Friday, March 6, 2009

Let me share with you what i have learned from the I-WILL (Islam- Way In Living Life) programmes that ive attended.

This is just a brief summary that i have jotted down on both of the Modules.

Module # 1 & #2


It Starts With YOU !

Life - Is it Yours to Live ?

Y ~ (lift up) your two hands , they 'pointing' towards ALLAH swt & Muhammad (saw).

O ~ it's like your life going round in circle that sometimes it leads you to nowhere...some people are confused and very much consumed with wordly matters.

U ~ everything starts with a dot and U , is like your turning point.

- YOU will end at some point of time, YOU have no control over the quantity (how long YOU gonna live) but YOU can have 'control' over the quality of YOUR life.

# Make effort to have quality time with Allah.
# Do as much good as you can TODAY !
# If you cannot do something completely , dont leave it completely !
# Every inch counts !
# Do it for the sake of Allah s.w.t.

Life is an Open Book Examination....the Noble Quran has everything we need to know. If we want to 'pass' the tests , open the Book and seek the knowledge...

Courier Man - we are the khalifah. We need to deliver the message in the Quran. We cannot change the contents but we can get the message delivered. Spread it even if it is one, Alhamdulillah.

People Are Different......

"Some people make things happen.....
Some watch while things happen........
Others wonder what happend............"

Where do YOU fit ??

What Does Allah s.w.t created us for ?

** Best of Creation
** To worship HIM
** To be HIS khalifah

5 things to watch

Youth ~ Age
Health ~ Sickness
Wealth ~ Poverty
Free ~ Busy
Life ~ Death

Set GOALS in your life of pleasing ALLAH s.w.t.
coincidentally GOALS has 5 letters , just like our 5 pillars !

Why GOALS and not just GOAL ?

Allah swt ,thru our Rasul has mentioned that we need to take the middle path..... Leader at times, Slaves at times........ hence 1/3 , 1/3, 1/3.

How do you want others to look at you ? Do they say ALHAMDULILLAH or ASTARGFIRULLAH !?

Here's the DEAL :

Actions & Results



Sometimes no new results ? Why ? Because it is the same YOU !!




** How will YOU be different ?

** Everything starts with seeking knowledge

** Where does knowledge come from ? Quran

** Learn how to read Quran

** Learn the meaning of the verses = Tafsir

It all spells E/F/F/O/R/T.

Set your compass Bearings............

If your Life is pointing NOWHERE

Opportunities are NOW/HERE !

Time to change your direction to ALLAH s.w.t.

Once your bearings are changed and your GOALS are clear towards pleasing HIM , your LIFE will change............ Insya allah.

It Always STARTS with YOU and ENDS with YOU !

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