Monday, July 28, 2008

Wake up call # 1
Another weekends gone. Our class make a point to have a guest speaker at the end of every mth.
Last Saturday, we had Sister Mariam Alias giving a Talk on "Satanist Among The Muslims ". Brief intro abt Sister Mariam, she's a VP at PPIS , has deepth of experience on women issues and others. Coincidentally, she's also my old neighbour (family frend)..wayyyyy back when i was at a very very young age .

Im glad i tagged my kids along. There're clips shown abt satanic music -( Marlyn Manson ) , clips on others who worships satanic idols , those being an atheist and clips on satanic acts . Nauuzubillah.

We all fall onto Satan's traps sometimes (or most of the times), cos, as we all know, Iblis had disobeyed ALLAH for not wanting to bow to Adam a.s. and thus he has made vowed to lead the sons of Adam(a.s.) astray (even in our prayers).

The reason of Iblis' defiance toward Allah is related in the Qur' an as follows:

He (Allah) said, "What prevented you from prostrating when I commanded you to?" He (Iblis) replied, "I am better than him. You created me from fire and You created him from clay." (Surat al-A' raf: 12)

There's many ways, that satan tries to do provocations towards us.... Satan did this in repetitions and pesistence, as he is in no hurry. He led us to become arrogance...he makes us forget Allah and our duties , he makes us strip from our coverings, he make us broke our promises etc etc. etc...w/o us even noticing. He never leaves us even on our last breathe... That's his character .!

" In the hereafter, those who side with Satan will no doubt be the most humiliated. They will be sent to Hell; furthermore, Satan will abandon them. At that moment they will realise that Satan made them only hollow promises, and that his words were merely deceptive. Yet, it will be too late; the Hellfire will already be awaiting them, making the promise of Satan:"

Wake up call # 2

On another note, Sunday morning, i was still lying on bed when i r'cd text fm my cousins... my uncle is in ICU.

We made our way to the hospital .. many of my families were already there. As we were only allowed to visit the ICU in twos...i went in the special room with my hubby. My uncle is in such a state, that i wouldnt want to describe futher. Tubes running all over his body and breathing with the help of machines.

From what i heard , my uncle has been "seeing" his late wife in his dreams or during his sleep before this happend.. those who is aware, she is not his late wife...she is the devil iin a form of his late wife.

See, how satan manipulates us.....

I just hope whatever happen, the family will stay strong.

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