Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Im all ready to send hubby to the airport and he's all dressed up this morning for his trip to Jakarta. Then, he r'cd a phone call from his mom...crying on the other line.

"now, i have a situation here" ,he said to me.
"wat situation?" i asked.
"my grandma had a bad fall, my mom rushing to my aunt place now" he said.

He started receiving calls fm his sis and cousin, and calling out to check on the grandma condition.. According to his younger sis , Patti (grandma) fell 3times last nite...we still dunno how this could happend. This morning, her body is all stiffened. My hubby's cousin, Ramesh, called an ambulance and rushed to his mom's place (where Patti is staying with). While waiting for the ambulance to come, Ramesh mentioned, Patti is breathing heavily.

Uneasy with the situation, my hubby tried to cancel his flight to a later date...or perhaps to a later time this evening. It's not quite a good idea to proceed with doing things when u have a 50-50 thoughts. My hubby has left to the hospital, to access the condition of his Patti himself.
Im not close to Patti..neither is my hubby, but all i know is,she's a very strong woman, eventhou her age has been almost 90yo, she hardly falls sick, only the normal under the weather kinda thing,once awhile. But, falling down 3times on a solid ground and at that age..........i dun even wanna think abt it. :( and , when old ppl being admitted to hospital...the docs will come out will whole lists of sickness conditions .

Im still waiting for the latest news.........hope everything will be fine.

Monday, November 26, 2007

A lil' abt my trip........
8.00am/Thursday/22nd nov '07
My bestfren came down ,accompanied by her hubby and for obvious reason surprised to see my car waiting...(instead of my bro's van ) much more surprised when they saw my hubby behind the wheels...hehehe

So, after a little of my "trick" explainations, three of us ,started our journey to KL. The slightly more than 4hours drive was smooth. We reached our hotel @ Damansara , at abt 1.15pm. Once we checked in, hubby left the two of us on our own and he went to his office. We rested a little bit in the hotel room and went out to hunt for lunch around 2pm.
It was kinda first time for my best frend (to stay in that area) , so i let her decides wat she wanted to eat. We were actually spoilt for choices, but we didnt want to eat heavy stuff, so we ate at a restaurant called Jom Bali Cafe. We had fried rice and soupy mee, which were sooo yummy !

My hubby fetched us around 3.30pm ...dropped us at Masjid India and went back to office. It was again my bestfrend virgin visit to that place. We walked and shop and walked and shop...till the sun went down. Then , we realised our legs were arching and stomach rumbling...that we needed to sit and eat quite badly.

Our legs couldnt bring us any futher from where we stood and our brains kinda jammed (at the point) with soooo much of walking and shopping...we need to sit , badly !! Then, we saw few makan places...we saw a nearby vegetarian Indian restaurant and next to it was another indian restaurant..we chose the one outside those restaurants.

There's this old and fat achi , who made tosai rite on the spot ..having few tables n chairs for customers to sit and next to her makeshift cooking area ,was her son helping out mending the "stall". We were not keen at first...but somehow or dunno how ,, we ended ordering the hot -make-on-the-spot tosai , that came with piping hot sambar and dishes to eat w the tosai and drinks. The taste was soooo homemade...just like my mom-in-law's does....and u bet it cost us a mere RM3.80 for that tosailicious meals....**burps**

Our stomach were filled and legs were a little better,the food lifted our shopping spirit once again, was already 8.00pm. We wanted to go to Petaling Street, but wasnt sure how to......lucky thing my hubby called n said, he's on the way to fetch us (back to the hotel actually) , but ended sending us to Petaling Street instead...hehehe He told us , he'll be back in 45mins..wait for him at a certain spot where he alighted us ...but we took more than that given timing... *evil grin*

We reached the hotel around 10plus pm....OMG!! our legs hurt so bad. We rested for awhile not till abt 11.00pm , we decided to go down for a drink at StarBucks,just outside our hotel convienient. We placed our orders and sat and talk and chill and laffed till abt an hour or so...then we walked around that area for quite a bit....i would say , that place is pretty safe . We went back to our room at then, we were totally exhausted fm all day walking.We didnt really know wat time we slept, but i woke up even before my alarm rang .

Friday, got ourselves ready for breakfast.........went to the mall to shop again. Checked out at 1pm....left our bags and shopping stuffs at the reception...then we continue our spree again.
We came back to the hotel to collect our stuff only around 9pm !!! **dasyat kan** It was really 'time out'. if u have this kinda opportunity to leave yr kids for just a day, make plans w your best frend and just do your own girlie thingy. Really re-charging, i tell ya !
If there's, only one thing, i regretted during this trip,was not able to watch "Om Shanti Om" starring Shah Rukh Khan, at the nearby cineplex.... (only Rm 10 each! ). We missed the 5.30pm show...and the next show was 10.45pm....which is sooo not applicable as we left KL by 9.30pm.
Oh and to make full used of that little balance $$$...we borong Donkin' Donuts and Secret Recipe cakes...hehehe

Im going back to KL again...tis time with my family ! :)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Whoooaaaa! ive been neglecting this blog for quite a while.

I'll be leaving for KL tmrw morning, will be back with more update.


Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Half empty or Half full ?

Have you heard of this ?? I came across while attending one of my classes , we were disscussing abt a certain topics and everyone came out with different answers, then a Bro came up and drew on the whiteboard....picture of a glass half filled with water.

When he asked us to describe the picture he drew...some said the glass filled with liquid was "half full" yet others responded that it is "half empty."

The conclusion, is not abt the glass of water being half filled or half is abt the differences in perception, result in different people seeing different things and attaching different meanings to the same stimuli. ...

Two people can witness the same event and had two totally different perceptions of what happened based on their perception.

So, What's your take over the "glass picture"...half empty or half full ?

Sunday, November 4, 2007

I have to accept the fact.
I have the the Faith.
I have the Believe.

Something interesting....really interesting is gonna happen.
I'll save that for later.!