Thursday, October 30, 2008

I heard something ...................

I chose to just ignore ..................

This can be a tough one, because in order for me to understand I have to filter it through my own set of beliefs. I just have to keep my values to myself, and not prejudge what im hearing.

I want to be colorful instead of being blue.

Life is full of good and bad stuff.

People are complex..relationship with people are doublly complex.

Those who knows me , knows me.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Yday clad in our new Indian suits , we whisked our way to my mom-in law's place.
We were the first family to arrived and minutes later , my sis-in law's family and then the next and the next of the cousins and aunties.

Food were briyani , tosei... i was so mutton and chicken masala overloaded the whole of yday. **burps**

4 cars in towed and later down to 3 , we visited 6 houses altogether. It was kinda "loud and noisy" fun thou , as for the kids .....they get along well with thier paternal cousins and of cos, got more $$ !! :P

This morning, I saw what my daughter using the calculator to calculate her "takings" ..haha

We got home late........ almost midnite. We were shacked and tired from all the merry makings , so today, i decided to let the kids skipped skool. Exams over,mah . ;)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I think im done with Hari Raya.

I didnt do much visiting this year.

I skipped most of the visiting especially my dad's side.

Ive cleared and washed all the kuih raya containers and put them back in the cabinet.

I still do have Hari Raya dinner to attend this Saturday..and i guess tis one will take the final wrapped of my celebration.

Ive been going to Little India the past two days.

I need to get somting suitable to wear for myself ....the bazaar was such a dissappointment .

Alas, i got a suit at a steal but i need to do some alterations . The tailor refused to do it for me at first,becos she said the suits has got lots of beads that will definitely break her sewing needles , somehow ,she looked at my pity face and changed her mind..."ok lor, i try my very best,lor " I hope the suits will still look wearable when i collect it this Friday .

Y'day, i went Little India again....tis time, i brought my daughter along and within minutes, we got wat we a steal too.! She got her suit and we also got ourselves bangles .

I told hubby i tink i need to drop by the place,,,, again , cos, im not so complete ..........yet.
Hubby gip up ! :P

Friday, October 10, 2008

The first thing i notice ,

Ive already gained few pounds fm the beginning of Syawal.

The food are just too good to resist.. dont u agree ?

I havent been doing much visiting....but one thing ive been consistently doing, is munching all those Hari Raya cookies while watching telly.
Im not bothered with the weight issues, i know how to loose weight within 6 days...hehee

Talking abt watching tv, i realised that ive watched very less tv for the past mths., and when i got to watch Ugly Betty last nite , i felt a tinged of relax (esp on my brain cells) . I managed to catch up with Oprah too. :)

All my classes will resume by next week. Despite all the festivities , i think it's abt time to boost my spiritual energy , which has somewat been lacking. :P

Oh, and i wanna spent my time reading again,,,,yday, i completed reading 2 of my daughter's Mr Midnite book..hehehe.

I was browsing Oprah's Bookclub , am not sure if some of the books are avlble in the stores here .

Paul Coelho ? Jodi Picoult ? anyone has good books to recommend ?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The battle is almost over.
My heart beats are almost back to it's normal pace - (well, not so yet actually) .
Monday was soooo depressing. :(
Whatever the outcome ..... got to except it .
Life has to move on.
Que Sera..Sera.

On a brighter side, im looking forward to Saturday. Family functions - cousin's nikah, Eid visitings and house warming. It's sure kecoh n happening !
After all these , i wanna go back to KL and just chill .
My things to do lists : , shop and just relax .

Yenna dey, wait ! I got Deepavali to celebrate too !
Planning to make cookies for my mom and sis inlaw.

Year end is coming , soooo fast.!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

At this very moment till it's over , my heart has been beating slightly faster that usual.

I did what i should.

Feelings of hope is there .

Insya allah.