Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Conversations with God

"Oh, you who disbelieve!
I do not worship that which you worship,
Nor do you worship That Which I worship.
Nor will I worship that which you have been worshipping,
Neither will you worship That Which I worship.
To you your religion and to me mine."
surah al-kafirun

These pictures tell it all........the world at prayers .
Different religions and believers taking the time and effort to speak to God.

Someone said to me .... " just do your prayers and and your will see the wonders of it....."
short but very profound ! (to me).

Monday, March 26, 2007

Wat !.......It's already Monday !!

March is maching off soon.

Maulidur Rasul is here & everywhere .

Im gonna be a year older next month... how interesting can that be !!
Does this mean , wisdom of the wise and experience of the age ? or izzit age doesnt always bring wisdom ? watever that means.........

I'd rather say wisdom comes in all shapes and sizes..& the wisdom of life consists in the elimination of 'bout that ? :P

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Life is an Adventure ??

Some said dun pushed away your problems..have dreams and set goals in your life. I have hopes and i dun want to loose them . I want those hopes get fulfilled...that's gonna be one of the precious gift , ever !

The road to travel seems long and winding... the skies still a tad cloudy for now.
I want to hear birds chirping again and grasses grow green ...dark clouds dissappearing and sun could be seen.

Patience, is wat i need. Positive , is wat i want.

HE is there for me.

I believe, there is an appointed time to everything..time to live ..time to for joy ..time for sorrows.......list goes on & in everything there is a reason.

When nite falls , before i sleep...instead of counting sheeps , i shall count my blessings. ! :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

So, wat did the kids and the wannabe-creative-mommy do, during the last few days of skool holidays?

Trying to get-a-creative-life !! **bleargh**

the just painted rainbow , flowers & pot.
leaving to dry.

i punched holes and then it has become a mobile/hanging
rainbow flower pot...(the pot cant be seen thou,due to poor photo shots..,but its hanging somewhere at the top ...)

remember the pebbles, that didnt make it for our
mini landscape ...

well........we painted them.

we got more pebbles to paint....the next time round.
But first, i tink we need to get proper paint and brushes.

So much of being creative ,huh. ! :)

Monday, March 19, 2007

Saturday , the wedding hall was packed when we arrived. The ceremony was already half way thru. The priests presented the rites and the holy mantras for the blissfull couple. They walked round the sacred fire , holding each other's hands. Fistful of rice was thrown to blessed the couple...the handsome groom tied the tali (a yellow string that shows the symbol of a married Indian woman) around his beautiful bride's neck...they are husband and wife,now. Congratulations ! :)

Sunday , had a little "ME" time with my best friend..came home earlier, as the next day , skool starts. The kids and hubby were on their way home from their weekly cycling .
They bathed and freshened themselves up , packed and checked their skool bags.
Everything was ready till later part of the son complained of chest pain.!

Rubbed his chest with Vicks vapourubs...we (me and hubby) didnt sleep well the whole nite till the wee hour of the morning. My son didnt go to skool today...gotta bring him to see a doctor , later.
Poor hubby, gotta drive up to KL for work, with less than an hour sleep. Now, im such a walking zombie .

Pray eveything is well......!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

My hubby is in town this whole week...he's been doing his work online almost the whole day..everyday , hence , i dun have the chance to update my blog.

Now, that he's out for awhile..the pc is mine, again. *evil grin*
But somehow, im being hit by writer's blocked ! **duh**

Anyway, after months of not seeing them (u all know who u are) , finally we met, y'day. ! YaYness !! It's always nice to meet up with friends many things to catch up. So many lafters and
silly-ness to share..LoL
I had great time ! :)

ME... i dun really have many friends actually ..but I do have a few good friends , some great friends , handful of wonderful friends . :)
BUT i only have one best friend ! Yes ! we've been friends for almost 23 years . !Alhamdullillah...more years to come......
Insya allah!

Friends like these are rare , keep them with care .Value your friendships , cos, they are simply priceless !

Monday, March 12, 2007


Friday, the little birdie died . Here's a pic i took on my 2nd floor kitchen window , while Akesh and his friend , Zenith , burying little birde. :(

Saturday, morning was spent in the skool, meet-the-parents session. For my case, im all alone (as hubby is not back yet) meeting teachers/cikgu(s) exhausted (mentally) 2hrs ! **Phew**
After zuhr, i navigated myself and somehow lost my way, while driving to Bukit Timah Plaza, for a wedding receptions at Lagun Sari restaurant. Finally, i managed to find the place. *phew*
Ended at my mom's, before we decided to have some fresh air at Changi Beach. There's so many happy campers & happy families around ...we sat and ate and talked for abt an hour or so, then we left the place..

Sunday, i had and early start (esp for such a wkend). My family , spend our time , at Harmony Centre @ an Nahdhah mosque. It's located at Bishan.
This guided tour was organised by FaithHub...(pls click) , Sis Sylvia and myself are the co-ordinators for this tour. There's abt 20 over people in the group..including the children..(** prefably primary skool going kids)

The tour started abt 10.30am , and we were divided in 4 groups with individual tour guide or docent (tis is the correct term used) , to actually bring us around and explained to us abt diffrent aspects of Islam.
There's board-like-informations abt Islam.. about some famous Muslim personalities that have contributed so much in the world of astronomy...medicines ..architectures etc.

As i was guided along and being explained by our tour guide , bro Saiful, (hope i got his name right), i realised that i learned a lot of new things abt the my religion. I didnt know that Chinese explorer , Zheng De or Cheng Ho , was a Muslim.
Plastic surgery was invented by a Muslim, while cheese was first made in the Middle East.
Now that i also know, there's actually 10 officials religions here, in Singapore .

Moved on to the 2nd floor, we got to see some of the Islamic artifacts..Quran of various sizes , head gears for men from different places of the world , calligraphy.. etc.

After the guided tour, we proceeded to an auditorium . We have the priviliged to watch a video of pilgrimage to Haj. After the video ended , we had a little Q & A or rather sharing of ideas, sharing our thots and experiences abt the center or abt Islam. Some suggestions were posted to Bro Afdhal and his teammates.

The group of kids (my kids included) really enjoyed their tour, guided by Sis Maria. There'll be an Astronomy camp this coming Tuesday, 13thMarch07 , for the lower primary kids. My son is interested to participate, so, ive signed him up for it. It's a whole day camp (10am -10pm), where kids will learn abt the cosmic surroundings,.. the planets and probably gazing at the stars and experience using the telescope to look at Saturn (if they are lucky) ! I hope it will be beneficial to Akesh , as well for the other kids participants...Insya allah.

We had some light snacks after that , mingling amongst ourselves for a little bit and i would say, it was indeed a great way to start the day...Alhamdullillah.

Bro Afdhal frm Muis/Harmony Ctr and his teammates, did a wonderful job ! :)

For those who has the some time to spare, i would very much encouraged you, to have a peep at this beautiful place of worship. For visits to the Harmony Ctr , no admission fee is required & they are open from 9am - 5pm , Monday - Sundays (except Public Holidays) .

If you need guided tour to the Ctr, the minimum group size is abt 10 pax & you have to make prior arrangement. Otherwise , u are welcomed to visit the center on your own at the following times.

PS: butterflies (pls click) isolde ..thank u for coming .

Friday, March 9, 2007

Last Wednesday, after his Scouts....Akesh, came back with this little injured bird he found under the tree , just below our apartment.
The poor little birdie, injured his legs and couldnt fly.

Akesh, carefully placed the injured n sick little birdie in a container and fed it w small pieces of bread.
The injured one , ate...those pieces and i think an injured birdie is a hungry birdie afterall !

The other container, was too Akesh, placed him in a slightly spacious "home", that belongs to his dead terrapins. Little injured and sick birdie , got some energy (fm eating those breads) to at least flap his wings .

The little injured & sick birdie still hasnt fully recovered yet. He's still struggling to stand up with his feet.... Akesh, brought him downstairs y'day for some fresh air & hoping little birdie could fly..but not the case yet. If tdy, little birdie is able to at least "take care" of itself...Akesh will set it free.

Lesson learned fm little birdie : Never Give Up ! Even how much you struggle in life day you will still fly high in the sky !

Well, so much of nursing little birdie...i just cant wait for the on Saturday, and visiting an interesting place on Sunday (and also meeting the *butterflies) *winks*

School holidays are here again...Yikes !!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

My heart felt a little uneasy these few days or perhaps weeks already. I know something is not so right somewhere.
Later, i found out that wat i was thinkin' & feeling about are true.
Must get the air cleared , so i can breathe normal again.

Some people **sigh**

Rabbi yasseer wala tua'asir ~ Ameen

All that down feelings aside.....
Since im on the go of healthy living and lifestyle (yeah rite)..i borrowed this family friendly reflexology book fm the library. "The Family Guide to Reflexology " Ann Gillanders

pic not in good condition.
must get my good friend MJ
to teach me how to take good pics, next time.

It began abt few weeks back when i got my son, did his very first foot reflexology. I was there sitting beside him, while the man did his feet (one at a time) . So, i created a conversation with this friendly man, who did my son. He has been practising reflexology since 1990.

He shared some great tips abt reflexology for kids as well as adults. He even showed me some of the good points on the feet for children. He told me, i could do it to the kids myself at home unless i or rather my son in this case, wants full relaxation, then coming over to the place, is of cos much better. Hence, i wait no more...i borrowed the book !

After the 30mins sessions, fm my son's testimony ..he said , he felt relaxed during the session only a little pain, at some of the points,.but bearable (cos, he's new to this), his legs felt lighter..and that nite, he snored like a camel..(wonder if camels do snore) all the way till the morning came ! ..LoL

Reflexology as we all know, has been around since ancient time ago. It's not really a treament but more of applying gentle pressure of your thumb/finger/hand to the reflex points on your feet.
It aids relaxation, relieve congestion or tension in the corresponding parts of your body.

Reflexology can be used as an aid to help cope not only on a physical level but also a mental and emotional one ,thereby encouraging us to maintain our health in all areas of our lives. It is alrite to do it to babies and little children , except the pressing pressure shld be done in a more gentle ways.

Ive been doing at least once or twice a week on my kids. I just rubbed a little olive oil (so it wont be too dry) on my hands and on their feet and start pressing on the points according to the book. Super easy to follow...(if a slow learner like me can do it, u can too.)

In the book there's also hands map reflexology illustrations. U can do fingers/hand reflexology too.

Since, ive to return the book soon, i made photocopies for my keepsake. Hope this will somehow benefit the family. :)

Monday, March 5, 2007

You know, as a woman..i feel it is important to look after yourself inside and out. Im talking about appearance and image here. Looking good on the outside is rather easy..just "slapped" some make-up on your face and put on some assessories.. voila ! your're done..but the internal side of your body..especially as you age is another matter altogether. Lasting beauty is a reflection of inner health too. Well, there's actually so many ways for us to nurture & nourish our inner and outer beauty.

The "ME" time y'day, spent with my best friend was simply fantabulous.

We did our Herbal Steam Bath...where our whole body (except our head) was submerged in a small wooden "cubicle"..or watever the name is. The "cubicle" is being heated with altogether 18 types of aromatic herbs and spices & due to the heat, i profusely sweat out all my unwanted toxins and probably those impurities fm my body.

Some of the benefits from this Herbal Steam Bath, are to generate better blood circulations, rejuvenate the muscles, cleaning the skin and sweating system. I felt seriously lighter after that 15 mins session. It is quite equivalent to a few rounds of running on a track...can u believe that...! my lazy way of doing the runs, is simply sitting myself on that heated "cubicle"..hahaha

Next, was facial.......i did the Diamond Peel , followed by the customised facial. Diamond Peel, helps to exfoliate dead skins , even the skin color...refines the pores , so that the new ones will be able grow into a more radiant, healthy and glowing ones.

The customised facial is more of the normal facial actually , according to your skin type. I've got very dehydrated skin & stubborn black heads around my nose. As much as i could endure child birth pain....i survived the black heads extractioned on my nose anytime...! When the cold minty masked was covered all over my face (leaving the nostrils open of cos)...and the shoulder massaged was done....i was floating away & almost snoring .! I couldnt open my eyes...Yes ! i was that relaxed !

When the whole 2 hours sessions was over and done.............i could not get up..cos, all i still wanna do was to continue with my sleep ...hahhaa Our next appointment will incude eyes treament, read:puffy panda eyes (just like mine).

We then had lunch cum to shop a little and then we sat again, at one of the Coffee joints to just talk abt simple pleasure of life and and the not so simple ones......till time to depart.

I dun wanna think abt how much "damaged" was done y'day.

Hey! it's not evertime such things happened ,hokay ! so, grab it while "stock last" ! LoL

I hit the sack early..and I missed "UGLY BETTY" ! urrrrgggh.....

Friday, March 2, 2007

You know...when I was thinking about updating my little banter earlier, I was really kind of in my usual cynical, bitter at life mood...but now...the clouds have shifted a little. But I'll continue anyway.......

I need to develop and maintain a healthy family and positive lifestyle. Im sooo trying actually..never mind if i fall back..i'll get up and try again and again...(very tired ,ley)..
I know HE is there for me.

There's so many never ending life challenges that im / we gonna face , today, tomoro and in the future. When going through difficult experiences - i remember that adversity can be a blessing in disguise. I might learn some important lessons during those tough times - (I know I have.)

On the other note , my hubby bought some rocks/pebbles some years back , in the hope of doing our own mini landscape , at our tiny area of our balcony.

Somehow, all our plants withered & died rather quickly before the landscape project even started ! *duh* For sure, i dun have green fingers ,.(mine is all wrinkled and dry..) cos, even my cactus died on me ! *double duh*

So, we still have those smooth pebbles that black garbage bag, hiding in our store room..(how interesting is that )

I thot of getting an acrylic paints n brushes which i saw at Popular , get it painted and drawn or designed.Well, this is yet another hope-it-will-happend-project....*roll eyes*

I'm not a creative person to begin with...and it didnt help much that my creative juices have dried up since many moons ago. On top of that im a great procastinator !! wat a life......*tsk*

Anyhowz, i have to get things started (yeah rite..) . March holidays are least this activities will keep the kids occupied and keep me away frm being insane !!

Im such a pathetic stuck-at-home-mom.., huh !