Monday, March 19, 2007

Saturday , the wedding hall was packed when we arrived. The ceremony was already half way thru. The priests presented the rites and the holy mantras for the blissfull couple. They walked round the sacred fire , holding each other's hands. Fistful of rice was thrown to blessed the couple...the handsome groom tied the tali (a yellow string that shows the symbol of a married Indian woman) around his beautiful bride's neck...they are husband and wife,now. Congratulations ! :)

Sunday , had a little "ME" time with my best friend..came home earlier, as the next day , skool starts. The kids and hubby were on their way home from their weekly cycling .
They bathed and freshened themselves up , packed and checked their skool bags.
Everything was ready till later part of the son complained of chest pain.!

Rubbed his chest with Vicks vapourubs...we (me and hubby) didnt sleep well the whole nite till the wee hour of the morning. My son didnt go to skool today...gotta bring him to see a doctor , later.
Poor hubby, gotta drive up to KL for work, with less than an hour sleep. Now, im such a walking zombie .

Pray eveything is well......!


mummy jam said...

hope he's feeling much better already.

nor said...


thanks..he's slightly better now.

rheA said...

hi nor..he'll be well dont u worry..

Butterflies said...

oh dear.....

i really hope he's recovering well now.

& hope u'll get ur much needed sleep soon!

takecare sis.
i leave u in Allah' care :)


nor said...


alhamdullilah, thou still having slight pain on his chest , he's feeling better & goes to skool. Thanks.


yup..i sleep like a log,last dead tired ! infact we all slept before feeling much alrite now, thanks,dear.