Tuesday, March 20, 2007

So, wat did the kids and the wannabe-creative-mommy do, during the last few days of skool holidays?

Trying to get-a-creative-life !! **bleargh**

the just painted rainbow , flowers & pot.
leaving to dry.

i punched holes and then it has become a mobile/hanging
rainbow flower pot...(the pot cant be seen thou,due to poor photo shots..,but its hanging somewhere at the top ...)

remember the pebbles, that didnt make it for our
mini landscape ...

well........we painted them.

we got more pebbles to paint....the next time round.
But first, i tink we need to get proper paint and brushes.

So much of being creative ,huh. ! :)


Noor Ain Mas'id said...

thats cute la sis..
at least dpt spend time w ur kids..

rozas said...

Salam Ukht Nor, syukran for dropping by! :)Hope to see you around more often.


nor said...

cute and it was fun too . :)

salaam rozas, nice to see u here :)

Aishah said...

that's really nice. I must start painting with the kids soon.

nor said...


thanks achi..that is so kindy like to me..we need proper tools to make it proper..hehe

rheA said...

hehe..at least u tried yr hands at it :)

nor said...


hehee..that's rite.

Salha said...


nor said...


thanks :)