Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Today , is history !

I managed to complete 2 aprons using the fabric i bought from Spotlights , last Sunday.
My mom is of the greatest help.
She showed me how to cut the patterns, pins the sides and sewed the aprons. Halfway thru she took over the sewing machine, cos, i was still too slow hahaha

I took pictures of the 'homemade' aprons, but the quality of the pictures are bad...so i decided not to post them yet..(i decided later).

Tomorrow, im meeting my friend for our dhuha class, and im gonna surprise her with a box of bday gift. Since she loves to cook and bake, i stuffed kitchen gloves, the apron (that i made with mom's great help) , a box of potpouri for her new home and an inner cap for her hijab.

Friday, i shall be meeting another good friend in our tafsir class (whose bday is coming soon) and will be giving her the 'homemade' apron plus also kitchen gloves..(different designs). She doesnt cook nor bake, as her domestic helpers do most of the work....so,it's time for her to consider doing all that for her family... :)

I shall share abt my I-WILL (Islam-Way In Living Life) program that i attended last Saturday..in my next entry, insya allah.


Umm Omar said...

I'd love to see pictures!

nor said...

umm omar,

pictures are quite bad quality actually..but i try to post later ;)