Friday, March 27, 2009

Despite contemplation earlier of whether i should go or not & a little hicked-up on some planning...i finally went to the class.
I was hoping the lesson will not be boring (as of a particular class i attended n decided to quit after few lesson).
Half an hour after , i whispered to my friend (she sat beside me)...i think i might be coming back for more...insya allah.
My first lesson yesterday, and i was in tears . I teared when the ustaz told the stories of the Prophet s.a.w , and about how Bilal r.a was to have the honor to be the muazzin.
"" After the Prophet's death it became very hard for him to continue his stay in Madinah where he would miss him at every step and in every corner.
He therefore left Madinah, and decided to pass the rest of his life striving in the path of Allah. Once he dreamt of the Prophet s.a.w
No sooner did he get up than he set out for Madinah. On reaching there,the people of Madina was very happy to see him and requested him to call out the Azaan.
He could not refuse them, for they were very dear to him. But as soon as the Azaan was called, the people of Madinah cried openly out of their anguish at the memory of the happy old days of the Prophet's time. Even the women came out of their houses weeping. ""
At the end of the class...i felt so glad and shukr that HE has made me able to come and seek such knowledge.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My friend Sylvia texted me the other day ..saying that , her friend..Aini , is now on medical leave due to an accident. I am not close and dont know Aini well, cos , she is Sylvia's friend actually..but yesterday while waiting for my daughter to finish her Quran class, i decided to dial Aini's mobile no.

I said my salaam to her and immediately she knew it was me, cos, my name appeared on her mobile screen. She's delighted to received my call and i asked abt her well we spoke , she relates to me how the accident happend.

To cut the long story short.... she's on the way home from work in the company's van . Just minutes before she reached her home, the driver somehow hit the emergency brake and that got Aini flung out fm her seat ...her back hit the van dashboard and her neck hit the stairways...for a moment, she just went blank but managed to walk back home.

That evening , she went to a doctor ...the next morning, she totally couldnt move her body. Her hubby rushed her to A&E ...she's hospitalised. On that day , she felt her world has collapsed.
After a week being hospitalised......she got discharged and went back home, but still immovable. She needs the help fm her husband and her maid.

Aini has been active all the when such immobility happend to her, she felt lost, helpless..frustrated...depressed.....very down...angry.....and stressed . She feels very hurt , especially not being able to carry her 3yo son. Emotionally she's drained .
She said the challenges are too great to describe.

Sitting on the bed, unable to make much movement, Aini is given a chance by Allah, to do some reflections. As she spoke to me...i knew she's in tears. She realised Allah still loves her, hence she's still alive... she knows her body condition wont be like before. She realised that all these while she has no time for time for the Quran, now for almost 2mths at home.....Aini has been reciting the Quran almost everyday. It helps to heal her emotional wounds and calm herself.

Now, Aini is undergoing theraphy almost every morning, mobility is much better eventhou, she still cant carry her handbag...what's more heavy items.

I shall make doa for her speedy recovery. Personally, i learn something from this what Aini said "within 5 minutes , my life turns topsy turvy......."

Let's ponder for awhile.........

[ It may well be that you dislike something in which Allah has placed a lot of good.]
(An-Nisaa' 4:19)

[It may be that you hate something when it is good for you and it may be that you love something when it is bad for you. Allah knows and you do not know.]
(Al-Baqarah 2:216)

Friday, March 20, 2009

What can you see from this pictures ?
The Art of details.
Simplicity yet Perfect.
If only the flowers and the mountains can speak .....

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

School Holidays are here............ Yippeeee !!

Kids having fun and mommy will be buzy in the kitchen , preparing their demand and supplies of foodies.

Toot..toot....i got a new oven today !

Excuse me for the time being, as i busy myself with my new "toy" ...grilling,baking.....

We'll be having cousins, aunty , my mom & dad coming over'll be a busy day of entertaining and trying to be a good hostess ;)

To market i'll be going ............. till later :)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Im not able to find my USB cable for my digicam , hence i cant post pictures of my home , my new found crafty hobby, my plants.. etc etc , here in my blog. I think i might have misplaced it during our house painting work the other time...hmmm, i will still search for it anyway .

The first semester of school is almost done and next week the school will be closed for a week. The kids are looking forward to it of cousins and their kids are coming over to our place...

I plan to cook, rice , chicken masala (which im gonna get the recipe fm my mom in law), mint chutney , potato masala , fried chicken (kids will love this) + pappadam . I might consider cooking fish ball + veggie soup for the younger kids. Maybe banana fritters for tea break...
Insya allah.

Now, i have to get my butt off here........cos, i need to do vacuuming n mopping the house. Oh, i have laundry to fold too.. My hubby is coming back fm his business trip tonite, so the house shld be spick n span ! After all these chores are done, im going out for awhile to get my hubby the Al-Quran that he wanted...

** Hold fast to the rope of Allah. ! Make a plan to get started on the Quran today! **

A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Start With A Step.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The whole of yday morning, i spent ransacking the store room and managed to get rid a whole big bag of overgrown clothings and other unwanted clusters....**phew**

This morning, i did different thing.....i went to gym. I was on the treadmill for abt 30mins and i really sweat myself out. ! I did a bit of stretching, and the whole exercise regime lasted for nearly an hour. I felt so much better after shower refreshing !

I managed to read two pages of the Quran after maghrib last nite, another 2 pages after Isyak and today, another 2 pages after zuhr....Syabas me..! ;)


Friday, March 6, 2009

Let me share with you what i have learned from the I-WILL (Islam- Way In Living Life) programmes that ive attended.

This is just a brief summary that i have jotted down on both of the Modules.

Module # 1 & #2


It Starts With YOU !

Life - Is it Yours to Live ?

Y ~ (lift up) your two hands , they 'pointing' towards ALLAH swt & Muhammad (saw).

O ~ it's like your life going round in circle that sometimes it leads you to nowhere...some people are confused and very much consumed with wordly matters.

U ~ everything starts with a dot and U , is like your turning point.

- YOU will end at some point of time, YOU have no control over the quantity (how long YOU gonna live) but YOU can have 'control' over the quality of YOUR life.

# Make effort to have quality time with Allah.
# Do as much good as you can TODAY !
# If you cannot do something completely , dont leave it completely !
# Every inch counts !
# Do it for the sake of Allah s.w.t.

Life is an Open Book Examination....the Noble Quran has everything we need to know. If we want to 'pass' the tests , open the Book and seek the knowledge...

Courier Man - we are the khalifah. We need to deliver the message in the Quran. We cannot change the contents but we can get the message delivered. Spread it even if it is one, Alhamdulillah.

People Are Different......

"Some people make things happen.....
Some watch while things happen........
Others wonder what happend............"

Where do YOU fit ??

What Does Allah s.w.t created us for ?

** Best of Creation
** To worship HIM
** To be HIS khalifah

5 things to watch

Youth ~ Age
Health ~ Sickness
Wealth ~ Poverty
Free ~ Busy
Life ~ Death

Set GOALS in your life of pleasing ALLAH s.w.t.
coincidentally GOALS has 5 letters , just like our 5 pillars !

Why GOALS and not just GOAL ?

Allah swt ,thru our Rasul has mentioned that we need to take the middle path..... Leader at times, Slaves at times........ hence 1/3 , 1/3, 1/3.

How do you want others to look at you ? Do they say ALHAMDULILLAH or ASTARGFIRULLAH !?

Here's the DEAL :

Actions & Results



Sometimes no new results ? Why ? Because it is the same YOU !!




** How will YOU be different ?

** Everything starts with seeking knowledge

** Where does knowledge come from ? Quran

** Learn how to read Quran

** Learn the meaning of the verses = Tafsir

It all spells E/F/F/O/R/T.

Set your compass Bearings............

If your Life is pointing NOWHERE

Opportunities are NOW/HERE !

Time to change your direction to ALLAH s.w.t.

Once your bearings are changed and your GOALS are clear towards pleasing HIM , your LIFE will change............ Insya allah.

It Always STARTS with YOU and ENDS with YOU !

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Today , is history !

I managed to complete 2 aprons using the fabric i bought from Spotlights , last Sunday.
My mom is of the greatest help.
She showed me how to cut the patterns, pins the sides and sewed the aprons. Halfway thru she took over the sewing machine, cos, i was still too slow hahaha

I took pictures of the 'homemade' aprons, but the quality of the pictures are i decided not to post them yet..(i decided later).

Tomorrow, im meeting my friend for our dhuha class, and im gonna surprise her with a box of bday gift. Since she loves to cook and bake, i stuffed kitchen gloves, the apron (that i made with mom's great help) , a box of potpouri for her new home and an inner cap for her hijab.

Friday, i shall be meeting another good friend in our tafsir class (whose bday is coming soon) and will be giving her the 'homemade' apron plus also kitchen gloves..(different designs). She doesnt cook nor bake, as her domestic helpers do most of the,it's time for her to consider doing all that for her family... :)

I shall share abt my I-WILL (Islam-Way In Living Life) program that i attended last my next entry, insya allah.