Friday, August 24, 2007

Yesterday was my mother-in-law's birthday and i TOTALLY forgot abt it !!
Every year i would wish her in the morning & the kids would call her once they are back fm skool.

This year, like yesterday...hubby texted me (fm KL) asking me , if we had wished his mother ?! I was like ...WAt !! OMG!! why didnt u tell me earlier, it was already 8plus in the nite !!

Of cos, the hubby being the one an only son had done so, in the very early morning yesterday (fm KL), also TOTALLY forgot to remind me ! **duh**

So, couldnt waste anymore time, i dialled my MIL's home one picked. I tried many times, still no one picked up. I assumed she must be going for dinner with my sister-in-law. I texted my SIL , checking if my MIL was with her...
"No, she's at wedding, in the temple...try her hp"

I tried 484939X ,no one picked up, with all the drums,musics and "chaostic" atmosphere of the wedding ceremonies, she definitely unabled to hear anything hidden in her handbag.....the machine talked and asked me to leave message, which obviously i didnt , and i dont think my MIL would bother checking on messages.

I texted my sister-in-law, again..and it was already 9plus in the nite. I checked with her if she's fetching my MIL later...... "No, try again around 10.30"
So , i waited and tried calling till it's one answer.

My eyes getting tired and sleepy. I texted hubby almost 11pm telling him ,"im going to sleep,call her tmrw morning"

And this morning,juz minutes ago, i called and spoke to her..wishing her belated bday, giving errrr, stupid excuses that a daughter in law could think of...*evil grin*. My MIL , being the best MIL ever, didnt mind my belated wishes, and the "stupid excuses" ...hehhee

Eventhou, we are different race & religion and in millions of ways,I heart my MIL many many, u know.

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Ummi's BLOG said...

hehe, so cute lah.. lucky ur MIL is not those petty sort.

thanks for the reminder on Nisfu sya'aban.. really looking forward to this night where the gates of heavens open.