Monday, September 29, 2008

We are almost reaching the end of our destinations .

Ramadhan is leaving us. So sad :(

Will we be able to meet Ramadhan again ?

Emotional seeps in whenever i hear the Takbir .

Eid celebrations has always been a simple affair for us.

I dont deny the fact that i love the food and the joyous atmosphere in the midst of building sirraturrahim amongst families n friends.

I know this is early...but i dont think i will online much these few days better be early that never ! :P

Eid Mubbarak to all Muslims !

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My son is sick since last Sunday...
Brought him to the clinic yday - got a day of MC
His body was soooo hot last nite...but subsided after i gave medications and did sponging.
I didnt sleep well last nite.
I woke him up tis morning for skool,, but he still complained of having headache. I gave him the tablet , he sleeps thru till now.
Im worried he is surely gonna missed out some last minute revisions in the skool.
I have to go to the clinic later, to extend the MC ( till today).
The hubby is away in Sydney till end of the week.
I have to settle the situations and other errands on my own till he returns.
Im like a walking zombie now

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The challenge is .........


I hope HE answers my prayers.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

We (FaithHub) , received an overwhelming emails from those who attended The Children's Home...Alhamdullilah.

All of them addressed their gratitute and very much moved with the visit that we organised. Many , esp from those who is a first timer, mentioned how this has been an eye opener for themselves as well as their kids.

The amount of generous contributions we collected from those kind indiviuals , to be given to The Home, was very much appreciated ..Alhamdulliah.

Few years back , FaithHub , also did organised a visit to The Old Folks Home, that was another chapter ............the folks, some looked pale and ailing , some just stare into space, some showed joy in their faces when they have someone talk to but some just pouring out their feelings to us, was simply satisfying ..........another sad episode. :(

Life is never about only is never perfect.

The challenges are just too great.

Just 2 days ago, i met a frend of mine,Sis N, who told me abt her friend who is at the terminal stage of cancer. Sis N ( as i knw, her loves helping others in need ), just came back from sending her sick frend for radiotheraphy .

To cut the long story short , how they both met again after a long period of time...let just say , Allah wants to re-unite them again , at least for this short period of time , but in this sad condition.

My eyes were teary when i heard the story of her friend. She has not much time left and she's prepared or has to get prepared to meet her Creator. She knows it. She has 3 children ,the eldest in Sec 3 , the second is taking PSLE tis year, sis N has arranged for the school councellor to talk to the child and the youngest is 6yo.

The sick lady is of the same age as me..........i cannot imagine myself in that condition. Im so not ready ! :(

Just when we thot our life is dull and do we hate our life sometimes....take a moment to look around us......there are others who bears greater sufferings. !

Monday, September 8, 2008

Last Saturday, as planned and organised by FaithHub, we visited the The Children's Home for iftar. Altogether , there's abt 50 of us (kids included)and all of us were there at abt 5.30pm.

First, a Resident Officer led us to a hallway which passed the dorminatory where the children sleep and have their rest. There's only rows of single beds with dull sheets coverings. There's a separate dorm for the boys and the girls (according to age) and the officer told us, that there's abt 50boys and 40girls aged from 3yo to 17yo in The Home..(i hope i get the figure right).

As we walked thru the hallway....on the left and right of us, there's a wall with pictures frames of the children , performing in some activities , pictures of some well known persons who visited The Home and there's pictures of those children/residents from The Home, who has left but has done well and achieved merit for their academic achievements. One of them, amongst the photos was a well known radio DJ (in one of the Malay station) . Im surprised to know that he was the "resident" there for 7 years. From where he came from, i thot, i shld be feel proud of him.

This is not my first visit at The Children Home. It was my second. We came to another bigger hall, where there's a small stage but more like a canteen, where there's table and benches for us and the residents to mingle and have our iftar. While we stood there, one by one the residents came and salaam us. I noticed some of us, have teary eyes when few smaller ones (aged abt 3-4yo)came and did the same. :(

We "adopted" few children/residents and formed a group, we played simple games..which were fun. A frend claimed that she remembered one of the resident girl (in our group). As i recalled back, i remembered her too. She was very very young and was crying then when i visited The Home 3 years ago and now 3years later, the little girl is 3years older. I remembered her background's a sad thing. :(

During iftar, i managed to have "proper" conversation with the young resident girls (in my group). At that young and tender age , i could sensed how they really longed to be with their families and going back home . They wanted their mom and dad and much as i could see them laughing....i know sadness filled their heart too. :( No one to hugs and kisses them when they go to skool.

Some have 3-4 siblings in The one from the family bothered to visit them. Most of them grow up there and can only be discharged till they are abt 19yo. Life there is very routine and strict rulings.

We were told not to snap any pictures , because some of the children are under CPO (Child Protection Order ) , the case of perhaps child abused of some sort. We respected that , hence , no pictures for this entry.

It was sad to leave , but , we can only pray for the best for those children..Ameen.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Alhamdullillah, Ramadan is finally here again. I was the first to wake up tis morning , preparing for our sahur and then woke up the hubby and kids around 5am. A little "liat" for the kids initially , but manageable. After doing our subh , the kids went back in their dreamland again...

I may not be here often...cos, i need to do some self-check on my physical, mental and spiritual matters. I dont want to miss the boat , as , tis opportunities dont come often. The benefits and rewards are too much to loose.

I wanted to share , how my hubby managed to shift the other bed (from our guestroom) , to our masterbed room...w/o distmantling it. He did this while , my kids and I were out for awhile , y'day afnn. His all a one-man-show thingy....he managed to bring the bed out fm the guestroom , but he found difficulty to shift it , into our masterbed room... he turned it tis way and dat way...,sideways ...upwards..downwards , all didnt work. He almost gave up......... then he said this one word "Bismillahhirrahmannirrahim" his heart he asked "Allah pls help me" , Voila !! he told me, the bed managed to get into our room perfectly and simply so easy...!the very same way that he tried earlier but was unsuccessful ! hahaha

I jokingly told him , "maybe the malaikat helped you"...haha

I was actually impressed to see the bed, neatly tucked in our room, when i came home.

The moral of the story remember HIM, He remember you .

I finally found my digicam charger, therefore, i hope i can upload some photos of the iftar with the orphanage , when i visit them tis coming Saturday.

May our ibadah be accepted by Allah s.w.t.