Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Everything seems to fall back in place.

So much of life lessons have been learned thru out this year.

On the fear of time that flies so swiftly , im actually looking forward to brace the years to come..

Tommorow comes, my family & I, will be ushering 2009 , at the comfort of The Ritz Carlton Millenia , for a nite stay.

New Year Greetings to everyone !

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

After those few not so nice incidents, i realised that i shld just listen to my own gut feelings.

I just have to follow my instinct in future .

While they got away with the hidings , i have to deal with my own "punishments" . Unfortunately, i do partially blamed myself.

On the other hand, im in my lowest form nowadays, could be due those "ruffle of claims".
I shldnt feel this way, but the whole surrounding makes me sick . Im demoralised ,thou im trying to make things last .

Another lesson learned.

I cannot let my emotions control me., thou it's hard to predict what actually upset me.

This feelings will pass , just like the storms. Towards the end of the storm while the fog is still clearing I stop to ask myself, “What happened?” The answer is usually nothing. really !