Monday, August 31, 2009

Nothing much has been happening in my daily life.

I really had fun, hosting Iftar for my best friend and her 3 kids last Saturday...after which, we have to whisked all the 3 + 2 (mine) kids in the car , and i drove all the way to Siglap mosque for our teraweeh. It was indeed such a blessings.

I had iftar at my mom place y'day, and my sis broke the news that she's pregnant !
Yay ! another addition to the family on the way.....Satria, her first born is already 2 yo, so it's abt the right time.

Other than that......hmm, i tink i have to start doing my maths la .

My $$$$ has been flowing out fm my wallet like a stream ........
Im not broke and for goodness sake , ive not even get anything........nothing for Eid yet .!

How come ah ?

Dang ! I soooo need a calculator !

Friday, August 28, 2009

I woke up at 4am this morning....... not to prepare for sahur (yet).
Cleaned myself up, took my ablution & laid down my prayer mat .

I did some dzikir , made doa .. then i opened up the Qalamullah and read.
It was so peaceful and serene.

The kids were still asleep.
Im all by myself but I know im not alone .

The time passed , and soon i woke up the kids for sahur.
We did our subh and i continued reading the Quran, while the kids changed for school.

I cannot express my feeling , when i actually have completed the whole Al Quran al Qareem, at the blessing of Friday fajr.

Allah has moved me towards reading the Holy Quran .
I can only uttered , Alhamdulillah...Alhamdulillah..Alhamdulillah.

Reading the Quran has always been a remedy for my sadness and pain. It has also help me to clear my mind of other thoughts. It makes me feel closer to Allah..(besides during my prayers) .

I intend to restart again, may Allah makes it easier for me and for you.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I just got back from dropping off my hubby at the airport Terminal 3.

I felt like having-a-holiday when i see that whole airport atmosphere just now...haha

He's leaving for the kangaroo land of Sydney,Melbourne and Adelaide for work purposes. He'll be back only at the end of next week. With just the son, the daughter and myself here.......iftar is going to be simple dishes .

My daughter came home, after school yesterday afnn and told me this ,

D : mummy, u know the malay aunty who cleaned my classroom.
have u seen her before ?

me: No . Why.

D : she's quite old u know, just like nenek (grandma). just now my teacher said to the class that she has passed away .

me: innalillahiwainnailahirajion. when?

D: dunno . so sad , mummy..she always cleaned my table. :(

me: someday, we all will go also.

((HUGS)) each other.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Last Saturday, i bumped into my old neighbour and her 2 sweet looking teenage girls at the mosque.

Masya allah, she still looked the same and she said i look very much like my mom...haha
So we hugged and talked a little bit.

Since i was very young, i always looked up and admired her , especially on her brilliantness and wittiness. I told myself i wanted to be like her when i grow up.

Academically she came fm an elite girl's school in the east and proceed with her tertiary level...but my brain kaput halfway , hence im not able to go that high...hahaha

Spiritually , she's in good formed too. Ever since she got married and have children ..(5, all girls), up till now, she has been giving tuitions and teach the quran at the comfort of her home.
All her girls studied in Madrasahs and no doubt all are doing very well...(must be the

She told me, her eldest daughter is studying Syria now, and will be getting married soon.

She came fm a very good family background and all her siblings are very successful in their own ways.

She is still the same soft spoken , down to earth Kak Aton, that ive known. We wanted to talk more, but time didnt permit us. Im really so glad to meet her after those ages ...... :)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hubby , the kids and myself went to Kampung Siglap Mosque to do our teraweeh last nite.

What's so "special" abt last nite teraweeh , was because my cousin (together with her kids & hubby) decided to join us . It was my cousin's very first time doing teraweeh , especially so in a mosque.

Ive been encouraging her the past weeks to try to make it a point this Ramadan, hence , she decided to joined us last nite. She said , at least , im around to "guide" and indirectly motive her. Alhamdulillah .

I told her , i dont tink i would be able to do teraweeh every nite (in a mosque), most probably over the weekends only. Tonite , i'll be preparing our iftar and we'll do maghrib at home , then will head to the mosque .....she's joining us , again, Insya allah.

Personally, i am no religious person, but with little knowledge (and realisations) i gained fm attending those classes , i try to share with friends and families. Insya allah.

Anyhoooot , besides shedding few pounds during fasting , i try to make every Ramadan different than the previous...especially my goal setting (spiritually).

Overall , is to gain taqwa.

It is related of al-Hasan ibn Abil Hasan al-Basri that he once passed by a group of people who were laughing merrily.

He said: ‘God, Great and Glorious is He, has made the month of Ramadan a racecourse, on which His creatures compete in His worship. Some have come in first and won, while others have lagged behind and lost. It is absolutely amazing to find anybody laughing and playing about on the day when success attends the victors, and failure the wasters. By God, if the veil were lifted off, the doer of good would surely be preoccupied with his good works and the evildoer with his evil deeds.’

PS: tommorrw iftar will be at my mom's place....soo happy ,cos ,my siblings will be there too ! :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Well, ive been bz lately.....didnt even have time to touch my lappie.

Besides my usual morning classes, i have been making times ,to meet up with friend and my pregnant cousin.

We wanted to catch up with each other before Ramadan arrived, which is very very soon.

Meeting up with my friend ,Alia, for that short moment , was so fun, after a long time.

My cousin, came around 11am yesterday and went home only slightly before evening. I realised that she has become wiser in her perceptions about lives and has come a long way from what she was before.

Another cousins, texted me, wanted to have iftar together at my place or hers on one of the weekends.

Masya allah, simple things like dat , makes me very happy and i feel sooo blessed.

I feel blessed, that my son turned 13 yesterday, he still have a loooong way to go.

I also feel blessed, becos, i have so many beautiful ppl around me who inspired me.

I feel blessed that, i have people to remind me about nourishing my soul.

Anyhowwww, Let's focus, on our ibadah and amal during this coming Ramadan.
It only comes once in a year, and before IT's gone ,let's take this opporturnity to purify and rejuvenate our soul.

Have a blessed days !

Ramadan Mubarak !!

Monday, August 17, 2009

I went for zikir was at a friend's place.

Just a small group of people and the Ustaz leading the zikir .

Everytime, it hits the ,
astargfirullah... rabbalbarrayah...................... until taubatan nasuhaa......
i lost it......... i cried , i really cried.....silently.

Few more days, and Ramadan will be approaching..
It wont be easy for some people that i know....

Some lost their loved ones , some facing personal challenges and myself is no different either, i have my own set of tests from Allah.

What's for Ramadan ?
It's time for me to get myself organised...with my own plannings.
My own checklists...spiritually,mentally and physically.

May HE make it easier for me and for all of us.

May Allah give us health and the wealth of time , to do more ibadah and keep ourselves busy by seeking HIS mercy , forgiveness and protection from the Hellfire.


Thursday, August 13, 2009

The morning didnt start too well today.

There's a little frustration and dissappointment.

Later, i discovered about what is ............ blessing in disguise , really mean .

Allah is the Most Knowing, subhanallah.

Thou it is bitter for us , Allah the Almighty , meant well .

Ramadan is coming and i cant wait . !

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I missed my blog....... :)

Well, since it was a long weekends , for a changed, we (my sister n me) decided to just checked in to The Marriots Hotel and skipped The Ritz Carlton (this year) , partly due to the high occupancy..and we also have our neighbour's wedding to attend on Sunday.

We celebrated my kids , Akesh & Sharmila....(13 & 10 yo), my nephew, Satria (2yo) and my bro inlaw's birthday at the same time.

Here's some snap shots .............. i'll let the the pictures do the talking.

The Marriot is at the smack of Orchard Rd, and having to walk along that place...Honestly, i felt that Orchard Rd, is no more the Orchard Rd, that i used to hang out when i was much hip and younger back then . It was totally different now.... the malls are huge and overpopulated with those designer Brands......everywhere i turned , i saw Prada, Gucci , LV ....and the like.
I missed the old Orchard Road....or izzit because im getting old , that i dont enjoy being in the crowded place anymore .:P

Friday, August 7, 2009

It gonna be a long weekends...............

We are sooo checking-in to .................

The Marriots and The Ritz Carlton Millennia Singapore , to catch up with being patriotic , and soaking into the most comfortable atmosphere , where the nations fussing around in celebrating the country 44th National Day............

Have a great holidays !

Happy Birthday Singapore

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It was quite a smooth delivery......

Just about 2hours of labour,

she weighed 3.51kg at birth ,

giving the mini size me, a whole lot of stretch marks and sore nipples.

I cannot believe that she is going to be 10years old , tommorrow..

She's all grown little darling, Sharmila.

What else can i say............

Mummy, Love YOU !

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Our Saturday evening, was spent a little differently than the usual , it was filled with songs and dances....well , classically cultural actually.

We attended my niece, Vaheshnawi, Indian Classical Bharatanjali Anniversary dance performance, at The Raffles Hotel, Jubilee Hall.

My niece has been with this classical dance group since she was 5 yo, now she's already 13 .

BharatNatyam dance is obviously a classical piece, that involved lots of movements of the yr eyes,, legs, hands, head and also co-ordinations with the classical singer/musicians.
There's stories behind every dance performances.....hence , the dancers were very impressively expressive, i must say.

Here's few of the pictures...........

The younger ones.....(at the end of the show)

My niece ,Vahesnawi (nxt to the maroon costume girl). Her group performed for at least
half an hour............danced with so much grace and i was fully awed and impressed with their co-ordinations and superb was my son, who was sooo not into these initially., Vahesh's group, received outstanding performance certificate award...the picture here, they're with their dance Master , Mr Balakrishnan...a very well known man , in the Indian community here.

Vaheshnawi, (next to the little pink girl)

Overall, we really enjoyed the nite..........

Next, im looking forward to the long weekends , celebrating the National Day.