Monday, November 16, 2009

Yesterday was "hightlight of the week" ... our family Quran reading class started at 3pm and lasted till 5pm.

We were all prepared by 2.30pm .... hubby was trying to learn the arabic letters with the help of my kids. It was sooo sweet n funny to see both of them, trying to teach daddy..hehe

When the Ustz came, we sat at our dining table and started to "introduced" ourselves , have small talks , after which he read doa,before we begin the class.

Hubby was the first..he started with the Iqra' , recognition of the letters and phonetic. Surprisingly, he did well. My kids who is still on going for thier other quran class, have to just continue reading on the pages that they've stop.

For, myself......since i am already able to read, Ustz wanted me to start afresh with him, from the very beginning of Al-Fatiha, and frm there ,he'll guide to "fine tuning" my reading.

All and all , yesterday was really fun, in a differect aspect of it. Instead of the usual laze around , boring Sundays , our Sundays are now spent with the whole family learning the Quran.


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