Friday, February 27, 2009

I didnt expect this .... but Thank you to Umm Hassan for chosing me .

May Allah Blessed YOU !

My two good gal pals birthday is coming in March, so i plan to craft my own gift for them. IM no artfartycrafty person ....... but no harm trying to be one hahhaa

Y'day morning, i took the train to town and drop by SpotLights. I didnt have much time to get all excited over the ribbons, buttons,beads, fabrics & those crafty stuff (eventhou it's still on a lower scale hahha) ..cos, i have to be back before 1pm n fetch my daughter fm school.
I got some magnets , glue and ribbons. I still dont know wat to do with those items thou...but thot of doing a personalised fridge magnets...hmmm im still thinking.
I squeezed my way to Daiso , and all $2 items shop. They have some great n cool stuff especially those gift boxes.. since one of them likes baking and cooking ...i got her nice kitchen gloves n now i still have to look for a fabric to sew an apron for her.
I LOVE Fridays..........i know my kids love thier Fridays too, cos, its smells and spells : Weekends !
Im going for my Quran class later and tonite we have Ustz Yasser class to attend. I need to refill my cuppa coffee n get my butt off
ok now
alrite now
seriously, like NOW !
N-O-W !!
Have Good Weekends everyone !

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Movie Screening of "Muhammad the Last Prophet" last Saturday went well, despite a small technical glitched, that caused slight delay.

The movie was interesting as well as educational.. It was abt how our Prophet (pbuh) received His first revelation fm Jibrail and his challenges of spreading Islam. Obviously the animated movie did not show the faces of Jibrail and the Prophet( pbuh). I suggest it's good for us to get a copy of the VCD/DVD of the movie for keepsake and watch it with the whole family.

Another movie that i plan to watch will be "Slumdog Millionaire" or probably get the VCD/DVD next time.

Alright, im halfway watching The Oscars now ... :P

Saturday, February 21, 2009

It seems like my / our Saturdays are being filled with FaithHub activities. No, im not complaining, im actually enjoying it , cos, it also involved everyone in the family, hubby and the kids. At least we get to keep our weekends occupied with such matters .

Last Saturday,we organised dzikir at Sultan Mosque, Alhamdulillah the turned up was very encouraging.

Today, the newly formed Youth@FaithHub is doing their very own event. Hubby and myself plus few other bros and sisters have to be at Saleem Christy Ctr slightly earlier, to help out with the preparations. My kids are tagging along too....cos, it's Movie Screening day, Yayyy !

Movie starts at 5.30pm...

This is what we will be watching :

oh, ive got all the snacks and tidbits ready, hopefully enuf for everyone.

Have a great weekends !

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I went to Little India this morning, with a friend. I need to get some stuff from Mustafa Ctr, the only 24hr shopping mall, where u can get anything and everything under one roof.

I had a very very heavy breakfast of masala tosei + hot masala tea. Being a small eater...tis is considered huge for my morning diet.

I think i have to skip dinner.

Monday, February 16, 2009

It's been almost a month since i blogged...ive been bz and lazy .

Ive few things to write about., but like i said ive been very lazy...(lame excuses..excuses)

Im enjoying my mornings very much now.

Kids are in school and despite doing all the chores , i still have my morning ME time,
read: watching Oprah...haha

Anyway, I tell myself , i dont want to spend the precious morning time just like dat, so i decided to attend another a newly refurbished mosque , Masjid Abdul Razak. It is just a small mosque neatly tucked amongst the landed houses. Last Tues, was the first lesson by Ustaz Azmi. Im surprised to see few familiar faces , sisters that i know fm my other classes.

Last Friday, my Quran teacher told me, my reading is much better now...more confident :). I told her, with her advised, i tried my best to recite at least a few pages of the Quran after every sholat if time permits me.

My Friday nite, tafsir class has been replaced by Ustz Farida (an amazing lady) for just two lessons, cos our main teacher Ustz Yasseer is away back to his homeland in Egypt to futher his studies on the Holy Quran. Im sure he'll have lots to knowledge/stories that he'll bring back to share it with us tis coming Friday. ;)

I was awakened at 4am this morning, something was just playing in my mind...i then switched on my side lamp and my hand reached out for the book ,"Stories of the 25 Prophets" , inside the drawer. I was still feeling sleepy but my eyes just wont shut, so i read the book till almost 5am.

I tink i managed to have just few minutes wink before my alarm rang at 5.30am...time to prepare for subh and wake up the family.

Now, i just r'cd a text mssg fm my son, he's in sick bay...not feeling good and resting. I may have to fetch him back.......... till then.