Monday, January 19, 2009

The kids were supposed to sleepover at my mom's place last Saturday nite, cos, both hubby and me have to attend FaithHub meeting. Then ,they decided to stay home alone and watch tv instead.

After making them u'stand the do's and dont's while we were away...we rushed to the Wisma Indah for the meeting.

The committees managed to filled up activites for at least half a year calendar events. Some of the events we planned are, Talks/Dialogue , motivations seminars, character building for kids/teens etc..

Im looking forward to the I-WILL motivation course , which bro M going to conduct. It's open to all those interested with only very limited seats. It's a 10 lessons (spread for 10 month ) on every Saturday of each month end...(hope tis make sense)

What is I=WILL ? Islam = Way In Living Life

Interesting ? Definitely cant wait for the first lesson starting end of this month.

We all adjourned to the nearby makan stall for supper after the meeting , cos, we all were hungry n thirsty after all the talking. It's always very enlightening when you are with positives and learned ppl. Their vibes just flow into you. The food was not fantastic thou, but we enjoyed the interesting conversations during the makan time . From family matters , to a near-death experience - to death itself. Reminder...reminder..reminder to each other.

I want to share abt how bro K , had a near death experience or more like a wake up call or a great test fm Allah as he mentioned. I want to share how a very sick person was so so angry with Allah .....................i want to share how a son , giving stupidest-tak masuk-akal reason for not wanting to meet his terminally sick mother at her hospital bed.

My brain cells, not so working right time perhaps.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

2008 ,

has left us, for good.

It's been a little rough with a mixutre of serenity thru out.


the kids go back to school.

my daughter is in P4 and i cant believe my son is in secondary level now.
the morning preparations to school was quite a breeze.
i send both kids to school...

after seeing my daughter crossed the trafic junction and entering the school compound, i drove my son to his new secondary school which is just a distance away fm home. I knew he's quite nervous + excited abt this new school thingy. During the short drive , i managed gave him a piece of advise , " study hard(er) and choose your friend wisely"...i dropped in the school compound and left. My heart again filled with emotions , as i see him walking towards the school hall , on his own , in this new journey of his life.


God willing , i will be 40 ... (jokes damn old, but life begins at 40, no?)
I used to wonder, what I would be like as an "older "person ? I'm not afraid of growing old, i dont hide my age...i feel it's just a different stages of life. I believe, i still carry the same "shell" as what i am , only probably i now understands what wisdom means. I actually can see myself having some of it.. :)

reflections ,

Patience has come visited me and left and came back again...i didnt even know i have the capacity to wait .

Ive done volunteers works , esp with FaithHub , in my kids's school and yday ive signed up at my son's secondary school too.

I finally understand why people volunteer. I’ve done it myself. I’m at that age, you know.!