Monday, July 28, 2008

Wake up call # 1
Another weekends gone. Our class make a point to have a guest speaker at the end of every mth.
Last Saturday, we had Sister Mariam Alias giving a Talk on "Satanist Among The Muslims ". Brief intro abt Sister Mariam, she's a VP at PPIS , has deepth of experience on women issues and others. Coincidentally, she's also my old neighbour (family frend)..wayyyyy back when i was at a very very young age .

Im glad i tagged my kids along. There're clips shown abt satanic music -( Marlyn Manson ) , clips on others who worships satanic idols , those being an atheist and clips on satanic acts . Nauuzubillah.

We all fall onto Satan's traps sometimes (or most of the times), cos, as we all know, Iblis had disobeyed ALLAH for not wanting to bow to Adam a.s. and thus he has made vowed to lead the sons of Adam(a.s.) astray (even in our prayers).

The reason of Iblis' defiance toward Allah is related in the Qur' an as follows:

He (Allah) said, "What prevented you from prostrating when I commanded you to?" He (Iblis) replied, "I am better than him. You created me from fire and You created him from clay." (Surat al-A' raf: 12)

There's many ways, that satan tries to do provocations towards us.... Satan did this in repetitions and pesistence, as he is in no hurry. He led us to become arrogance...he makes us forget Allah and our duties , he makes us strip from our coverings, he make us broke our promises etc etc. etc...w/o us even noticing. He never leaves us even on our last breathe... That's his character .!

" In the hereafter, those who side with Satan will no doubt be the most humiliated. They will be sent to Hell; furthermore, Satan will abandon them. At that moment they will realise that Satan made them only hollow promises, and that his words were merely deceptive. Yet, it will be too late; the Hellfire will already be awaiting them, making the promise of Satan:"

Wake up call # 2

On another note, Sunday morning, i was still lying on bed when i r'cd text fm my cousins... my uncle is in ICU.

We made our way to the hospital .. many of my families were already there. As we were only allowed to visit the ICU in twos...i went in the special room with my hubby. My uncle is in such a state, that i wouldnt want to describe futher. Tubes running all over his body and breathing with the help of machines.

From what i heard , my uncle has been "seeing" his late wife in his dreams or during his sleep before this happend.. those who is aware, she is not his late wife...she is the devil iin a form of his late wife.

See, how satan manipulates us.....

I just hope whatever happen, the family will stay strong.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Last Saturday we witnessed DEATH of a child - this was a 2 & half year old boy named Mahadi. Little Mahadi was in coma when he was brought in on a specially chartered flight from Jakarta to Singapore. It seemed that doctors in Jakarta gave a "No Hope" case. He was down with meninggitis.

Mahadi's parents come from a wealthy family..Naturally they wanted to provide him with the BEST help possible to ensure his they brought him to Singapore........with his life was on the machine ("brain dead" situation). Mahadi was blessed as he came with his "entourage" of family" - 2 grandmas, aunties, uncles etc......they checked into service apartments near Shangri La.

The doctors here also confirmed his was "NO Hope" case...gave a choice to Mahadi's parents - to pull out the plug in Singapore or Jakarta. The parents were divided..........although they could seek the advice from a number of competent religious experts....they felt more comfortable with their own religious finally they decided to "fly in" their Ustaz from Jakarta. The Ustaz arrived & gave his opinion together with the experts' opinion (the doctors').

Finally Mahadi was hooked off from the machine.....after about few minutes, he passed away...........Dear frends, imagine yourself witnessing this scene from Childrens' ICU parents...most of us will have difficulty accepting the idea of our children passing on before us...what more witnessing it.....Mahadi was lying in a crib, still clad with pampers....& not too long ago, his mom was carrying him for 9 months......everyone who witnessed this scene did not leave an eye dry..........Alhamdulillah, with the grace of Allah, we were standing outside the ICU & there was this mirror that helped us witnessed what was happening in the ward.... Masya Allah.... its hard to fight back the tears.................he looked like he was sleeping peacefully.....the Ustaz was reading doas & many times his voice "choked" with emotions......Mahadi's mom was gently kissing & tenderly touching his body.....Mahadi's father was burying his face with his hands.....his body shooked with sadness ...........

May Allah give his parents the strength to face this loss of their only son (they have 1 other child, a daughter about 4+ yrs)...& May Allah reward his parents & replace this musibah with something better...Amiin.

Alhamdulilah, all arrangements to send the body back & subsequently the funeral the next day in Jakarta went on smoothly........May Allah have mercy on his soul......Amiin.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ive no morning kuliah today, cos, the Ustaz is away. Im in no rush to start doing the never ending housechores.. , so i sat next to my window (where my laptop is) typing this. I could see dark clouds moving swiftly by the blow of the wind and giving ways for the rain to pour.

I am not in my best mood actually. I have somthing that bothers me seriously at the back of my mind. I try to find solutions and i thot i did, but im actually at my wits end.

I looked at the pouring rain, i thot to myself , at times in our lives, we may experience drought or downpour . Unlike a waterfall, rain falls in droplets..which also means one little lesson at a time .But , sometimes that droplets can mean an accumulations of problems...that can create storm...(gosh, im so philosopical here....blame it on The Alchemist ;P )

I know, the dark clouds will eventually moved on.... Difficulties really do evaporate with time.

Ahhh,perhaps , i better not dwell too much , after the rain surely there'll be sunshine !

Then, i found this soothing words ......

Is There Darkness In Your Life ??

" Beautiful pictures are developed by negatives
In the dark room , so IF you see darkness in
your Life , assume , that The Creator is making the
Best plan for you. "

Monday, July 21, 2008


"Just Like There Is
No Corner In A Circle ,
There's No Error In The
Quran . "

i simply love this ! period.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The hubby left for Korea since last weekend and will only be back tis Friday. Then there are just 3 of us,the kids and myself.

I faced a little challenged in the homefront, the usual kids stuff and my head has been spinning , im not sure if it is due to my fastings.

Living with the challenges and demanding no fun ! My anger burst and i uttered words that i should not....very bad mom i can be sometimes. I have myself to blame..i fell into syaitan whispers.

After i calmed down, i took my ablutions and prostrated to my Creator. I make lots of supplications and did my dzikir. I asked for HIS guidance . I weeped . I put my whole trust on HIM...sincerely!

Masya allah, the results is amazing !! Everything seems to fall back in place so neatly.

Subhanallah !

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Like ive mentioned in my previous "crispy" entry, that we are expecting something BiG over the weekend....well , we have to wait a little till (last) Monday actually.

We tell no one abt this new changes not even our kids..until we reached the dealer's place, on that perticular evening, to collect our brand new , white MPV , Toyota Estima Aeras.

Obviously, the kids were surprised giler...esp my son, who has been bugging us and eyeing the Estima each time he sees it on the road.* roll eyes*

Well, time to move on, we need more space , as we frequently go out w my parents over the wkends, and the kids are getting bigger in sizes and, tis new one will fit us well.

It's sad to let go, but finally we have to bid farewell to our black SUV ,Lexus Rx300. He has been serving us wonderfully for the last 5 years. Never give us any problems..and we all will surely missed that car, for sure. The Lexus gave us lot of sentimental memories,actually.

Since, having the Estima, the past 3 days, ive been incharge behind the wheels most of the times, well, the usual ferrying and chauffering...trying to get used and familiarise myself w the new ride and beginning to lovin it . !

PS: hubby was surprised (or maybe not) that ive got a new bag to match w the new


Thursday, July 3, 2008

The day has been crispy !

The sun has been shining crispy-ly .

The heat seeps crispy-ly on my head causing me a little migraine.

My fat bums accidentally sat on my sunglasses just now and it gave crispy sound.! $^**&**@

Fortunately , i have another pair, to help protect my eyes fm the crispy UV ray .

The crispy weather ,makes life wonderful if i could soak myself in a tub while listening to my fave music..followed by a short nap in my airconditioned room. Unfortunately, i dun have both...the tub and the aircond.

Anyway, Im in a crispy mood (watever that means), becos, my clothes, bedsheets n pillow cases and my towels are all dried up crispy-ly ! *heaven* Simply things in life that makes me happy .

Crispy-ly...i mean seriously, i cant wait for this weekend...cos, something BiG is waiting for us !! :))

Ps: tis is such a boliao crispy entry...u can tell dat im bored !! :P