Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Holidays are over ! Im back to the real world again..

We had a little lap of luxury during the holidays...

Here's some snap shots.

We're on the 29th floor..Marina Premier Suite...of The Ritz Carlton Millenia Singapore.

That's my the living area, watching tv while munching away.

Our heavenly bedroom.

That's my thunder tigh...i managed to do some threadmills while the kids frolicked in the pool.

Our sexy bathroom...bubble bath and Bvlgari toiletries.

Highlight of the day..when the clock strike midnite..fireworks to countdown the Lunar New Year.

To wrapped up the holidays..we brought the kids here...

The Singapore National Museum.

Thank You Allah , for HIS Blessings.


Noor Ain Mas'id said...

masya'allah best nyer..
hmm looks like u really enjoy urself..
hmmm hotel s'pore mahal kn?how much u spend ah?i pun nk try..

mummy jam said...

so I was right eh.....

nor said...

noor ain,
i really had a ball of time. tis is my 2nd time, stay at Ritz thou..hehee
how much i spend..errr, i leave that to my hubby..*evil grin**

u very crever one, .hehe :)

Mrs Beki said...

Fuhyoh!!! Aku pass by kat situ pun tak pernah. Envy..envy.... :)

nor said...

mrs beki,

no need to envy la, beb. nxt time if u have the chance , shld try staying there.. :) tip-top service..! :)

Lynna said...

hehehe best nya !!
29th floor .. great view definately ;-)

tat "sexy bathroom"..hhmm wow !! * wibnk * kekekek

nor said...


breathtaking view, esp at nite, and the fireworks were just right infront of us..heheh

oh the sexy bathroom..errr, never mind..*censored* ((evil grin))

Ummi's BLOG said...

Nor.. can I know how much per night ? Looks fun.. shd go with my hubby for a little honeymoon... which I really need.. haha.. *winks*

nor said...


hi there..salaam to u :)

will check it out n let u know..cos,pymt wise is sooo not my dept...hehehe

Aishah said...

So fun!
But really, I dont care about anything else, except what happened in the tub. hehehehehe

nor said...


knowing u...i know you'll interested in that part only..hahahaha

it's *RA rated..hahaha

Butterflies said...

bvlgari is love~~~~~~~~~~

and that tub with a view is definitely a must in my dream home.

cud tell that you had a whole lot of loving with your hubby & kids during the break, yeah sis :)

btw, i'm not super busy.
just that i don't know what to blog about. (shows what a no-lifer i am. tsktsk.)


nor said...


Alhamdullilah, it was a much needed break!

and i thot u "dissappeared" with your bz schedules..Lol

and as if i got much "lifer" ..hahhaa

Butterflies said...


i really won't be blogging for a VERY long time. coz my lappy crashed.


my designing brushes and all, gone. my beloved pictures with many much missed individuals, gone.

but i'll still be visiting and tagging using my sister's or my dad's. mayb we'll keep in touch thru sms yeah :)


nor said...


crashed ! *ouch*

ok...keep in touch via sms text.