Thursday, December 24, 2009

This morning weather is so cooling and nice to just lay in bed.

It's still a little dark and raining, but i couldn't go back to bed after subh.
Im a person who is unable to sleep again,once i woke up.

Kids will be going for their Quran class at 9am, and after that im bringing them to
watch Alvin and the Chipmunks. Hubby will be off to play golf later.

Tommorow , we have plans for other things.

2010 many plans in the making.

Life is full of plans and making plans...

Note of oneself:
Sometimes, when things do not go as plan...we'll get upset,pissed and angry...but we forgot , Allah is the best planner.

Happy Holiday !


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Last evening, hubby and myself went to visit his ailing grandma.

My mom inlaw and sis inlaw (with family) came along too.

Grandma, better known as Patti, is being taken care by hubby's aunt.
When we arrived at the aunt's place, we went straight to the room , where Patti was.

She was lying on the bed, unable to much so as already bed-ridden.
Her frail boney body just lied there, unable to respond when we called her..thou she tied very hard to open her eyes.
Her cheeks were deep sunken,her few strands of white hair was tied up, she breathed like she's gasping for air..her lungs are filled with phelgm.

I felt sad for her...but at the same time, thankful ,for at least she has someone of her own flesh and blood to care for her ,with the help of a maid.

Patti is a strong woman (despite her other characters)..she was in coma for more than a week ,two years back. Almost everyone was "prepared" for her death..even my hubby cancelled his business trip. Lo and behold, with her strong willed power to live, she "woke up".

Last nite, what i saw, was different fm the previous. The chance to
live longer looks pretty slim...( i dunno).

How long can a person live in this world?
Our clock is ticking every,seconds and minutes till the hour comes.
Death sometimes come with no indication.
I attended two funerals recently, and the whole situation give me a perfect reminder.

Well, our journey in life will come to an end..we all shall taste death.
Have we prepared ?


Monday, December 21, 2009

Just sharing .........

Sunday afnn, as usual, was our family Quran lesson.

Yday lesson was like the norm , except ...with the Ustz encouragement , with family support and most importantly Allah's help,my dear hubby has been upgraded to read the Holy Quran.! Alhamdulillah.

I was really happy with his progress. :)

On the other hand,hubby received text message fm his sister last nite, saying that thier ailing, almost 90 years old grandma was in 'bad shape', and probably can only last till this week.
The last i saw her was few month back, during Deepavali ... her body was too weak to even sit for couple of minutes.. During the visit , she's able to speak and she kissed almost everyone,including my kids and myself. She uttered something good about my hubby and me in Tamil...(translated in English by my niece,Vahesh.)

Hubby and me, plan to visit her this evening. Hope whatever that is gonna happend to her next,will be much excepted by the family..(get what i mean).

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

*toot *toot*

Im back...i mean, the pc is back.!!

I missed surfing and bloghopping.

I went for a short break to Kuala Lumpur and then to Malacca.
I really dunno why, this time, im feeling a little home sick,
eventhou i have my family with kids,hubby,my parents & my sis.

I never have this feeling before,not when going on a holiday. was really fun and i did enjoy the breakie.

Tommorrow is Muharram, the first month of the Islamic calender.
Ironically,soon, it will be end of Dec and 2010 is approaching, people start making resolutions , celebrate, partying and stuff like that.

So, what's for Muharram...well, i want to loose weight,hahaha

Seriously, i want to strive to certain changes in me...and maybe the family too.
It's not a resolution, just one of my random thots, but im still not so clear how to do it.
Staying motivated is sometimes can be a struggled.
It is so eazy to get distracted and loose focus .
Let me think abt it...cos im such a procrastinator.!

Oh, i also read a short story abt Fatimah az-zahra,daughter of our prophet s.a.w.
It's so sad. Go and read,for those who hasn't.

Lastly,For the record, i didnt enjoy watching 2012 !

Monday, December 7, 2009

Im still having bad pc weeks.

It's kinda insane going without pc.!!

I got so many things to write and share , but this wont be happening soon, till the
pc doctor returned my pc back to me.

Im writing this frm my brother's lappie.

I'll be going on a short break with my family this Wednesday.
Kids are so excited........ so am I :P

Just hoping my pc would be able to return home, when im back.

Be good , people !

Take care .!