Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Today ..........

Im sitting next to my window now, while typing this short update.
The cool wind blowing on my face and dark clouds already forming up in the sky.
I reckoned its gonna rain heavily.
I heard sound in the kitchen... The wind is too strong ... ive just cleared the broken glasses on the floor..its my small vase with money plant in it. Now , i have to find a new "home" for the plants.
Im having my class at the mosque , which starts at 9.30am.
On the way, im fetching a good pal who has been my companion since the day i started my morning classes.
Im hoping the ustaz will be able to come... safely, cos, he rides bike and if it rains , things will be difficult for him...and also for those jemaah who is coming by public transport. The jemaah that comes to the class , can be as old as 70 over years old ...walk very slowly, some even terbongkok bongkok. Subhanallah.
Also, Happy Birthday to my sis.!
May the rain brings good blessings to all of us. ameen.

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