Monday, July 30, 2007

I wanted to write abt my day spent at Ritz Carlton ,last Saturday, watching the preview of the National Day parade from my 18th floor hotel room . It was right at the smack of the whole
view of Marina Bay ! I wanted to write abt how awesome the fireworks that nite... and all those celebrations preview thingy.....(too bad i didnt bring my digicam..duhh)

But, this morning, as i flipped thru pages of the the Straits Times, i saw an articles that kinda of upset me. I thought this topic was really important for a bunch of reasons.

"She has three kids, and one on the way "
.......the ITE dropout has had three children out of wedlock and is seven months pregnant with her fourth .

" A high price to pay to be 'cool' "
...... They planned to marry , but when she was six month pregnant, she found out he was cheating on her. They broke up.

" Boyfriend pressured her for sex, then left "
.......She gave in when her then boyfriend pressured her to have sex. He denied the child was his and left her.

Those are just some snippets from the articles. The awakening issues of unwed Malay mothers..
Disturbing...sad...worrying...scary................. is this one of the Signs ??

Latest statistic shows 248, or half of the 495 newborns registered w/o a father's name last year, had Malay moms.

Who's to be blame ??

Whatever happend to sex educations ?
Is sex education about knowing the anatomy and physiology of human body, or about the act of sex, or about reproduction and family life, or about prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy? Is giving sex education equal to giving permission of engaging in sex?

Do children need sex education?

After all, for thousands of years men and women are having sex without any formal education, eh ?
With so much of exposure from every corner.........i reckon at this present time and moral education are necessary !

With regards to the questions who should impart sex education, I believe everyone has to play his or her role. The parent as a whole have to assume a more responsible role....that's me!me!me! Tough , i know. But sex is never a dirty word, aye !

We all know that it is forbidden for Muslim to have sex outside marriage. One is encourage to fast to control urges. However, intimacy and sex do play a part in a marriage , u know ! Yes !
Ok la, basically, if u want to have sex....go get married ! No?

Friday, July 27, 2007

We are going for a nite stay, tommorow.

Where can it be ?

It will be on the high floor, people !

Here , (again) ............. Ritz Carlton Millenia Singapore .

Whatever for ?

To have a great n fantastic views , sans the crowd, for the preview of our National Day & of cos, the Fireworks.

Ahhhh, Heaven !

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The kids are getting really excited abt their upcoming birthdays.
It's scary to think how they have grown really fast.
It seems like just y'day, i was nursing them , having sore nipples and going thru all the sleepless nites.

Parenting is a challenge itself.
Everytime, when the kids graduated from crawling to walking to running and so on, i'll somehow have a mixture of feelings...happiness and sadness . I tink those feeling are normal, for us parents... no?

I cant stop their physical growth, but im trying & hope to carved their emotional and social growth. There's too much society and peer pressure out there...**shudder**

I know its normal for kids to want to explore on their own and have a sense of independence.
I have to accept as the kids grow, they need to leave the nest and test the waters outside their own world...Yikes !!!

As much as i want to spent my life planning for the the future of my kids, reality strikes me that i really cant plan much far ahead of time, as i dont know wat the future will hold .
The kids might just have different plans for their life.
Of course i want to have the best for my kids & see them being successful in watever they are doing....maybe all i could do now is just prepare for their future. Teach them values, respecting others , helping them making the right choices & .................lists continue.

My kids are the light of my life !
They are partly the caused of my wrinkles and my thinning hair !
BUT, they can caused my worst day , turned into the most wonderful ones. !

Monday, July 23, 2007

I really had nothing to blog abt lately.
My days are filled with same ol' routine everyday.
Im not complaining thou.

Anyway, the weekends were quite fulfilling. Quality time spent with family n friends.

I had a great converstations with a certain someone y'day.
We talked abt so many things and we shared views on certain issues.
Interesting i would say.
These kinda topics and conversations , always interest me.
It makes me realise, think, ponder & analyse.

"How time flies......." that's wat we often said abt the swift passage of our lives.

Life is too short for us, to deliberately pass by the opportunities for joy and enrichment that come our way. It is tragic that some have to miss so many of the good things of this world.

Life is too short to neglect friendships. We are still given the time to strengthen and making relationship with others. Like the saying goes.."a stranger tdy , a brother/sister tmrw".

It's still never too late to do good to others. The least we could do is saying kind words and put smile on someone's face. :) For attractive lips, speak words of kindness.
then, as you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others .

Im glad that im able at least render my tiny help by delivering those "Weekly Inspirations from the Quran" books ,to those brothers/sisters whom has made orders. Indirectly, i am able to meet them personally and hope for a lasting friendship.

Let's began to treasure simple things that life could offer . For me , there's nothing sweeter than sleeping with my kids and feeling their breath on my cheeks. :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

so, now , i know why we lift up both our hands during our supplications. !

Friday, July 13, 2007

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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Someone asked me , after being a Stay-At-Home-Mom for a period of time, what is/are my fave house chores.?
I was like.........geez, there's never any fave house chores for me. I hate doing housechores..but i dun have a choice, do i ?

Well, i dun really mind running the vacuum,cos, it helps me suck up all those dropping of hairs on the wonder my hair is thinning lately. I dun mind cooking, but i dun like the cleaning part, lucky thing i only cook small portion and not like big pots and pans.

Putting the clothes in the washing machine and then line them up in the pole to dry, i dun mind doing it either................but NOT the FOLDING part.........Urrgghh. Absolutely HATE that !

Then she went on asking me, so how do u relax when at home ?

Relax ? wat's that ? my house is so full of continuous activity whenever the kids are around. Things slowed down and noise free only when they are in school. However, i do have and need my "ME" time, either i go out w my best fren or just being alone and do my own stuff...i'll go insane if i dont have that.!

Monday, July 2, 2007

I found it! I found i !

Im estatic when i saw it !

Ive always wanted to buy it , but somehow didnt have the chance yet , till last Saturday.
I was just browsing thru some books and then the title just caught my very eyes.
The shopkeeper convinced me , it's the English translations and it was beautifully written.
I was sold , instantly.!

I know im kinda far behind in this one, cos, some of you might have read it upteen times, but, hey! it's better late then never , rite ? ;)

So, i got the English version of "La Tahzan"............. "Dont be SAD" .