Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Alhamdulillah,im granted another day to watch the sun rise.

Death as we know is inevitable.

Currently two of hubby's side of the family are in a
state of "no hope to live" due to thier conditions,according
to the doctors.

His patti (grandma),has been struggling to live since
for the past months,going in and out of the hospital/hospice.
She's almost 90yo,I reckon she has live her lives well enough .

Another one ,is his aunt V. She's having cancer and it has spread
to almost every part of her cells. The last i visited her at the
hospital, she was not able to open her eyes and was having fever.
Her kids,her hubby and some of her sisters were there by her side.

There's a little conflict going on btwn her son and her sisters,
as i observed the little argument, i could summarised it,
as both parties were very much concerned abt aunt V.

I was controlling my tears when i heard the words that came
out from her son, Dinesh . I know he was devastated. But knowing
Dinesh , he has always been a good son.

In desperation, people tends to seek help in anyways. I was
surprised when aunt V's husband told me to do some prayers with
the holy water he got from Mecca. So, it's zamzam water, that he
got from his Muslim sister in law , who just came back fm Umrah.
She came to visit in the afnn , and left a bottle of zamzam water.

Im not sure if this was right for me to do...but i did. I recited
Al-fatiha and salawat in my heart,
pour some zamzam water on a small face towel,
and wiped aunt V's face,hands and legs.

I was actually has this fear of stitches , but somehow.. that moment,
the fear seemed to be missing. I gently wiped aunt V's head,
that has two long stitches ,frm the earlier surgery she
had,to remove the clot fluid.

As i was leaving..walking thru the hallway, i saw Dinesh, was crying
his heart out in a small waiting room. I was heartbroken looking at
his state.

The next day,hubby received a call from my mom in law, and she
said aunt V was abled to sit up and fever has somewhat subsided.
So glad to hear that...... but few days later, things didnt look
good again.

Aunt V has only till today to live, according to the doc..and im
not sure what's next .......

Reminder for myself .....
"The more Muslims thinks of death .. the better he will act in life"

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marzie babaei said...

i admire ur Islamic sight, it makes life more easier