Monday, August 31, 2009

Nothing much has been happening in my daily life.

I really had fun, hosting Iftar for my best friend and her 3 kids last Saturday...after which, we have to whisked all the 3 + 2 (mine) kids in the car , and i drove all the way to Siglap mosque for our teraweeh. It was indeed such a blessings.

I had iftar at my mom place y'day, and my sis broke the news that she's pregnant !
Yay ! another addition to the family on the way.....Satria, her first born is already 2 yo, so it's abt the right time.

Other than that......hmm, i tink i have to start doing my maths la .

My $$$$ has been flowing out fm my wallet like a stream ........
Im not broke and for goodness sake , ive not even get anything........nothing for Eid yet .!

How come ah ?

Dang ! I soooo need a calculator !

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