Thursday, September 3, 2009

The wife sensed someting was not right...ever since that maid worked for her.

The husband and wife always argued and had fights.

She then decided to send the maid back to the agency.

She prayed istiharah and got the "message" .

After several attempts of probings , the hubby finally confessed to the wife .....................he slept with the maid !!!!

This happend when the wifey was at work ........ and thier child was sleeping in the next room.

To cut the loooooooooong story short , the hubby claimed he was trapped.
The maid probably would have put spell on him .
He said , 12 years of marriage and several maids come and go, nothing of such happend ...... so to speak.

Which wife can take this .......... u tell me !

The wife wanted separation .

Should she gives him a second chance ????

PS: this recent case happen to sis cousin.

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