Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Im feeling a little handicap.

My computer got crashed and died instantly.
The screen went blank and im feeling the withdrawal.

I just send the kids for their class and headed down to the library
to returned our borrowed books..
While waiting for the kids to end their class , i take the chance to use the computer here..to kill time.

I had some pictures for add here, but i cant do it at the moment.
We had fun bowling last Sunday with FaithHub team... it was really fun.

Our family Quran class was brought forward to Monday,which was y'day at 5pm - 7pm.
Initially , hubby was alright with his recognitions of the arabic letters, then
when all the letters are joined together, he got all confused. I knew he was really trying his best...fortunately, the Ustaz is a really patience teacher. We all keep encouraging hubby,all he needs to do is revise every day or every other day,before the next lesson. Insya allah.

After the lesson, Ustaz did congregation maghrib prayer with us...
it was really surreal.

Im hoping and praying that will all these family thingy that we do together, spiritually or not ... will keep my family bonding stronger. I want my hubby and kids to be my companion for my/our ibadah and stay together thru thick and thin.

Challenges will still arise as long as we live, but how we pull thru , is that , what really matters.

AidilAdha Mubarrak , to everyone.!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Yesterday, after Asr .. hubby and me went to the airport to send off our dear friends, sis N and her hubby , bro K to perform thier Hajj.

The airport was filled with people sending off thier friends and families.

Few of our good friends were there to send them off too, and so were her families.
Thier two kids,ages 13 and 11 were emotional and had to be consoled by thier aunts and uncles who were present there. This is a very normal sight that we will see ,especially when sending off people who are going on such spiritual journey.

After hugging and seeking forgiveness to everyone present there, both sis N and bro K had to make their leave and entered the transit lounge. Hubby and myself, then made our moved..to our next destination,fetching the kids (who were at home), for dinner.

While waking towards the carpark, we talked abt what we had just witnessed. I was indeed surprised to hear what hubby said , " I wished i am the one going for Hajj now. !"

We continued talking in the car , i could see his enthusiasm of doing such journey. I reckon he cant wait to do our mini journey ... kept asking me to plan and check out the dates etc.

I told him to take one step at a time ...... put your intention for the sake of Allah, HE will not dissappoint you...HE is the Most Knowing.

Subhanallah....... it been a long ride, especially so for hubby,who is a convert and has never been excited over stuff like this before.

Allah the Exalted said:

And whoever relies upon Allah - then He is sufficient for him. Indeed, Allah will accomplish His purpose. Allah has already set for everything a [decreed] extent. [at-Talaaq: 3]

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I am having mood swings these past few days..maybe its due to the time of the month.

Yesterday, my sister kinda pissed me off...and then ,the kids pissed me off too, almost at the same time.

As much as i tried to control my anger ...I bursted !

All of them who pissed me off were in my car .... as i came out fm the parking lot, due to my angry self ...... i didnt see a taxi was coming towards me, i almost hit the taxi..just by few inches away . Thank God, the taxi driver managed to stop in time. All those in the car , were in shocked! But they knew, i was really mad at them.

Astargfirullah...i quickly istighfar. Thank you Allah for saving me and the family from getting into an accident, due to my carelessness. I fell into the whisper of syaitan at that time.

Along the journey, everyone in the car, were silent. No one talked.
While driving in silent , i read my zikir in the heart...it did calm me down.

After dropping my sister off , the rain started to pour so heavily , making it difficult to drive due to poor visibility. Maybe the cool n wet weather did take part to cool me down a little bit.

I asked Allah for forgiveness ... after which, things fell back in place, somehow.

Then i remembered in my earlier dhuha class, the ustz did mentioned that if before you leave your house, u recite "Bismillaahi, tawakkaltu `alallaahi, wa laa hawla wa laa quwwata illa billaah", you will be protected.

To break down the doa, in a book that i recently read, it was mentioned that if you recite these before leaving yr house, "Bismillah" , the angel will say "you will be guided " . If you continue with "tawakkaltu 'alallah" , (you leave everthing to Allah)...angel will say " it is enough " , followed by "la haulawala quwwata illah billah" , the angel say, "you are taken care."


Monday, November 16, 2009

Yesterday was "hightlight of the week" ... our family Quran reading class started at 3pm and lasted till 5pm.

We were all prepared by 2.30pm .... hubby was trying to learn the arabic letters with the help of my kids. It was sooo sweet n funny to see both of them, trying to teach daddy..hehe

When the Ustz came, we sat at our dining table and started to "introduced" ourselves , have small talks , after which he read doa,before we begin the class.

Hubby was the first..he started with the Iqra' , recognition of the letters and phonetic. Surprisingly, he did well. My kids who is still on going for thier other quran class, have to just continue reading on the pages that they've stop.

For, myself......since i am already able to read, Ustz wanted me to start afresh with him, from the very beginning of Al-Fatiha, and frm there ,he'll guide to "fine tuning" my reading.

All and all , yesterday was really fun, in a differect aspect of it. Instead of the usual laze around , boring Sundays , our Sundays are now spent with the whole family learning the Quran.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Last nite , hubby and me visited a couple friend who is going for the spiritual journey of Hajj.

We were warmly welcomed by sis N and bro K. They are a good friend of ours .Bro K is a Chinese convert. As we sat and chatted,he shared with us his experienced when he went Umrah (together w his wife,sis N and their 2 kids)in 2007.

They showed us slides photos of their Umrah journey and shared some stories behind the places that they went. As a convert himself, bro K, took his Umrah as another formed of ibadah and also as a family holiday. Never in bro K's mind that he would feel what he felt when he was in the Holy Land of Mecca & Madinah. Upon,coming back fm the Umrah, he told his wife,sis N, to save up and do Hajj. Alhamdulillah , Allah has invited both of them for this spiritual journey, this year.

My many attempts to "convinced" my hubby to go Umrah somehow, wasnt convincing enuf. He has the intention, but was afraid that task is gonna be difficult for him...But last nite, after watching their slides and their sharing session, my hubby was convinced and told them that he wanted to do it.......as a family, next year, perhaps. Insya allah.

I was indeed surprised and obviously glad , to hear that fm hubby. Allah has given another light for us to lead the right path. HE opens another door of submission.

Anyhow, first thing first...... this Sunday will be our first family Quran lesson with Ustz H. Its more for hubby (but since, it's good to make it a family bonding thingy, me and kids follow suit.)

I strongly believe, if you have good intentions, in the path of Allah, HE will definitely guide you. Never stop making doa ....... and never give up.

"A journey of a thousand miles, starts with a first step ."


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nothing much has been happening lately.

Life is still the norm.

I'm trying to start reading books again...which ive been soo lacking lately.

But, reading the Holy Quran has always bring calmness in me.

**Edited at 1715hrs **
Alhamdulillah,HE has just granted me another time (my personal 2nd time)of qatamul Quran,just after my Asr prayer. May HE grant you the same nikmah.
Insya allah, amiin.

While hubby is still away in Shanghai , with kids and myself on our own, i have the necessary time of being alone and do my own self reflections.

Many things Ive learned and make me grow along the way.

I realised , as long as i allow myself to see beauty things that surrounds me, life is but , full of blessings. :)

Beauty that abounds with my loved ones and my relationship with them.
Each one has its own unique way, that is different fm anyone else.

Beauty in everyday things ......the crystal morning dews on my plants and even the soft comfort of my bed at the end of the day.

Our moment of life is filled with such beauty that we sometimes tend to neglect.

Take time to stop and smell the roses.

Today, I choose to discover and cherish the beauty that comes with each moment of this wonderful day in my life .

Friday, November 6, 2009

There's a few hiccups...but the pouring rain didnt dampen the spirit.

It went smoothly.

Smiles of relieved appeared on my parent's faces.

Now, at their golden age , all i want , is to give as much as i can , to make my parents happy.

I know, they are looking forward to the short trip , with us .
My sister and her son is tagging along too.

Nothing beats family bonding .


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tomorrow is The Day .

Hope the agonies and creases that my parents went thru for these past months will be smoothen.

Only YOU can make things happen.

Monday, November 2, 2009

What !! It's already November ?!

Year end is coming ? Muharram is approaching ?

So, what should i be looking forward to or have in store , besides the norm ........

# Hubby is flying off to China (Shanghai) , this coming Friday.

# starting of our family Quran class (at the comfort of our home), Insya allah .

# FaithHub bowling challenge + dinner .

# school holidays ...................... I need a break too !!

Time flies .............. reminder to myself :

If you havent done anything good ....... do it now, while your heart is still beating .