Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Suddenly, i got swarmed by so many wedding invitations . This is kinda very rare deals for us, actually.

Malay & Indian weddings invitation cards, tucked neatly in my letter box.

The thing is , ive got nothing to wear !!...(very lame i know..)

So, i did wat a wife gotta do. I cut out the ads , and im asking my hubby to check out the boutique ( i know he hates doing this..but he gotta do,wat a hubby gotta do..hehe) & let me know thier range of suits,designs and also the prices. I hope he comes back with something..a catalogue or at least with some infos, la.

On the other note, ive been eyeing a silver onyx black ring. But, Im still contemplating if i shld or shld not get that one. Probably, i'll check around if there's better designs elsewhere.

Hey! Im a woman, after all wat !! :P

Monday, February 26, 2007

Another week has passed..another new one has come.

Let's start with my Saturday,

Alhamdullilah, i managed to go for a talk by Ustaz Ismail Kamus @ Jamiyah. The topic of the day was abt "IMAN...peningkatan & penyuburannya".

It was indeed englightening to hear Ustaz gave his talk with deep message in it , less "heavy" kinda delivery plus lots of humors. Since the talk was fm 3pm - 5pm, i then continued with my class which was not too far away.

After class, we ended at my mom's place to watch "Pesta Perdana"...*yawn*

Sunday, was spent doing laundry and ironing in the morning hours. I needed my "ME" time, so while hubby brought the kids cycling, i met up with my best friend, in the later part of the afnn. What a breather.!

Apart fm having lightbulb moment fm going to the the talk and pondering over journey of life and death...ive got something to share :

Sebuah hadis Nabi s.a.w. yang diriwatkan oleh Abdullah b Abbas r.a., bahawa Rasullulah s.a.w. bersabda "bahawa malaikat maut memerhatikan wajah setip manusia di muka bumi ini sebanyak 70 kali dlm sehari."

Ketika Izrail datang merenung wajah seseorang , didapatinya orang itu ada yang sedang bergelak ketawa . Maka berkatalah Izrail " alangkan hairannya aku melihat orang ini, sedangkan aku di utus oleh Allah utk mencabut nyawanya, tetapi dia masih berseronok-seronok bergelak ketawa..."

Manusia tidak akan sedar bahawa dirinya sentiasa di perhatikan oleh malaikat maut, kecuali orang2 soleh yg sentiasa mengingati mati. Golongan ini sentiasa sedar akan kehadiran Izrail , dan mengamati hal mati & hubungan dgn malaikat maut.

Now, beware !

one day = 24hours
1440 mins / 70 time Angel of death visits us
= 20.571 mins

which means , the Angel of death visits us every 21 minutes !


Friday, February 23, 2007

What i learned today ?

that i am alive , and able to enjoy life and nature.

that my daughter is having her Maths class test.

that my son, is not grumpy upon waking up.

that i am more than a just Mother.

that i am a student for a moment and guru for the next.

that it is important to have a "Me" time.

that there's always birds chirping outside my windows every morning.

that it is cool to be kind.

that someone out there is going on a worst scenario than i am.

that to take a step back and appreciate wat i have that others dont.

that we all see situations differently, and no one's view is wrong.

that to accept failures as an opportunity for me to learn.

that to be Thankful for mistakes i made, cos, they teach me valuable lessons.

that to cherish every moment i have with my families and friends.

that Life is simple, only we make it complicated.

that never let go of hope.

that my fave four letter word, is L/O/V/E.

that i have to move my fat butt, NOW ! and get ready for my class.

The day has just begin..i still have many things to ponder and learn thru out, Insya allah.

This is just a random entry... (can u see that im bored !?). The morning , has been perfect so far.
It is still too early to stay perfect...( wait till the kids are back fm skool !). But, is there really a perfect day...!? hmmm... i wonder.

If there is one perfect day.......i wish that i am somewhere far away fm hustle bustle of city life. Probably somewhere outdoor, in the mountains, going for an easy hike with my loved ones..(jeez ! so ironic.. im not even fit enuf to jog,or the truth i hate jogging and im not that sporty enuf..i need my heels,my mascara, ....and "allergy" to sun (i need my umbrella)..hokayyy...but i can dream on rite...**wink**) .

I want to wake up , in the moutains, right after the rain..(smelling the fresh breeze)..watching the clouds break up and admiring the gorgeous blue sky ! Sipping piping hot coffee ...( and dream continues..........)

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Holidays are over ! Im back to the real world again..

We had a little lap of luxury during the holidays...

Here's some snap shots.

We're on the 29th floor..Marina Premier Suite...of The Ritz Carlton Millenia Singapore.

That's my son..in the living area, watching tv while munching away.

Our heavenly bedroom.

That's my thunder tigh...i managed to do some threadmills while the kids frolicked in the pool.

Our sexy bathroom...bubble bath and Bvlgari toiletries.

Highlight of the day..when the clock strike midnite..fireworks to countdown the Lunar New Year.

To wrapped up the holidays..we brought the kids here...

The Singapore National Museum.

Thank You Allah , for HIS Blessings.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Wat a nice morning to start the day. Birds are chirping away and the weather is just perfect.

I bet the long holidays are very much awaited by most of us. Im so excited abt tmrw..and the day after tmrw and the day after tmrw..tmrw...hehehe ( i cant even write properly..!)

The kids dont know abt tmrw's plan yet..except for the other tmrw..tmrw..(still cant write properly..!) I will only announce to them later after they come back fm skool , cos, i need them to pack their own stuff. No ! we're not going back to KL. We'll still be here..but to a more exclusive and cosier place...(like real)... All we wanna do is just chill...rest...& relax !!

Will update with probably some snap shots, once..holiday period is over ! (im sooo in holiday mood ..pathetic i know..cos, it doesnt come so often for a stuck-at-home-mom like me )

Meantime, GONG XI FA CAI !

Have a wonder time everyone !!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Im going for the Parent Support Group committee meeting later....and whoever came out with the *brilliant* idea of having potluck...*chet* As far as im concerned, we've never have it potluck for such meetings , unless there's class party...(that also,we'll pooled the amnt to get food stuff n etc.......) vell...........vat ever ! **roll eyes**

On the lighter side of life......ive been visiting the library and borrowing silly books for the kids and myself.. hahaa (can u imagine how boringly interesting i am, that i need such books to cheer me up..hahaha)

Weekdays have always been packed with academic stuff n classes, so why not adopt some humor in our mundane life by reading ourselves silly ,eh.. hehehe.

Currently, my daughter, is reading "Draft Jack & The Bean Stack" ..(the silly version of Jack & The Bean Stalk " hahhaa .. "instead of getting just one miserable bean, after selling his cow, he got tons of cans of beans that he had to stack them up high till abv the clouds...oh! yes, there's a giant castle........ the giant ended up marrying Jack's mom !"

I get to read the book too..seriously silly , i tell ya ! LoL

She had just completed "Snow White and the 7 Aliens " & "Windbag"...(abt a boy who cant stop hiccuping ...till his friends found weird cures for it..hahaha)

My son, is reading some kinda funny stuff on..." The Secret Of Life : Staying out of Trouble , in terms of....Manners/Excuses/Promises /Secrets..etc........" ( i think this is sooo appropriate for him..LOL) & just finished his "Star Wars....." (wat ever the trilogy is...)

The mommy is currently on a "You Drive Me Crazy".........mode., hahahhaa ...love story with a bumpy rides , with a great sense of humor in it...that make me giggled myself silly ! LOL

All those aside, I just cant wait for the long holidays.......so many activities lined up. It's gonna be just chillin' and fun..fun..fun !

Monday, February 12, 2007

The weekends were well spent..I feel blessed..Thanks Allah.

I r'cd a call fm a friend tis morning....not so good news to the ears. Nothing new thou.. a dilemma ... a torn apart emotions......hurt and anger endorsed in the heart.....

It's hard for her to just get out of bed & all that she has to look forward to, is another day of hatred . She becomes hardened to life, and gratefulness becomes rote. The home is no longer sweet , but stale. The air around is too suffocating for her to breathe.

They have tackled with the marriage counsellors..but not much progress was shown by the other party. She still have a little hope for their future...but things happend again and again.
It has been a long winding road for my friend..secretly, i hope her partner would also change in time...but it has been more than 7 years & 3 kids in tow..

Thou, im not in her shoes... i could feel her heart is in the bottom of her shoes and she keeps walking over it. I know she's tired emotionally , mentally and physically...but she's staying strong for her kids. I pray all is well for her and the family.

As for her partner.........."you need another lies to cover up the other ones..."



Life is no doubt an ultimate mystery & the ultimate discovery. The answer to the mystery goes beyond the horizon. Everything happens for a reason....Only God Knows !

Thursday, February 8, 2007

I was in the school , almost the whole morning y'day. The "Breakfast w The Principal" started at 9am and lasted abt 2hrs. Basically, the school was trying to 'recruit' new set of Parent Suppot Group.

A number of parents turned up, (few familiar faces)...thou it didnt really tally from the number expected. Since, i am already a PSG , since last year, i roughly knew , how the talk would somehow lead to. There were some working parents and some homemakers like myself. Mostly ladies , only couple of men around.

It was nice to hear , different suggestions & feedbacks frm some of them ,during our group discussions.

One of the parent, is in the Cricket Club Assn, and would love to help out on the CCAs and some other outdoor activities in the school. One lady, is taking hairdressing course and would complete it within the next 2mths or so...she would love to offer her soon-to-be-skills to the needy pupils in the school. Hair cut anyone !? There's also a guy, who is a prison warden, could render his help in the disciplinary or counselling areas, to those "notorious" students if needed...warden hokay..dun play..play hor, or i'll shall locked u up !
Many other issues were brought up.

After 2hrs and light breakfast snacks...those who needed to leave, could do so, those in the committees or would love to be one, stayed for a little while more. I stayed.

You, know how first impressions last....
(Im talking abt first impressions here...and not being judgemental of some sort ;) )

Remember the ads on "IMPULSE" or izzit "REXONA" : read BO .

You know, how communications has an accumulative effect...sometimes?

I better not assume, eh.

Anyhowzz, there's a newcomer, over excited, over enthusiastic, over "loud", over expressive, over confident........over dressed. ! **roll eyes**

The whole meeting ended slightly before 12noon...i was thinking wat my other partner was thinking too...hehhee

Later, we found out...that new comer, is gonna be in our Reading Mum programme...!! **duh**

Next meeting will be on next Wed...11.30am...(that new comer,suggestions).

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

This is only just a few of my Simple Daily dua'a that I (& the kids) often practice :

Dua'a For The Family:

Rabbi habli minas - saliheen
(oh Lord! grant me a Righteous (son) surah Saffat 38:100

Rabbi-habli mill-ladunka dhurriyata(n) Tayyibbatah Innaka Sami'ud du'a
( Oh Lord! grant unto me from Thee a progeny, that is pure. for Thou Art He that heareth prayer) ( to make your child faithful & obedient to parents) 7x after every fardh prayers.
surah al Imran 3:38

Rabbana Hablana min azwaajina wadhurriy-yatina qurrata 'ayioni waj'alna lilmuttaqeena Imaama
(Oh my Lord ! grant unto us wives and offspring who will be the comfort of our eyes, and give us the (grace) to lead the righteous)
surah al Fuqan 25:74

Dua for work/studies :

Allahhumma inni as'alukal a'fuwawal-afiya
(Oh Allah! I seek your forgivess & well being (meaning for exams,memory,concentration etc.)

Allahhumma la sahla illa ma ja'altu sahla, wa 'anta taj-alul hazna idha shi'ta sahla
(Oh Allah ! there nothing easy except that You make it easy, and You make the difficult easy if it be Your Will )

Allahhumma inni as'alukal fauza fil qadaai
(Oh Allah ! I ask You for success concerning my destiny)

Dua for Knowledge:

Allahhumma inni as'aluka 'ilman naaji'han
(Oh Allah! I ask You for useful knowledge)

Rabbi zidni 'ilman wa zuqni fahman
(Oh Allah! advance me in knowledge and true understanding)

Ya Alimu, Ya alimni
(Oh Allah! grant me knowledge)

Dua for Forgiveness:

Rabbi ighfir lee
(Oh Lord! Forgive me) surah saad 38:35

Anta waliyyuna fargfir lana war hamna wa anta khair-ulghfireen
(Oh Lord! Your are our guardian,so please forgive us and have mercy on us and You are the best forgivers) surah al-a'raf 7:155

** This is just a reminder for myself...as human being, i tend to drift on my spritual habits at times. I have to remind myself time and time again, that making supplications to HIM, one must have all the sincerity, patient and never loose hope . It's just a matter of sooner or later ,that your supplications will be answered. HE knows when is the best time for you.
I must not make a habit of remember HIM on when trouble comes. I must remember HIM at any circumstances & not to say my supplications when time of need only **

Monday, February 5, 2007

First and foremost..CONGRATS TO THE LIONS (KING) for winning the title last nite !. They are the CHAMPION..........they fight till the end............they deserved to WIN.................i could here the LIONS.............ROOoooooooooooooooAAAARRRRRRRRRR !! Ole! Ole! Ole!Ole!


After months of ..tangled veins...poor blood circulations..muscles strained, ...she finally came to rescue my aging body.

Got myself semi-undressed (still got my grandma panty intact) , with the sarong tied slightly above my sagging boobs, (berkemban ala citer P Ramlee,where the heroine would sing di tepi sungai while cuci baju)...i lied face down...and for a start, she got her hands working on the whole part of my back..fm the neck,shoulder blades , my no-more-firmed-butts , my calves ....... all the way down to the sole of my feet.

She kneaded & kneaded my body , like as if she's making pizza doughs out of me..I could really feel those lumpy trapped "air/wind" escaping, while she's at it . My back was slightly reddened due to the trapped "air/wind" (that has beranak penak ) ...but definitely not bruised. I didnt even winch while she's at work...cos, i guess im quite used to massages. I felt relaxed and i wish i could sleep thru out..Zzzzzzzzzz

She used some kind of muscle cream and olive oil (Mustika Ratu) to rubbed all over my body , against my skin, till it absorbed. There's a sense of "heat" on my skin during the one hour process. This is nothing compared to the Herbal Steam that i used to do , on one of my spa treatment.

Then, it's time to lie on my back and my face facing her....started fm the top ..my chest.. my arms, then down to my thunder thighs.........and all the way down . I reckon with all the kneading and slightly loosen muscles and the trapped "air/wind" improving...i suddenly had the urged to "pollute" the air...............!!! Gosh ! Isn't air pollution bad for the environment?!!..........besides , I didnt want her to get killed by inhaling it. !!

With no time to loose........ i got up with my sarong that almost fell fm it's original position...........i unlocked my room door and ran straight out to the kitchen toilet........my oh my THAT was a BOMB !!! and EXPLOSIONs !! I let out several burps too.!

Goodness....im so "airy & "windy" !! yeah...that bad,huh. !

Now, my body feel much lighter & rejuvenated. I cant wait for my another kneading session.

Friday, February 2, 2007

It's Friday !! Hubby is coming home ! Weekends are here,again ! Time to chill out !

I found zits near my nose bridge few days ago...but it has dried up..like sour prunes! I tink my skin is getting very dry......... fine lines are very obvious now.

Maybe also due, to my bad bad eating habits.............

I finished the whole packet of this.

Then,I tot oranges would help me with Vit C, ...but noooooooo, i found

these 2 packets ,which supposedly for the kids...
Well, they do melts in your mouth , dont they !

Yes ! im evil when come to chocolates !