Friday, September 4, 2009

I actually have another depressing story to share.

A very close sister came over to my place yesterday, and shared her sorrows.
Its concerning her hubby also..........
It's too sensitive to discuss here , cos , it concerned some religious matters/deeds.
I hope behind every depressions and challenges they encounter , these sisters wont loose hope in the Mercy of Allah.

I really prayed that HE make things easier for them.

Im so glad that hubby came home last nite, safe and sound.
He supposed to come home tonite, but being homesick and all , he changed his flt to last nite.
So, yay! he's back with lots of goodies and chocolates for us.

All my dhuha classes during Ramadhan, has somewhat temporarily ceased ...will only begin again, few weeks after Eid.

At least , this give me xtra space to do some spring cleaning.
Yesterday, i could smelled someone...must be the neighbour, already baking cookies for Eid.
I have to start short listing what cookies and cakes to bake....the problem is, i dont even have any list yet.

Im so not prepared for Eid such a last minute person.

Today, i have no idea what to cook for iftar.
Tommorrow, my son, who is in the school symphonic band , will be performing at The Victoria Theatre, and we are sooooo going.

Start counting your blessings ..... have a blessed Friday. !

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