quests..we de-stressed ourselves , going for zikir session by our Ustaz, in the evening. Its really nice to see our mat-salleh converts friends in the sessions .
It was a good way of de-stressing , concentrate and get our mind free fm the wordly things for that moment.


I organised a surprised mini bday celebrations for my 2 kids, since both are August baby. My closed cousins were coming to mom's place to see my newborn nephew,so, i planted the idea.
I texted my cousins and told them abt the plan.
My kids were clueless thru out.
The didnt even see the cake in the fridge.
They knew i bought some stuff for goodie bags, but i told them, it was meant for my students in Reading Mum..hehe
Simple but yummy food were prepared...& my cousin's kids came with gifts.
Akesh and Sharmila somehow knew the gifts were for them, cos, its thier bday mth after all, but still clueless abt the cake and the celebrations.

At abt 3.30pm, we gathered all my cousin's kids in the kitchen , managed to distract my 2 kids in the living hall, and we all came out of the kitchen singing birthday song for Akesh & Sharmila.

My kids were so happy abt the whole surprised thingy.!
Little things that this mummy did for her kids. :)

Exams begins.
English Paper 2

Good luck my kids !

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Im not too sure about my feelings lately.
Im experiencing these...happy + sad + anxious + worried ,all at the same time.

A lot of things boogled in my mind.

Im happy that,soon, my hubby is gonna be stationed back in Spore.
Things are looking pretty much positive,as far as his work here is concerned...probably occasional travelling around the globe is still needed.
Im used to that,anyway.
It was more than 3years of me juggling with the whole domestic stuff all on my it's just abt time, enuf of me being a "single parent".

Im sad , on certain issues that i somehow havent been able to solve.
I feel helpless and hopeless, at times.
It's really tiring, but i cant give up.
The process is lengthy..but i have hope.
It hurts sometimes..but i have ALLAH to cry on.
September is coming, with the new procedures, i hope im able to see changes.

Im feeling anxious and worried , this is such a norm for me when kids exams are next week.
Im wishing for the best.

Am i getting old...or am I getting older ?
Or izzit becos, i see my kids growing too fast.
Especially this month, since both of them are turning 11yo and 8yo respectively.

I feel the choked inside me.
I reckon,only a mother can feel this.
I just cannot describe it.

Life is a duty, that i have to perform it.
Life is a goal, that i havent score it.......yet !

Friday, August 10, 2007

this is gonna be short ........

ive fallen in love ....all over again,
ive a new guy in my life.

My kids were so estatic upon seeing the him..especially my son.
They fell in love with him instantly.

Just love the smell.

Alhamdullilah, my sis , had given birth to Satria Riza Maulana , on 07Aug 07, just a day
after my daughter's 8th birthday.

Welcome to the the real world. ! :)

will continue later.............

** toodles**

Friday, August 3, 2007

Something to ponder...........

"The same wind blows on all of us.........

it's how we set our sail. "

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Conversations that strike me to the chord, few nites ago.........

Retributions ...Karma. Do u believe ?

" What goes around , comes around , wat goes up , must come down" lyrics from Alicia Keys song, Karma

Anyway, our friend, RF , was telling us, how he recalled, that he had to pay one of his late uncle's dawter , just to look after her own father. !! Ridiculous u might say !

" It's a retributions " ..RF said.

Story goes like this :
When his late uncle was very young, he had a blind mother. His late uncle used to hide things from his mother and would stand or sat one corner laffing away, while watching his blind mom painstakingly groping around looking for things that he had hidden.
It became a habit, for his late uncle to "entertain" himself , in such a way.

To cut the long story short....
many weeks and months and moons went by , his blind mom tolerance just couldnt take it anymore ! She had had enuf of his nonsense !

" One day, you will be blind, too ! " said his late uncle's mom repeatedly , with so much angst in her.

Years gone by, the son got married, had family and soon , he became old and weak. Slowly his sights began to deteriorate. He suffered from cataract. He's almost half blind.

Thru out his ailing period , all his children shunned him (not too sure how many he had)...except for the one that RF paid to look after .

I thot this happend in movie or somting, but , NO, it does happen in real life actually.
According to some ppl , a mother's word/cursed (sumpahan in Malay) is very strong... watever and whenever she is angry, it's best to do istighfar or walk away fm the situation, cos, we wont know wat an angry person would utter , in this case a mom to her kid/s. Some said, watever the mother utter (good or bad) can be like a dua'a to the child .

As a mother, i know, sometimes, i just couldnt control my words to my kids when im angry...this is really bad. Ive done so much wrong , this incident , went right up to my heart. I felt like a such a bad mom when im mad !
Oh! ALLAH please guide me & give me the strenght i need. Amin

In all , we shld honour our parents...our mom (and dad). We are so indebted to them , particularly our mother . She not only nourished us in the womb , but she went thru lots of pain and sufferings too. She loves us, even before we were born...and we all know , that a mother's status is 3 times, after Allah and Rasul..masy'allah, that's how honoured her status is.

Let's pray to ALLAH that we would be respectful, kind and obedient to our parents. Amin.