Monday, April 30, 2007


Im not a fan of horror movies or anyting thriller of sort....cos, im such a scaredy cat.

My BIL (bro in law), who is not a Malay ,suggested we watch the latest horror movie
Jangan Pandang Belakang........

errrr..thank you ver much, cos, i wont want to end up having sleepless nite for nothing.


Anyone has watched it.?
The story is based on true encounters ?
I heard it's one of the scariest Malay movie ever !

Movies goers surely to scream and terrified !

I tink , if it was me, would have peed in my pants...!

Friday, April 27, 2007

anyhow entry...........

I got meeting in the school later part of the morning.
Entah apa lagi si Mat Bon and the Gang tu wanna talk abt.
They thot this is an event organisation or wat ,huh.?!
Harrllooooo, we are only Parents Volunters oooooii.
tak payah nak lebih kerak dari periuk (or watever the peribahasa is..
maaf cikgus i tink im on revision overloaded at this moment..oooops!)
We do our jobs and go time for talkc**
We help in watever areas we could..sincerely.
We cannot come to skool everyday u know...
apa, si Mat Bon tu ingat kita takde keje lain ke .
kalau dia free sangat, meh sini, tolong aku
lipat kain, gosok baju ... siang ikan ke.....**roll eyes**
petik taugeh pon baikkkk ah...hehee
and me tink my toilets also need scrubbing ley.......*evil grin*
Aiyoooo, these new comers ah, they maciam mabuk kuasa like dat...

Need to changed the logo lah
Need the whole year activities of the skool lah
Those not popular events scrap away lah
Wanna take over the whole skool events lah
This lah...dat lah..
Suka hati korang lah

On musical note.......... im into the Beyonce and Shakira song.
Nelly Furtado pon alrite ah jugak.
Ohh...Justin , "wat goes around.. goes around" .
member tak cerewet beb, yang penting while pegang penyapu ke mop ke...boley sweat it out ..

My house really need revamping..the kid's room ,is in a total mess.!
No kidding.
i dunno whre to begin.
Tongkang pecah pon kalah.

I got some ideas while at IKEA the other day. Kids kinda excited when told abt redecorating thier rooms....but the soalan..bila nak start tu..? !

ni skarang exam fever pon betol nye pening... !

takpe , tis Sunday morning nak gi gym ,then go Eatzi for lunch.
Sungguh tak effective, i know...teeehhee .

This is wat happend when my brain tengah tersumbat. !

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Yesterday's gone.

It's just like any other day..
But, yesterday, was special .
I turned a year older.

The nite before ,
I made a silent prayers in my heart.
I made a silent wish.

Yesterday, i woke up much earlier and offered my sunnah,
Before Subh made its presence, in the peaceful morning hours.

I had my secret conversations with HIM.
I cried.

I looked at my kids, who were still sleeping,
So angelic.
I kissed them.

I dont want anything.
HE knows my need.

The day ended good,
With the sound of laughters frm my kids .
I culdnt ask for more.

I feel blessed.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Last Saturday class was very interactive..
We shared stories , views and personal experiences, that we could somehow take it as a pinch of salt or in a way, learned fm it..

Bro M, related his experienced, during his Haj journey , that he went with his wife and sister last year.
Being a man , he thot he could be the "macho" ones , looking after the two ladies that supposedly be under his care.

However, strong as u thot u are , Bro M, just broke down upon reaching Mecca while standing in front of the Kaabah. He could " literally see" all his past sins each time he did his prayers and supplications in front of the Holy Kaabah.

Bro M, his wife and sister were amongst the luckiest ones during this spritual journey , bcos, last year Haj was declared as Haji Akbar.
Haji Akbar is when the Day Of Arafah , falls on a Friday. Due to that , instead of the usual 2.5 millions of ummah (from all over) performing the Haj , the number increased to double as the locals thronged the city of Mecca , taking this great opportunity to also, performed the ibadah.

In the sea of millions of ummah , there is little ways that Bro M could squeezed himself thru, to kiss the Black Stone or the Hajar Aswad. NO WAY ! that's wat his wife and sister said to him.
Bro M perservered, make his intention to the Almighty and with Allah's will, his wish was granted !!

Now, the next moved was to get out , fm there , without being stampeded by the millions.
...Subhanallah walhamdullilah wala illah ha illallah Allah hu akbar !.......
The zikrullah that Bro M uttered endlessly.

In his amazement , that no words could ever described how he felt at that moment, ..... he was out fm the place..almost instantly !! Miracle !?

Allah has the absolute Power to do what He wants !
Kun Faya Kun.......(be and it become.)

Friday, April 20, 2007

He's a year older today........
Happy Birthday to you.!

Luv, ya heaps !

Homefront.. exam fever all over.
Books, notes,assessments everywhere.
I pray n hope for the best, kids.

On the flipside.......ive somehow found a new remedy.
An advise given by a wise n knowledgeable person.
Ive already put that into practise.
Trust The Almighty.

On waiting game........Cant wait for June !

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Overheard ........

The usual practise when boarding a flight, passengers with babies, little kids , elderly , disabled people (and those yang sewaktu dengan nye), are given priviledge to board the plane first, right.

Then came a voice amongst the passengers........

" Hey! i'm supposed to be in first famous !"

It was Paula (yeah ,Ms Abdul frm American Idol).

Another voice fm the back was heard saying.......

"But you are NO Sanjaya !"


Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I make time to do self reflections whenever im alone, esp during Fajr prayers.
I hadn’t realized how desperately needy I was until the opportunity of time opened its arms and hugged me.

Fajr prayers has always been challenging (next to Asr) ones . Many a time, i have to confess, i never put it into consistent practice.

During one of the self "meditation" moment, i recalled feeling embarrased of my own doings.
I've received bountiful blessings from HIM..but yet , im just not diligent enough.

As time goes by, i began to appreciate getting up in the early morning, feeling the clarity & wisdom that seep into the subconsious realm of my mind. There is someting abt the morning, that make me feel balanced.
I sit on my prayer rug , knowing that by indulging in these acts of worship there is a potential blessing for me and all I can do is smile, because HE is so generous.
I truly become quite emotional by absorbing these concept.

I always thought that I was strong (mentally), but through my self-discoveries this past years, I’ve learned that I will always need to be stronger and my learning should never stop. I shld take advantage of the time that HE has loan upon me, to restructure and refocus my ideals and goals....spiritually (and worldly) .

By sunrise, I feel like I’ve completed a day load of activities, because I gave myself a mental schedule to follow each morning.

HE listens to our prayers.

HE listens to our pleas.

We expect HIM to answer.

HE does answer, but not always as we suppose HE would.

Monday, April 16, 2007

The weekends started rather slow...but it wrapped up last nite, with me being treated to a spread of buffet , that not only spoilt for choices but resulted in my waist expansion. Thank you very much !
Excuse me while i **Burrrrpss** :P

News all over........................

I decided NOT to read anymore news abt Nonoi , the innocent little girl who died becos, of heartless adults.
It's becoming too depressing , especially knowing how her life ended !!
It worsen the situation , after much investigations and DNA test, that her so called father that she was being "Binte" of, is not her real father. It was someone else instead......... !?

She is definitely in a better place now.

A man with 10 wives & 64 children.........WTF (wat the frog)!
Dirty things he did with his daughters.........! Disgusted........sicko!
This man must be thinking with his dick... ! (pardon the language)

Man made errors !! **bleargh**

For heaven sake.........A defining difference between man and non-human primates is the brain !

Friday, April 13, 2007

Battling with the Divine......

" To battle my son's autism, I went to the holiest place I knew and prayed, forgetting everything else. "Please God, cure him." But I was the one who cured-of my inability to trust the divine.

My son's autism first led me to lose my faith, then inspired me to let Allah help me so I could help my son.

My mother would tell me stories of our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), whose four infant sons died, to remind me that even Allah’s most beloved suffered. She tried to impress upon me that, yes, our situation was bad, but it could be so much worse. She tried so hard to help us out of love for us and her grandson.
But at that time, all of the "comforting" words of faith felt like daggers in my heart. Both my husband’s family and mine are devout Muslims, true to their faith. They raised us to be Muslims first and everything else second. But this autism diagnosis, this cruel, cruel trick played on my son, shattered my faith.

I decided to throw myself and my son into therapy and try to handle autism myself, without Allah's help. It was November, 2003—the month of Ramadan by the Islamic calendar. I fasted , but it didnt mean anything to me.
I gradually gave up my five daily prayers, or sometimes said them half-heartedly. I had so little faith in Allah by then.

But over the next two years, I began to feel that I had to reconnect with Islam and Allah. If I cut faith out of my life completely, then I knew eventually autism would beat my family and me. Living a life full of therapy and without a larger sense of purpose was draining me. And I needed to be a whole person, connected with my faith, so that I could be the mother my children needed me to be.

I thought a lot, I cried a lot, and fought with Allah a lot. Then I decided to go for Hajj , the once in a lifetime pilgrimage, to Mecca and Medina required of all Muslims. I went in January, 2005 with my husband. I went to fulfill my obligation to Allah, and to find my faith.

I came away from that experience with the feeling that when you finally accept your fate, you can embrace your life. And then you can actually celebrate and thank God for giving that fate to you.

Our lives are so much better now. Islam is actually more a part of me than it was before my son was born. We all realize now how truly lucky and blessed we are to have our son. And we feel equally blessed to have our daughter, who is not autistic.

It’s not easy, of course. I still fight with Allah all the time. On occasion, my faith does weaken: When my son is going though a difficult period, I still blame Allah. I beseech Him. I get angry with Him, and then I turn to Him again. Finally, finally, I understand what my parents and in-laws were saying all along--that Allah, indeed, has some purpose for our son. That realization doesn’t cure autism, but it sure helps me help my son to fight it.

Allah inspires me, and He has graciously given me this great kid for inspiration as well. "

Truely inspring kinda reading theraphy.!

Thursday, April 12, 2007


I've to unlocked the secrets...unwrap the gift & uncovering the strength.
Ive to solved the puzzles.

Michaelangelo did with a blocked of stone and unveiled David in a form of sculptures. He believed in every blocked of stones , there's a figure insided waiting to be revealed.

This amazing principle can apply to me/us. To find the masterpiece, the life we were meant to live, we must look inside. I have to clear away the negatives imposed & the defeatist attitude towards the overcoming obstacles to our vision.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Alright, enuf of being sick and down and's not so over yet, but gosh..i need something to refresh my mind...seriously !

Ive got sooo many things to do...but all those gotta wait a little bit more, till im fully recovered!
I could see it soon...insya allah.

Ive got complimentary & discounted cards mailed to me, fm those spas and beauty ctr that i patronised, bcos of my upcoming b'day. Yayness !!

Ive got to scrub-a- dub-dub my body (so,those cards thingy come in handy) .

Ive got my hair to re-style (yes,u heard me rite...even if im hijabified)

Ive got makan sessions with friends and families.

Ive got my classes to attend.

Ive got to go O/U/T !

It's really no fun being left alone at home, with just the remotes and switching channels with nothing interesting to watch on the telly. That happend to me the last Good Friday ...spread till the weekends. !
Due to too much telly with nothing to watch...ive got spilting headache & have to swallowed 2 Panadol Extra, laid down on my mattress (full of vappallai leaves) and let it subsided.... that bad ,huh.

But..oh after almost the whole day of "boredom suffocation ", at least one programme that killed my boredom instantly was on National Geographic channel , Secret Of Jerusalem's Holiest Sites. That really save me ! **Phew**

Friday, April 6, 2007

Sunddenly, it's like life been tumbling down...........but not the end of the world yet.

I didnt even know where.. wat.. when or how to start.

Im still looking like an aborigines fm Down Under , with all the white and dried up calomine lotion slapped all over my face and body.

The medications im taking, makes me like a sleepyhead. I couldnt help much with the household thingy, not with my contagious conditions, but thank God, hubby is mend the kids.
Im so thankfull, to my husband , despite his unfit self, he's been of great help , and i wouldnt know how i'll get thru without him.

Im just hoping the chicken pox will dried up fast...and i can live normal again.
I missed kissing my kids and hugging them.

As for the hubby, one of the stone came out, while he was peeing, one nite. It was just a tiny stone , and can u imagine how excruciating the pain that tiny thing has caused all these while .! We're hoping the other stone will come out in the same manner too.
He's having the medical checkup next Tuesday.

I really appreciate those kind words and concerned fm friends here and outside.

One of my good friend , sms me y'day morning : "Nor , left some bags outside yr door. Pls pickup. thanks."....

I didnt hear any knocking, so i quickly got my hubby to open the door. Well, wat did he found.....few NTUC plastic bags full of groceries & stuff !

I immediately called, my friend "S"......thanking her and appreciating wat she has done.
She told me that was just the least she could help........only ALLAH will repay her kindness.

My family and my inlaws have been of great help too...during tis quarantine period of mine.

It's been very challenging moment , and could foresee tis aint gonna be the end of it.

Once , this condition heals...i need to get my spiritual healing back on track again.

Health is wealth !

Monday, April 2, 2007


enormous migraine attack.
bloated tummy.

stone in bladder/kidney.
appointment with Urologist, tis afnn.

Feelings ,


** Edit : 3rd april **

i visited the doc again tis morning........thot it was just rashes ,
but nooooooooo , I am having Chicken pox !!!!!