Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"kArmA Is FoR The BoDy Or FoR ThE SouL "

Death is a separation of the soul from the body.

As i entered the living room last nite, there she was laying peacefully
wrapped in her beautiful red wedding sari only baring the face.

The whole atmosphere was sombre and solemn...only
the sound of OM prayers were heard and kaffir lime
scented jossticks were burnt.

My mom in law, who was alright when she was in the car
with us...cried uncontrollably at the deceased when we arrived
at the house. It's like watching a Tamil movie.
It was my first to see her like dat and
it was also my first to attend a Hindu wake/funeral.

There's a little commotion earlier ... as relatives
wanted the body to be cremated...while the hubby and son
prefered to do burial.Alas,the immediate family has the final say.

Karma and rebirth is a great pillar in Hinduism. They also
believe life is one never ending process, the only thing that
changed is the environment and the embodiment. I really dunno
how this work .

This afnn, the burial rites will take place. I wont be attending
because kids will be back frm school etc.

After battling for years of cancer, aunty Vasugee finally
rest her soul in peace .

surah Al-Kafirun "The Unbelievers"

" Say: O unbelievers,
I serve not what you serve,

nor do you serve what I serve,
nor shall I serve what you are serving,

nor shall you be serving what I serve.
To you your religion, and to me my religion."

Monday, April 26, 2010

The birthday weekends was fantabulous...despite me being
a little unwell.

Gifts from the loved ones and people that care.

From my dear hubby...a little over the "budget" thou..hehe

Metro voucher fm sisters in law..Takashimaya voucher fm my sister
scarves from Safiah and cousin.

card from my lovely daughter ...with lovely
words inside......

I received a nice white tunic fm another cousin..

My son..who is not into cards and such, besides the wishes and hugs
gave me a gooodd shoulders and neck massage ... :)

His motto is like..... "dare to be different"...hahaha

Alhamdulillah .... :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Realizing that planting is a process ... it takes a lot of work
for personal growth too.

Since im getting a year older in a couple of days time ... im slowing
down to reflect , on how to sow my soul garden.

I get distracted easily with the worldly things bad.
Im working on how to make sure the live given to me, is in sync
with the deepest values and priorities.

I need fertilizers ... seeking knowledge.

Alhamdulillah, with the on-going learning, it does create
and stilmulate wisdom.

But my personal soul garden embrace
trial and errors. So, having good gardeners around to provide
me with inputs and advice do benefits.

Happy Earth Day , everyone. :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Beautiful Monday ,

Sometimes, life doesnt hand us what we want.

Many things happend recently that lead to an eye opener
and lessons gained.

A bro, who had sudden heart attack,not once,
but twice on the same day,was wheeled to ICU and came out of it.
Strong family bonding does wonder to give support to one another.

Siblings ties got broken, which is a sad thing to see.

Sudden changed of a person's character, whom you once feel
comfortable it's getting a little awkward .

Few other things that matters ...and it brings a knock on my head.
Somehow, when things happend, we have to acknowledge the pain ,
and move on with life.

We wont know ,there could be wonderful things ahead waiting for us.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

This was what i had for lunch yesterday.
Food courtesy of my mom in law,cos, yday was
a New Year for Indians,so we became herbivore for a day.

vegetarian diet .......

tooo yummy ......

On the other note,hubby has given me the "budget" amount for my bday gift.
Now, i cant decide which ONE i shld be getting......

I must decide properly cos, i dont want to get the wrong thing........
I have to hit the town to check the options......

No rush.. but i definitely will get myself another BAG !..haha *evil grin*

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Alhamdulillah,im granted another day to watch the sun rise.

Death as we know is inevitable.

Currently two of hubby's side of the family are in a
state of "no hope to live" due to thier conditions,according
to the doctors.

His patti (grandma),has been struggling to live since
for the past months,going in and out of the hospital/hospice.
She's almost 90yo,I reckon she has live her lives well enough .

Another one ,is his aunt V. She's having cancer and it has spread
to almost every part of her cells. The last i visited her at the
hospital, she was not able to open her eyes and was having fever.
Her kids,her hubby and some of her sisters were there by her side.

There's a little conflict going on btwn her son and her sisters,
as i observed the little argument, i could summarised it,
as both parties were very much concerned abt aunt V.

I was controlling my tears when i heard the words that came
out from her son, Dinesh . I know he was devastated. But knowing
Dinesh , he has always been a good son.

In desperation, people tends to seek help in anyways. I was
surprised when aunt V's husband told me to do some prayers with
the holy water he got from Mecca. So, it's zamzam water, that he
got from his Muslim sister in law , who just came back fm Umrah.
She came to visit in the afnn , and left a bottle of zamzam water.

Im not sure if this was right for me to do...but i did. I recited
Al-fatiha and salawat in my heart,
pour some zamzam water on a small face towel,
and wiped aunt V's face,hands and legs.

I was actually has this fear of stitches , but somehow.. that moment,
the fear seemed to be missing. I gently wiped aunt V's head,
that has two long stitches ,frm the earlier surgery she
had,to remove the clot fluid.

As i was leaving..walking thru the hallway, i saw Dinesh, was crying
his heart out in a small waiting room. I was heartbroken looking at
his state.

The next day,hubby received a call from my mom in law, and she
said aunt V was abled to sit up and fever has somewhat subsided.
So glad to hear that...... but few days later, things didnt look
good again.

Aunt V has only till today to live, according to the doc..and im
not sure what's next .......

Reminder for myself .....
"The more Muslims thinks of death .. the better he will act in life"

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Im too lazy to step out of the house,
because the heat is juz too much for me and giving me
bad headache.The weather is a killer the past few days.

But feel like munching something.
Rummaged the fridge and found nothing ,
except...flour,chilly ,onion .. mixed them
together with pinch of salt and i got these .......

It only takes a few minutes to make and i ate them
with chilly sauce while it's hot.

Beggars cant be choosers .. LoL

Monday, April 12, 2010

Last Saturday was partayyy time and was fun !

OOoops! it's partayy no-no.
It's Faithhub social gathering at our good friends,
bro M and sis Syl condo function hall.

Almost those who came were new faces , and they
attended our Talks at Masjid Sultan, the previous months.

Since we didnt know them , we, the warm people of Faithhub heheh:P
mingled around and make our bros and sisters as comfortable
as possible.

The ice breaker session was enlightening and informal
setting made it easy for everyone .

I was buzy mingling hence only managed to take few shots.

Surprise! the warm people celebrated our (advanced) birthdays too.. :)

some familiar faces, Haja, Yussof(safiah's hubby) ,Safiah, Syl and friend.

our brothers ......

some of the sisters ....

At the end of the session, we were glad they enjoyed themselves
very much as much as we did.

It's our pleasure ..... :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

I bumped into an old friend yesterday, and
she commented that i have this radiance and glow kinda look...hahaha

We bumped in the market yo... so i figured, my face glowed
whenever i see fresh fish and vegetables there..haha

Honestly, i was in my sooo unglam mode, so probably either
she has corked eyes or she need to change her specs.

Anyhoww, we managed to catch up a little bit while doing
the marketing ... yeah,things women do best ... multitasking.

During the short coversation we had, i noticed , all
she did was complaining abt her life ...and ironically
she lived in a big house , two beautiful kids, good husband
and has a helper...i so dont u'stand the whining......

On a serious note ,

Life is not just about G/L/O/R/Y .

It's about ........

B/A/L/A/N/C/E and R/E/S/P/O/N/S/I/B/I/L/I/T/Y .

I used to wake up on the wrong side of the bed, but
now, all i do is to just switch to the other side.

Sometimes, when we thought that happiness is something or
somewhere else , we tend to forget that bliss is actually just
in front of us .

Happy mood y'all it's the weekends ......

Have a Blessed Friday !

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

At only 37weeks .. 3 weeks short before the estimated birth date,
the little pumpkin decided to see the world.

Introducing, my newly born niece ....
weighing 3.4kg during birth..

Grandma with pumpkin and big bro Satria Riza Maulana

Satriani Cinta Muliana

To my sis, the agony is not so over yet...
you still have a long journey ahead.

Congrats and all the best !

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Pc is alive and kicking again !

Ive got many things to write during my pc-less moment
but now it's all gone.

I cant remember what im suppose to share here.

Anyhooow,I checked my mobile phone this morning, and
i saw a text from my bro inlaw at 4am ,stating my
sister has given birth ! It's a girl...wooohooo!

I shall visit her later and will take some shots of the newborn.

At this moment, my mojo is not working properly yet , will
update again later.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Excuse me,

While i fixed a major hard disk problem
with my PC.

It's undergoing troubleshooting and won't be
ready till next week.

While the PC is in the operation theatre,
Im going thru major boredom.

I'll be back soon.