Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Im all ready to send hubby to the airport and he's all dressed up this morning for his trip to Jakarta. Then, he r'cd a phone call from his mom...crying on the other line.

"now, i have a situation here" ,he said to me.
"wat situation?" i asked.
"my grandma had a bad fall, my mom rushing to my aunt place now" he said.

He started receiving calls fm his sis and cousin, and calling out to check on the grandma condition.. According to his younger sis , Patti (grandma) fell 3times last nite...we still dunno how this could happend. This morning, her body is all stiffened. My hubby's cousin, Ramesh, called an ambulance and rushed to his mom's place (where Patti is staying with). While waiting for the ambulance to come, Ramesh mentioned, Patti is breathing heavily.

Uneasy with the situation, my hubby tried to cancel his flight to a later date...or perhaps to a later time this evening. It's not quite a good idea to proceed with doing things when u have a 50-50 thoughts. My hubby has left to the hospital, to access the condition of his Patti himself.
Im not close to Patti..neither is my hubby, but all i know is,she's a very strong woman, eventhou her age has been almost 90yo, she hardly falls sick, only the normal under the weather kinda thing,once awhile. But, falling down 3times on a solid ground and at that age..........i dun even wanna think abt it. :( and , when old ppl being admitted to hospital...the docs will come out will whole lists of sickness conditions .

Im still waiting for the latest news.........hope everything will be fine.


Ummi's BLOG said...

oh dear.. hope patti is all right... update yar sis...

Al Sayf said...

I hope everything's fine. Old age usually makes the bone weaker which makes it easier to get fractured. I hope she's fine though.