Thursday, July 30, 2009

I was in panic mode and a little traumastised of what happend yesterday morning..

As usual, i attended my Thursday class with my friend , sis N . She'll fetched me fm the bus stop opposite my flat, and we'll go straight to mosque. Nothing weird abt the morning ... after our class ended at 11am , we decided to have brunch at Hj. Maimunah .

Due to no carpark lot in front of Hj Maimunah , we decided to walk around TKC for a short half hour and she parked her car at the open carpark just outside the building.

After the half hour time's up...we walked back towards the car. We got into the car, my friend started the engine, and i happend to look behind............ all i could utter was "astargfirullah..astargfirullah......" my friend, sis N, thot i saw a big cockroach....but NOOOOO, i saw a man, opening the back door, came in and closed the door. !!!!

The stupid man was pretending to be on the phone, and said to us "quiet ! im not gonna hurt you !"

When my friend, started to realise .......she started to panic, she kept saying "ya allah..ya allah !"..

With Allah's assistance.........despite our panic and shivered selves , we managed to get out of the car. The stupid guy was still sitting on the backseat of the car...

My friend, shouted for help so loudly, no one came . (Things to note, that place is only lively over the weekends, but try going on weekdays, it's almost dead).......The stupid guy, still using his handphone, opened the car door and walked away towards the Malay Village.....he didnt even tried to run. !

Seeing him walking away, i quickly, instructed my friend, to quickly got back into the car...locked the doors and drove away fm the place . Thank goodness, my friend's handbag that was on the backseat where the stupid guy sat, was untouched.

Both of us, were traumatised and trembling........we stop somewhere at the side road, to cool and calm ourselves. We cursed and swear on that stupid guy..........whatever his motive was !

Ther's sooo many IFs....

what if he has a knife......
what if he has a gun........
what if he could have opened the driver's door or the passenger's door and just grabbed either one of us...............
what if he has other accomplice to join him........

We've made police report...

Allah, has protected us... Alhamdulillah.

Unforseen things do happend.......but with Allah's help and protection, we are unharmed.

Friends, this is a reminder and lesson for me ,
pls immediately locked yr car doors, once everyone is inside.
Look at yr side or rear mirrors for safety.

** he's kinda tall and thin
wearing black t-shirt and black pants
wearing black sunglasses and a cap.
very Malay pakcik Haig Road kinda look ! **

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Despite the hulabalooooo of life............

Im making personal progress...............

Im already 3/4 thru with The Quran ........

I intend to complete before Ramadhan ends..

I belive i can do it !............. Insya allah.

Monday, July 27, 2009

I received a few unpleasant news over the weekends.

Some things are inevitable, some are avoidable.

But a least... the sight of yellow bird and the blooming of these white flowers just outside my window help to bring some cheer in me .

Friday, July 24, 2009

Im am seriously BORED !!!!

Ive been staying indoor and will be staying indooor till next Tues ...arrrrggghhh.
Thank goodness, i have my lappie to keep me company....but still , i need to go out..i want to smell the fresh air ...not Dettol soap or Dettol disenfact spray *boohooo*

Besides looking after my sick son ( who is also suffering from boredom and always hungry) , who is getting much better now, ive been cleaning up the house , like there's no tomorrow. The floor is squeaky clean .......that i can actually slide myself from one end to another .. :P

What other happenings, besides my boredom....
Oh yes...i saw the hubby rushing to get dressed this morning , while i was on the phone , talking to , whoelse , but my best friend.

When i checked with him..he told me ,he had to rushed his mom to hospital. Her blood pressure is high , she claimed the entire house is spinning.
My hubby is one (and only) filial son ,THATTTT i serious..seriously..cannot deny. !

When they arrived at the hospital, her blood pressure has already increased....and her back hurts too. She's on a wheelchair ... i managed to speak to her over the phone. My MiL is such a wonderful woman..( i always mention tis) eventhou, we are of different background ( race & religion).
I heart my mom - in-law & she heart me too (ok, this is soooo lame, perhaps, she has no choice , cos, im the one and onnnnly daughter in law) :P

Minutes, ago, i spoke to my hubby, MiL is undergoing CT scan now. My two SILs and the two aunties are there too.

Hope nothing serious happen... ~sigh~

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

This is what happend yesterday !!!!!

Code Red !!!!

I was at the newly re-opend Geylang Market yesterday morning with a frend. She wanted to get some stuff for her Hajj trip tis year, so i accompanied her and at the same time check out what's new there.

The place is cleaner but other than that the shops that sell clothing and stuff ... not impressive, most of he shops are selling the same items..i really meannnn the same. *blerghh*

So while browsing around i checked my handphone and i got 3 missed calls and 3 message fm my son . The text " mum, im at sick bay, pls come and fetch me...quick." . Then the school called me and informed me, abt my son being unwell.

I told my friend i need to rush home, she offered to drive me to the school, but i prefer to drive my own she dropped me home, got my car......and i went straight to the school, which is quite nearby.

I went into the General Office..signed some paper and i "collected" my son. The teacher advised me to bring him to the clinic. I went straight the to clinic near my place.

Doctor checked...his temperature was 38.3c , asked him some questions and wanted to do some test. Doc took sample of mucus from my son's nose and did test....10 minutes later , we were called in again.

Braced myself...................... Doc told me my son is having Influenza Like Illness ... kinda close to H1N1 !!!
At that moment, i was lost ! My heart sank onto the ground !!
Doc told me what is the procedures to handle such patient. .
I called his school to informed the matter.

Home quarantine ..........for one week !

Except for my contact yet , as she was in school the whole day yesterday, my hubby fetched her and send her straight to my mom's place. Hubby called the school to informed (social responsibility) ... the Principal will check with the MOE for the procedure and get back to us.
Today, my daughter will not be in school ............ but before she gets toooo happy...ive packed all her revision books for her to do at the comfort of my mom's place...hehehhee

Just awhile ago...her Principal called, since she has no ctc.... she's able to go back to school

As i am having direct contact with him, i have to take Tamiflu medication also . I have to disenfact the entire house................ *boohooooo* no fun fun.

Pls pray for my son's recovery .

the stuff..........

The tired looking me ..........

The masked lady :P

Monday, July 20, 2009

I have never had green fingers , all my plants died on me...even cactus.

But this time, im soooo glad these plants are still alive !!
A friend told me to "talk" to the plants, she treated all her plants like her babies.
She talks to her plants every morning, when she waters them ...she asked them
to behave and grow well while she's away , like on vacation or somethng.

I decided to follow suit........... but just a small talk kinda thing.
I greet them with Assallammualaikum, and then tell them to
"go on..., do yr dzikir and grow well" hahaha

Well, it actually work !! :P

and i also decided to make dessert ....
bubur chacha.


Thursday, July 16, 2009

I have to skip my Hadith class today , cos , my daughter is at home.
Her school is opting for e-learning ,where students have to log in to the computer and do their school work online.

I dont think i can leave her home alone as yet.

Anyhowwwww , ive been receiving text mssg rgdg an old lady selling kropok (crackers) come
knocking at yr door and pestered you to buy her stuff. She's carrying cik pon (female ghost ) with her and if u dun buy her kropok, she'll release the cik pon into your house.
Her kropok is stale and has bad smell.... so be careful , as she has conquered Woodlands and Tampines areas .

Ive heard this before...... but is it really true.?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Today ..........

Im sitting next to my window now, while typing this short update.
The cool wind blowing on my face and dark clouds already forming up in the sky.
I reckoned its gonna rain heavily.
I heard sound in the kitchen... The wind is too strong ... ive just cleared the broken glasses on the floor..its my small vase with money plant in it. Now , i have to find a new "home" for the plants.
Im having my class at the mosque , which starts at 9.30am.
On the way, im fetching a good pal who has been my companion since the day i started my morning classes.
Im hoping the ustaz will be able to come... safely, cos, he rides bike and if it rains , things will be difficult for him...and also for those jemaah who is coming by public transport. The jemaah that comes to the class , can be as old as 70 over years old ...walk very slowly, some even terbongkok bongkok. Subhanallah.
Also, Happy Birthday to my sis.!
May the rain brings good blessings to all of us. ameen.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Im having a massage at the comfort of my home , anytime soon.

My body is aching and i really need this badly.

I'll update more later ................

Thursday, July 9, 2009

yesterday morning....

I switched on the telly to watch some news, when i tuned in to CNN , i saw the Memorial of the late MJ. The whole atmosphere in the Staples Ctr auditorium was sombre but filled with so much loved for the King Of Pop.

When i saw, the 11yo Paris Michael came to the microphone to deliver her poignant words for her late daddy... i teared.

Then, i sat down with a cup coffee on my right hand , while the left flipping the newspaper, i saw and read the articles that some of my muslims sisters (already) had on their blogs....
Headscarf Martyr - Marwa Sherbini . I teared.

It somehow strike a realisation in me about.... life ..... death.

Self reflections.......

It is easy to get lost in the journey of life...but to come back, can be tough.

How long the journey in this world i will go and how long more will it ends.

What preparations have i done ?

When appointed hour of death comes , am i ready to face it ?

Many other questions lingered............*sigh*

" Rabbana atina fid-dunya hasanatan wa fil 'akhirati hasanatan waqina 'adhaban-nar."

"Our Lord! grant us good in this world and good in the hereafter, and save us from the chastisement of the fire." (2:201)


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Another brand new week with the same ol' routine.

The Saturday, hubby and me went to a Bangle ceremony of his cousin's wife, who is on her 3rd trimester of pregnancy. It was hosted at the wife's parent's home . It is more like lenggang perut , as what us Malay would called ..or in other terms will be baby shower like dat, only this one is more for the mother instead of the unborn baby.

This is more of a traditional practise of the Indians .The pregnant woman will be dressed in sari like a bride..she'll sit in the centre of the house, for everyone to see. Some rites will be the breaking of coconut and prayers .

It has to begin at an auspicious time (for this one , 11am) and as many close relatives and friends (not for singles) put the bangles into her hands , the better. The jingles jangles of the bangles is believed to be good for the baby's ears.

The whole colourful process has to end by 12nn (for this case) .

Sharmini, the pregnant cousin's wife, looked so radiant and cheerful, albeit her weight gained due to the pregnancy. It was after 12years of trying the agony of going thru IVF, she finally conceived.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Im in a little foul mood....i tink it must the be that time of the month.

The only thing that calm me down , is taking my ablutions , perform my prayers and read the Quran.

It really work. !

Try it ! ;)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It feels so good to be back for my dhuha classes again.
After 2 weeks of break , we (the sisters) finally met each other again tdy.

Me and my handbags .
Whenever i switched bags, I always forget to transfer all the things in bag A into bag B .
Tis morning, i forgot to bring my car key which is in bag A and had to run back home
to search for the key...with that, i was late 10 mins to class. !