Friday, May 28, 2010

I was awakened by a text early this morning.

A frend mom just passed away after long suffering from
her illness.

I will be attending the funeral later.

Alfateha to Hajah Tasha bte Ahmed.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Masyaallah! its been quite a hectic week.

Today , most of the parents here will be having
parent-teachers-meeting in school...i'll being
going in a while more.

It's basically letting parents know the progress
of your child and areas that need to be improved.

The school term is ending..and the holidays are here soon.
We have planned for a short getaway , we all need a break.

Im dead beat each day..after doing all the domestic stuff,
but i make a point to surf the net,chk my emails,my blog,facebook etc.
somehow this one has keep my sanity going. :)

Till then, have a great holiday!

Monday, May 24, 2010

few snap shots that happend over the weekend. :)

at the garden ..

Me and wati :)

the kiddos..eva,shabana,sharmila(my daughter),hazirah

safiah,me and wati

me and cousins.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Now, i can sip my coffee at a slower pace.

Time to relax my mind .. cos,kids exams are so over
and school holidays are coming soon.

Great! my son top his English paper in the entire class
while my princess achieved best top 3 in her class for English and
top her Mother Tongue Oral.


Monday, May 17, 2010

Life has been a little busy over here with events and stuff.

Today, i realised... im taking things for granted.

However, I am so greatful to HIM for protecting my pride and honour.

I wouldnt have imagined if things were otherwise.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Just sharing simple things from the Practical Islam Motivational class...

S = Is

L = Loving
A = Allah
M = and Muhammad s.a.w

ISLAM = Is Loving Allah and Muhammad (s.a.w.)

Q = Quickly
U = Understand
R = Read
A = Apply
N = Narrate

Quickly(learn)..Understand(the meaning)..Read (daily)..Apply(in yr life)
Narrate(to others even if it is just one word.)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

That simple things in life ........

That moment of biting into a crisp, juicy apple...Yum. And as a bonus—vitamins, fiber, and a feeling of doing something ever so slightly forbidden.

Life over here has been a little buzy of late...but i feel blessed.

Monday, May 3, 2010

The funeral ceremony ...

This is my very first time attending a Hindu funeral ceremony.
I really didnt know what to expect , besides some vague knowledge
of the rites from the telly or watching Indian movies.

Lo and behold, i got the chance to witness from A-Z process
of the funeral rites.

I am going to be very very brief...cos,it's a whole day affair !!

Hubby left our house on Saturday morning, to aunt Devagi's plc,
where the funeral took place. He wanted to make sure that everything
was in order...the chairs & tables at the void deck, the casket thingy etc.
The body was brought back to the house on that same morning also.

It was a super buzy morning for me still having classes..
send and fetch them. Packed few clothes to change later,just in case .

Fetched my niece and nephew from their home (as my SiL n BiL went earlier)
and then i drove my way to Sembawang.

Me and the kids arrived slightly before 2pm. Many cousins and other
relatives already there,sitting at the void deck.
Made few hellooos and hi's and went up the the hse.
There's already room full of families and friends.

Patti was fully embalmed..very much different from what i
saw the nite before. The body was laid at the living room for
those who wanted to pay thier last respect...putting flowers
on the feet.

Then...they did some customary rites,like putting oil on the head,
bathe the body and then shroud her with sari. Once its done,
body was being transferred to the coffin.
They did some customary rites again..*too many to describe here*.

At around 4.30pm..the coffin was brought the staircase!

Another customary rites below...when the whole process was over,
time to move to the crematarioum.

Another religious rites at the service hall...once done,
we moved on to the viewing gallery..there's a
glass panel .. where, all of us could witness the coffin entered
the furnace of over 1000c of heat !!

Sunday,they collected the ashes and another rites was done
to dispersed it at the sea.

Rest in peace.. Nagama patti (91yo) .

* Pls take note, as we are Muslims..we did not participate
in any of their religious rites. *

Anyhooow, From my very first hand experience of the abv, it is
very much surfice to say that I am blessed to be a Muslim.
In my last post , i blogged abt the passing on of hubby's aunt.

This is going to be another post abt another death in the family.

Just last Friday, as we were getting ready for our Tafsir class,
hubby received a call from his mom , citing that his, grandma
was in serious condition.

As this has happend many times, i thot i would be another
false alarm..minutes later we received another call from
my MiL telling us..patti (grandma) is dead.

Patti died at aunt Devagi's house in Sembawang.
So, hubby and myself, tagging the kids along , skipped
our class and rushed to the house.

We fetched my eldest sis in law and kids .. reached
the house around 9.15pm. I walked in to the room
where patti's body laid on the bed . Her mouth was opened as
if she was gasping for her last breathe.
*i would not describe futher*

Patti has 6 daughters ... my MiL is the fourth. That night,
they decided to send the body for embalmed..cos,
the funerals will only take place the next evening .. Saturday.

Aunt Leela, the second daughter came around 10plus..minutes
before the body being taken away by the casket people for embalment.

When the body has been carried away,we helped to clear the house, bringing
down all the photos frames, pictures on the wall,table n chairs ..
leaving the house as bare as possible, as a sign of mourning.

We came backhome around 1am...bathe..washed the clothes n slept. *tired*

Next day is the funeral ..........