Monday, March 31, 2008

We tried to have lectures and talks fm different Ustaz on end of each last Saturday, instead having the usual class , we have invited Ustaz Mokhtar Stork to speak abt "Determining who goes to Heaven and Hell."....."heavy" topic,eh.

I was there early to help out with the registrations, alhamdulillah the turned out was good. Our class venue is quite condusive , so with extra chairs , it managed to sit more than 50over ppl. Briefly abt Ustz Mokhtar Stork, he is an australian and converted to Islam in 1960....(he is 64yo now) pursued his Islamic educations in Pakistan and have since travelled around the globe to preach or attend official duties , besides having writing books under his name. One of his book is " A-Z of Islam" and soon to be published "Humors In Islam". He works with the Islamic Ctr in KL for years..hence he speak good Malay too.

As per the topic given for that day..Ustz Mokhtar said, it's very hard to determined,cos, only Allah is the Most Knowing. I didnt take much notes, cos, i was very much engrossed with his calmly way of delivering his talk and listening attentively.

If i could recalled correctly, he mentioned that " Every son of Adam has been created with a portion of sins"'s either preordained or premeditated. The prophets s.a.w asked Allah for forgiveness 70x a selfcheck yrself how many times we actually make time to prostrate and"speak" to The Almighty "...sometimes or many a time we missed that also . Our real enemy is not the syaitan but our Nafs. We received many blessings from Allah, which later become the Amanah, and somehow we fail to fulfil which then caused Azab, but thru Insaf, we seek for repentance frm goes again in a cycle.

He told us lots of interestng stories(in btwn the talk) abt his personal encounters thru his journey being a Muslim.

He also mentioned, never fail to ask Allah to "help you to help yourself " and with His "intervene" seek for His guidance to help u to lead the right path. Hope what i write make bad in explaining stuff, esp in writing.
He gave a very enlightening view n perceptions esp for converts..and i reckon those converts that attend the talk that day, like sis Kazumi (a japanese)...might have felt relieved somehow.
It was overall a very refreshing lecture indeed...

"Are Muslims Able to Cope with Changes" ... that will be Ustz Yaseer Fares talk & discussion end April. Im looking forward to it,definitely.


Ummi's BLOG said...

Thanks sis for the narrations.

Btw, do inform me of the talk by Ustaz Yaseer. I wld like to go too.


nor said...


i have the date with me 26april, but will just sms u again as "gentle reminder"...hehehe

Ummi's BLOG said...

Ok great. 27 April will be ustaz Sallah's maulid at Eunos cresent. Cant wait for that too.. Insya'allah

JSTOM98 said...

Hi, I'm a class-mate of Ustaz Hj Mokhtar. He is a local Eurasian, studied with me at a Christian school at Kampong Pandan, Kuala Lumpur. He was of Christian faith (Anglican) although not active. Just wanted to clarify.