Thursday, July 16, 2009

I have to skip my Hadith class today , cos , my daughter is at home.
Her school is opting for e-learning ,where students have to log in to the computer and do their school work online.

I dont think i can leave her home alone as yet.

Anyhowwwww , ive been receiving text mssg rgdg an old lady selling kropok (crackers) come
knocking at yr door and pestered you to buy her stuff. She's carrying cik pon (female ghost ) with her and if u dun buy her kropok, she'll release the cik pon into your house.
Her kropok is stale and has bad smell.... so be careful , as she has conquered Woodlands and Tampines areas .

Ive heard this before...... but is it really true.?


ms mumbles said...

Nor, aku heran...
asal makcik keropok tu takder wawasan...

coba dia jual keta, mesti kaya!!
dia jual keta kayap sekali pon, cik pon tu kasi kau khayal tapi kau still beli...kan dah kaya cam tu!! :P

nor said...

hahaha...betul jugak eh. nanti kalau dia dtg rumah kau, cuba kau kasi dia tips "aku kaya" ni.. .heheh
si cik pon tu (i dun tink dia bau bau bacang ngan cik pon bachik kan)...