Monday, September 7, 2009

Ive been sooo tight up with few things......but still they are manageable , cos , i didnt want stress myself up with those nitty gritty matters.

Now that Ramadhan is nearer to an end , i want to focus more on my ibadah .

Masya allah, how amazing are........prayers and doa(s) . The sister that i mentioned in my much earlier post , who was having problem with her husband (supposedly slept with the ex maid), has somehow calmed down .

I was soo happy to received her call the other day. Her voice / tone sounded so much different than the time when she was angry and full of negative vibes . This time , she spoke wisely and she believed, eventhou the truth are hard to swallow , she is now much at eased . She figured her hubby was being casted spelt by the ex-maid. She believed the coffee that the maid made for her hubby that day , was "dirty" . Besides, her hubby never eat or drink anything that was prepared by the maid(s) ...but this time, it just so happend .

I have advised her on things she shld do , and she did ....... praying tahajjud and istiharah for the past days. SubhanAllah , she received the signs. I have also arranged for her and her hubby to meet an Ustaz , to clear certain personal doubts.

Alhamdulillah , last nite, the sister and her hubby ... decided to come with us (me & hubby) for teraweeh. It was her first, and she never felt like what she felt last nite, simply amazing . !

On the other hand, the mosque is getting lesser jemaah ... especially so towards the end of Ramadhan. It is a sad thing to see...when we are actually encouraged to spend more time in the mosque or increase our ibadah.

May Allah guide us and lead us to the right path.


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