Monday, March 31, 2008

We tried to have lectures and talks fm different Ustaz on end of each last Saturday, instead having the usual class , we have invited Ustaz Mokhtar Stork to speak abt "Determining who goes to Heaven and Hell."....."heavy" topic,eh.

I was there early to help out with the registrations, alhamdulillah the turned out was good. Our class venue is quite condusive , so with extra chairs , it managed to sit more than 50over ppl. Briefly abt Ustz Mokhtar Stork, he is an australian and converted to Islam in 1960....(he is 64yo now) pursued his Islamic educations in Pakistan and have since travelled around the globe to preach or attend official duties , besides having writing books under his name. One of his book is " A-Z of Islam" and soon to be published "Humors In Islam". He works with the Islamic Ctr in KL for years..hence he speak good Malay too.

As per the topic given for that day..Ustz Mokhtar said, it's very hard to determined,cos, only Allah is the Most Knowing. I didnt take much notes, cos, i was very much engrossed with his calmly way of delivering his talk and listening attentively.

If i could recalled correctly, he mentioned that " Every son of Adam has been created with a portion of sins"'s either preordained or premeditated. The prophets s.a.w asked Allah for forgiveness 70x a selfcheck yrself how many times we actually make time to prostrate and"speak" to The Almighty "...sometimes or many a time we missed that also . Our real enemy is not the syaitan but our Nafs. We received many blessings from Allah, which later become the Amanah, and somehow we fail to fulfil which then caused Azab, but thru Insaf, we seek for repentance frm goes again in a cycle.

He told us lots of interestng stories(in btwn the talk) abt his personal encounters thru his journey being a Muslim.

He also mentioned, never fail to ask Allah to "help you to help yourself " and with His "intervene" seek for His guidance to help u to lead the right path. Hope what i write make bad in explaining stuff, esp in writing.
He gave a very enlightening view n perceptions esp for converts..and i reckon those converts that attend the talk that day, like sis Kazumi (a japanese)...might have felt relieved somehow.
It was overall a very refreshing lecture indeed...

"Are Muslims Able to Cope with Changes" ... that will be Ustz Yaseer Fares talk & discussion end April. Im looking forward to it,definitely.

Friday, March 28, 2008

A few minutes ago, i received a call fm my son's form teacher, Mdm Chia. She wanted to check somthing w me ,abt my son...well, regarding the Maths tutoring classes, that my son didnt attend last Wednesday. I told her i knew abt it, cos, my son came back earlier than expected and told he the reason. Mdm Chia just need a letter of acknowledgement frm my end. Fine, will do so.

I know her time on the phone is limited, but we managed to speak abt some valid issues concerning my son, of cos. I am glad to hear good improvement on my son's part and how she motivates him,talk to him and encouraged him. Im really pleased with her approached. As far as i know, the school has only few teachers who are really going-all-out type for thier students. Teachers that understand thier students strength and weaknesses and very much concerned abt thier well being..teachers who dont give up on their students just because they are weak.

Mdm chia knows my son loves to draw and he draws well. She told me something that touched me. She has seen his personal art works...thus, she asked him to draw her face. My son came home one afnn , and gladly told me abt his teacher's praises...and decided to draw her caricature, using the class photo as his guide. He completed the caricature the same nite and handed over to Mdm Chia the next morning.

My son has been getting great teachers so far. I hope after leaving the school, he will still remember thier advices and encouragement and make it as an inspirations for him to do better in life.

In the squeeze of minutes n seconds (cos, she got class to relief) , i managed to get her opinion on certain least now, i have clearer picture. I shall talk to my son once again and then just proceed.

Monday, March 24, 2008

In the still of the nite, i (and hubby) happend to look up in the sky and saw, somting magnificient, that ive never seen before and i just dunno how to describe in words. *subhanallah* It's last Thursday nite, to be precise.

Y'day, i managed to purchase 4 tickets to seminar "B.O.N.G.K.A.R.Rahsia Ibubapa Cemerlang Anak Gemilang!" . Im not sure wat to expect from this, but i hope Natasha Nabila the girl , with the highest PSLE score last year, plus other speakers would be able share some effective study tips and enlightened parents with thier advices and talk.

Im such a terrible daughter in law, it's been awhile since i last visited and talk to my mother-in-law, so tak patut ! Yikes ! Must go visit oredy tis wkend.

A lot of things still pending.........

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It's been quite awhile that Ive been toying with the idea of starting personal journal of my own . Get myself a nice little diary (that i can chuck in my bag and carry anywhere w me) and penned down my inner thots,express my feelings, the ups and downs of my living years etc...and abt some happenings which i tink it's too private to share with anyone else.

It's gonna be like a personal history or a summary of my life..hehhee. Perhaps, with those entries , randomly or not, maybe, one day i could just flip back the old ones and see how much things has changed , progressed, how life has grown so much actually, some good or bad lessons that have learned fm ......etc. I could even laffed it out loud in future, upon reading some of the entries. This journal could also be tools for self-evaluations.?? No?

Maybe it's the age thingy...that caused me to the start this little "project"of mine.. "Seasons of My Life"or "Life Turbulances"...i cant decide yet, cos, that's wat i can think of right now , for the title of my yet-to-be personal journal. It's sounds so dramatic ,eh...hahaha

I believe everyone has stories to tell, no matter how insignificant or uneventful it is. Everyone has life experiences..amazing adventures, some close shaves,difficult situations,great findings etc......

So, before my age and memory take a toll on me.......i tink i'd better start to write or penned down those priceless memories, the up closed and personal events, and begin my seasonal journey.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Every Sunday, is swimming day.My daughter will be having her lesson, while my son, will play and swim on his own. The mummy will patiently wait for an hour watching the kids in the pool or having a quite moment with something to read. Most time, she prefers to people watched...hehee

So, after the lesson, i will accompany my daughter for a quick shower. The toilet usually will have only few ppl changing in the cubicles or some moms with their kids. That's wat i like abt this swimming complex...not "overcrowded" even on weekends. The complex is obviously older than my growing age, but it's very well maintained.

My daughter was in the shower cubicle and i was waiting outside her door...just few doors away, a lady came out from her shower, and it was unsightly. !! I believed she was fm the native land. Gosh! she walked around naked ! I mean, seriously, there's nothing of her that i's all barren and wild down under...(u get the drift). It's public toilet for heaven sake!.......there's kids of all ages. I swear the moms that was changing her daughters, were shocked with that dunno-how-to- explain to her kids looked. We (the moms and me) looked at each other......**speechless**

I would not want to described futher, but i guess suffice to say.....i feel like puking !!

Fortunately, she dressed up just in time, for my daughter to come out fm her shower.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Ive been quite occupied..........domestically !

The house will be having mini revamp...esp, the kids rooms. Ive to clear the clutters and those overgrown toys. Next week, we suppose to choose the colors for the rooms and painting jobs will be done, soon after. Might drop by IKEA for some stuff...(dah macam nak Raya,sey!)

Sharmila, is selected ! So proud of her. She brought back her PREFECT tie y'day. The school will be having a 2days prefect training,during the skool holiday, next wk.

Akesh, is going for Scouts camp, during the skool holidays too. It will be the last camp for the P6. From, his last results, he has improved on his MT. Keep it Up !

Hubby, is buzy with work (as always) and at the same time, having meetings w the committees for FaithHub , next event in April..... The InterFaith acitivies,organised by MCYS . Ive been helping out on the co-ordinating ,as well.

It's been raining lately, i believed in the blessings..(one of the best time to make dua'a)

"Allahumma syaiyiban nafi'a"
(Ya Allah, Ya Tuhan kami! Jadikan hujan ini bermanfaat buat kami).

Hakikatnya, hujan itu rahmat.

"Dan Dia lah (Allah) yang menghantarkan angin sebagai pembawa berita yangmengembirakan sebelum kedatangan rahmatnya iaitu hujan), hingga apabila angin itu membawa awan mendung, Kami halakan dia ke negeri yang mati (ke daerah yang kering kontang), lalu Kami turunkan hujan dengan awan itu, kemudian Kami keluarkan dengan air hujan itu berbagai-bagai jenis buah-buahan. Demikianlah pula Kami mengeluarkan (menghidupkan semula) orang-orang yang telah mati, supaya kamu beringat (mengambil pelajaran daripadanya)." (Al-A'raf : 57)

"Dan Kami turunkan hujan dari langit dengan sukatan yang tertentu, serta Kami tempatkan dia tersimpan di bumi; dan sesungguhnya Kami sudah tentu berkuasa melenyapkannya." (Al-Mukminun :18)

Rupa-rupanya Allah turunkan hujan ADA SUKATAN !