Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sohrab shrugged and smiled, wider this time. " I dont mind. I can wait. It's like the sour apples."

"Sour Apples?"

"One time, when I was really little, I climbed a tree and ate these green, sour apples. My stomach swelled and became hard like a drum, it hurts a lot. Mother said, that if I'd just waited for the apples to ripen, I wouldnt have become sick. So now, whenever I really want something, I try to remember what she said about the sour apples." .........................................

The above was taken fm the book Kite Runner. I'm done with it ...I was really moved when i read the above. One of my favourite clause...besides "For you ,a thousand times over........"

It's a great book indeed. Thank you my friends for the great recommendations....but surprisingly, i didnt need a box of tissue next to me.. thou, i really could feel the agonies, the pains, the happiness , the sufferings etc........

I didnt like the character Amir in the beginning, but grew to forgive him when he tried to redeem himself.

But I have to admit, that I nearly threw the book when Amir told the little boy he would have to go an orphanage for just a little while and the little boy begged and begged. And then for Amir to find him in the tub that way. It was so disturbing to read that, and you knew just how Amir felt, the ripping out of his heart, and how he prayed and all the things he promised God. This book was very heart-wrenching.

I could go on and on abt the book..cos, when im on it, i could vaguely imagined, how the whole scenarios took place.

But the author didn't have to spell it out for us. It ended perfectly, with the kite running .

Now, that im done with this one, anyone got any good reviews or recommendation of a good read ?

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I've texted almost everyone y'day, informing abt the changes. They've acknowledge it.

My Saturday(s) will never be the same again effective this upcoming ones. My religious class (in English) has been re-scheduled from the weekly Friday nites to every Saturday @ 5pm-7pm. We may not be able to fit everyone's timing due to the changes, but I hope this will somehow benefits my family and myself.

To start off, it's gonna be great , cos' my hubby is able to attend the class (again) together with me. The usual weekly Friday class , most of the time , my hubby couldnt make it, due to his work comittment.

Since it's gonna be on Saturday, we might just tag the kids along. This was wat we usually do during our Ramadan classes . Kids will sit in the rear end of the class....occupied themselves with some worksheets or assessment books..after which, they'll just hang around or play (with less noise..if there's such a thing **roll eyes** ) just outside the class.

Im looking forward of these changes..Insya allah, at least, we can all do our maghrib there (Wisma Indah @ Masjid Kassim) after the class, then we can proceed with our other activities...hmmm , i thot, it sounds rather c/o/o/l. :)

So, if you are around that area...u know wat to do,eh.. ;)

Note: This class is an on going new comers are most welcome. The students in the class comprises of Muslim Converts (or Reverts) as well as born Muslims..
Whatever it is, whoever you are, at the end of the day , our main mission is... to seek and to gain knowledge..,Insya allah.

Monday, January 29, 2007

I had an early start this morning..woke up around 5am, had my sahur.. just a cup of MUST have coffee (to chase away the monstrous migraine) and few slices of cakes. Today is the 10th of Muharram and it only sunnah to fast during this day..Day of 'Ashura'..(9th ,10th Muharram)

There are many hadiths that mention its blessings and virtues. It is good to fast on this day, although it is not obligatory.

Someone, called me "conservative" ...just because im all "covered up" not at all bothered.
I dun wish to elaborate on this each his own.

Im finishing Kite Runner , soon. Im gonna miss the characters in it.

Im getting my dad to get me Sami Yusuf cd......but he said ,the one he has in the shop is not the original ones...haizzz, gotta wait.

My son is having his English test today...pray he'll do well. Insya allah.

I have to run to the near by supermarket after tis....gotta get some groceries. Well, i really dunno wat im scribbling here today...must be the Monday blues....hmmmmm ;)

Thursday, January 25, 2007

I had to run some errands this morning, after which i managed to squeeze my time to the library....and i finally got this book !! Yayness !

Since, im already at the White Sands mall, i grabbed this , for my kids lunch . Im just not in the mood to cook tdy !

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

From my room windows, i could see my little daughter, standing at the school foyer with her peers, waiting for the school bus to bring them to Changi Airport . The school is adapting some kind of Learning Journey programmes .

Then, i saw her walking with her pink sweater..(bcos, mom said airport is cold,u know) over her school unifom, with her bag sling ... climbing up the yellow bus. I smiled and had a little chuckled to myself. So cute.. my baby has grown so much.......i said silently & prayed for her safety.

Motherhood has filled me with joy and not forgetting the never ending challenges . I reckon it's the toughest job available. Being a stay-at-home-mom for several years now, i do face a certain expectations fm the society. Since my hubby wears the pants ...some ppl thot that im left here , wearing the couch **duhh**

My memory has somewat taken a toll on me. Ive becoming very forgetful , i guess this is the case of sleep deprived , stress or the impact of having to learn so much new information in short amount of time = read: homework = tests = exams !!

Mothehood or Parenthood on the whole, can be pretty funny looking at lighter side of raising children ...(if i go on the heavy side, probably i'll get brain damaged..hahaha..just kidding)

What is actually, right and wat is the wrong things to do as far as parenting is concern. The rules of parenting , can be a little unclear,eh . Even after reading numerous books...i still find it's hard applying the tips or strategies given. At time or many a times, the come-sit-let's-talk-nicely........just dont work , i tell ya !! **evil grin**

Alright, all parent make mistakes ...i have my fair share too. Lucky thing im no celebrities.
I remember Michael Jackson dangled his toddler in his hotel balcony , while the late Steve Irwin, held his baby on one hand while feeding the crocodiles. If you're a celebrity, you're constantly in the limelight and your mistakes are magnified.

I thot Michael shouldnt have done that, even if he's proven, in his concerts and music videos, that he is rather good at grabbing things that dangle.

Anyhowz, i try to make effort to be a mirror to my kids. I failed many times..but im not giving up. In an achievement-oriented culture, we may focus more on grades and sports victories than on values of the heart. I try to take the time to acknowledge kind actions as having true worth, fm the kids. Im still weaving the spiritual as well as worldly examples...dun tink it will ever end..(cos, i stop weaving when Prison Break or any reality tv shows start..hahaha)

Well, Being a parent is just like a 24 hours emergency alert. Sometimes, I wonder how can I survive till my kids are all grown up. Some days, i simply feel grossly inadequate and didn't have clue in the world of what to do next..hahaha

So, Enjoy your motherhood...while stock last...even on your hay-wired days..!! :)

Monday, January 22, 2007

A friend just shared this recent incident with me, last wkend. This happend to her friend who is staying in States.

It was winter season.. After a nice set of home cooked dinner, *Nina* & her husband played with their kids for awhile before tucking them to bed. They have 3 beautiful kids, eldest being 10yo , the second one is 8 yo & the youngest just turned 3 . It was a nite to she'll never forget. *Nina* sat near the fireplace with her husband and they talked abt life and family. The husband then brought up the topic of them going for Hajj in the near future. At the rate he is going, *Nina* was kinda surprised, but obviously delighted and agreed to his suggestions. They spend that cozy nite together, having conversations of their lifetime ! Little that she knew , that would be the last nite with him.

The next morning, the husband when to the gym for his usual work-out, collapsed and he was pronounced dead minutes later. The caused of the death, probably heart attack.! :( Suddenly , *Nina*'s world turned so bleak and in total darkness. She felt great sense of lost. Her dreams ..her hopes...just shattered !

All alone in a land so far away fm families with 3 young kids , a home maker with no source of income...i can imagine the weight on her shoulders. Fortunately, the Muslim communitees there, are quite helpful and showed much concern abt her situations. But still................her life will never be the same again.

Thou, i dont know her, I pray that she'll have the strength to carry on living her life with her kids ,to the fullest. It's easier said than done...cos, i myself , cant imagine how life would be w/o my love ones. It is the hardest thing to swallow...but that's the fact of life, that we all gonna face it , one day.

Death is inevitable, and, whether willingly or unwillingly, everyone will enter the grave . It's just when or how , one has to leave this world , that is still the mysterious work of God.
Not a minute longer can a person live, other than the time determined for him. Death is pre-destined!

Truely, death may catch up with us at any time. Who knows, perhaps this is the moment. Or, it may be much closer than we have ever expected. Seriously, Im so not prepared. ! Wat amal will I bring with me, to face my Creator. ! :(

For sure, all i know...i wont die as a virgin...LOL !

Friday, January 19, 2007

I was bored y'day morning. Most of my house chores were done.

I took my shower...dressed up and headed out.

I reached the place at 10.15am...just 15mins after their opening hours.

Few cars were there already and i thot i was early !!

No, this is not the case of kiasu-ism like the earlier comers of some's the case of serious boredom.

How, peaceful to explore the enormous place at that rushing,no pushing, no long queue... errr, tranquility !

It was my first time there, so near yet so far, thing ....FREE parking !!

Which means, I can be there, like forever & ever........however, that's was soooo not the case.

I got wat i wanted/needed and some stuff which i dont think i really need...hmmm :0

I left the place with a big grin :)

I love this place.

While driving out, i felt a tad stuffy inside ...i then realised my Mr Wheelies, were running out of aircon gas. I went to the station nearby my place and got Mr Wheelies the gas he needed....that cost me $30 buckaroos !!

On top of that, i had to make him drank a huge amt of petrol ...another $50 buckaroos flew fm my wallet ! *chett*

Mr Wheelies at the station..
getting his gas topped-up.

He's now up and runnin' .
Hmmm, now i wonder if i shld explore the other mega store next to this one...*evil grin*

Anyway, before i forget.......i would like to wish all Muslims , Ma'al Hijrah 1428.

A new beginning
A new day
With new opportunities
To look forward to
May Allah blessed our
Days with prosperity
Hope & Happiness

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My kids pissed me off BIG time , last nite !!
Then, they slipped a piece of paper, under the door......

" Mom, we are terribly sorry for what we did.
Please forgive us.
We love you "

please tick,

My heart melted !

.....I tink im PMS-ing !!

**breathe in** breathe out**

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

It was Ponggal (harvest festival ) y'day. My MiL called on Sunday , saying she'll be cooking and wanted me to collect some food for the kids n myself.

I left my home around 11.30am...reached her place at about 11.45am...left her place by 12.15pm......that was really jiffy,huh ! **phew**

I had to cook rice before the kids got back fm skool,alrite . So, we had vegetarian meals for lunch and dinner on banana leaves. Yummy indeed...definitely better than Komalas or any other restaurants in Little India. Nothing beats freshly fried hot vadai , payassam, sambar & vegetables . Homemade food = slurrrrp ! **burrrp**

On the other hand, i was nervous, almost the whole morning y'day, cos, im not too sure how my MiL would react towards the "new me". When i reached her carpark, i felt like i wanted to go toilet so badly...hehehe. (angin senggugut dah datang.!)

I braved myself, as i stood in front of her door...i called her out, she's praying. She opened the gate, w/o looking at my face. I acted calm and try to be as chatty, avoiding that "issues". But im prepared..just in case the "issues" were brought up. I went to the kitchen & quickly packed my food...hence the jiffy exit.

She didnt mention anything, like i expected or imagine. But, knew wat's playing on her mind. It was quite a smooth sailing,thou. I assumed my SiL (sister-in-law) has told her abt it, therefore, she roughly knew wat to expect fm my new ''image". I heart my MiL heaps actually. She's a great mom, i knew it fm the very beginning i met her. Somehow , we have our differences...just like everyone else.

However, The cream of the day.............. prayers do help ! Thanks Allah !

Monday, January 15, 2007

Subhanallah !! That's my very first word that i uttered, the very first time, when i saw her picture (the top one) ! I was in awe ! Ive never seen anyone else , that has such a gorgeous looking eyes before.! They were just stunning !

I began to get interested to find out more abt the person behind those eyes ! I read line by line, her articles that was published in the newpapers, few years back. I began to glued myself on the telly to watch the documentary abt her in The National Geographic channel. It was really interesting , how photo journalist , Steve McCurry searched thru the remote villages of Afghanistan ,trying to look for the real Sharbat Gula..the woman with the most beautiful eyes , God ever created (in my opinion) !

However, i feel, behind those stunning eyes, there lies misery & hidden stories behind them. The eyes spelt pains,anger,fright & mysterious ! Lots of histories.

This girl, was so unaware that the world is giving views abt her electrifying eyes. She's been living in the simplicity of her remote ethnic village, with her husband and kids, without knowing how special she is. She's a gem!

If only, she's not living in the remote mountains & going thru the roughness of life..she'll definitely wont be looking like the second picture. This is wat i truly call, beauty of nature. No slap of thick make-up contact lenses etc etc.

Hollywood & Bollywood ,there are just too fake. !

Thursday, January 11, 2007

My alarm woke me up at 5.30am tis morning. Stretched myself up and did a little prayer in my heart, HE has given me another day to breathe..Alhamdullilah.

I turned on the radio,.. soothing music and recital to start the day.

I opened the windows to smelled the crispy fresh air....thereaupatic.!

I looked at the ground and it was wet. I must have been sleeping soundly the nite before, i didnt know it was raining. The rained somehow, have stopped.

6.15am woke up my son, followed by my daughter few minutes later. By 7am, they left for school. As the school is directly opposite my home, i have a great full view of it. I waved them good bye fm my window and i'll stood there , till i couldnt see thier tiny little black shoes no more.

A mother's silent prayers to thier children never fail.

Now, i have a quite moment all by myself.. Sipping a cuppa hot coffee , checking my mails and stuff on this lappy. From where i sit, i could see rain, starts to fall (again)..not heavy thou. Thank God, it wasnt raining, when the kids walked to skool just now.

I did a quick cleaned up at the living hall. It looks neat and tidy,but not for long.

I need to fix lunch soon. Simple one will do, as there's only 3 of us.
I gotta leave the house, by 10am for my class. Hope the rain stops.

Friday, is just tmrw...means weekends is coming !

I have parents/teachers meeting tmrw morning, for both of my kids.
Both at the same timing. ! Times like this, i wish i could clone myself.

He's coming home tommorow, leaving again Jakarta *sigh*

But on the other hand, im having the four wheelies. Good thing for me, especially to run errands & ferrying kids to their classes. ;)

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

What changes , have i done.............just a short snippets.

The intention was put nong..nong time ago. I said to's gonna be slightly before or by 40 years of my living years, I MUST DO IT! But I didnt take the intention seriously ,back then.
My life journey continues to go on and on and on......still Diva-ish and still vogue-ish ,( la owang kata kankankan Petom..Kuntum..hehe ). However, the supplications towards HIM never ever stop.

Weeks before the transitions, my feelings just have to tell me that the day is coming soon..."you better be prepared !". I was like "ye ke ??" I tried to brush off the thought. It kept haunting me thou. I went for my short holidays & spent some money on shopping. Somehow, during the spree, the thots, just kept playing in my mind .......telling me "get this one...yeah the long sleeve ones" I was like .."Diam la! owang nak shopping ni !". I ended getting, some short sleeves blouses/tops and just 2 long sleeve ones. The best is yet to come... cos, i love assessories so much...........i got almost everything..from bangles, necklaces, hair clips ,hair bands & lots of ear rings ! It is hard to let old beliefs go,eh . They are such familiar stuff in my shopping lists..hehe

Sunday, 17thDec2006, i woke up slightly earlier ,in the morning (than my usual weekend mornings ) and got myself dressed for the occasions. Our good frends are leaving for Haj, hence , they are having a little selawat sessions at Masjid Khadijah. After which , i have another invitation at Masjid Siglap , for a simple nikah ceremony and small reception of my not so close cousin. On the same day , in the evening, my kids and I will be heading to my mom's place for a little celebration of her b'day. Three beautiful occasions on the same day. The not so beautiful part of the day, my hubby , was unwell, thus, was not present in any of the events.

After, attending my cousin's function, i drove back home in the pouring rain. Dropped my parents off & I reached home, slightly after 3 in the afternoon. Rest for awhile, checked on hubby, cleaned myself up...did my Zuhr and continued my Asr. That was the most memorable time of my life (i tell ya !). The prayers i did , felt so surreal. .I just couldnt describe the feel. ! My heart was beating slightly faster...tears just fell like Niagara falls. I asked HIM, "oh Allah, if today is the day, please help to make it easier for me ......" I felt a different sense of calmness after the prayers...

Hubby was at the living room with the kids, he felt slightly better, after the medications. I came to him, and told him..."today, is the day !"......"today is the day, im gonna be a cover girl"...hahaha
he didnt look surprise or disbelieve, as if , he was also prepared of wat im gonna tell him. (i expected him to at least act surprise *duh*..maklum la, just the week before, tis wifey has spent some $$ on wat she loves best!) ..he was also calm...he nodded and gimme a smile. ;)

So, i went to my mom's place that a CoverGirl...hahaha, apart fm thinking that im going for another religious function...everyone was happy n pleased after, i told them abt the transitions... ';) I have mixed reaction fm ppl around me, whom know me for wat i was/am.....wat an abrupt changes, some said...but all in all , many were good ones.

Life is about to begin, a new one.......but there's always obstacles waiting for you. The obstacles are the sum of my choices. I have yet to face my mother-in-law ! "aiyoyo...apa sudah jadik............." ok..ok, so she hasnt seen the new me, it's better to find out, then to suppose . See, how interesting my life pain no gain kan !
These pics are very poorly and wrongly taken by me. See, how cleverly i took this pics. But a bit of consolation for myself, i managed to put up the darn pics...!

these are only some of my chunks of chunky ear rings..that i have to slowly bid farewell :(

the colorful scraves, courtesy of my hubby. i asked him to get for me along that little lane , he ended buying all the colors that's avble, so that he doesnt have to go back there again, just in case his wifey needs another color.**duh**

Anyhow, I still have to go shopping..(tak abis-abis) , cos, i really need to revamp my wardrobe. Im so out of stock of wat to wear... ! I leave u all with this pantun...
Buah cempedak di luar pagar
Ambil galah tolong jolokkan
Saya mak budak baru belajar
Kalau salah tolong tunjukkan

Monday, January 8, 2007

Im quite settled with this blog (well actually)..cos, i dun want it to be too fancy. Simplicity is still my choice. This is an excuse alright, cos, im either too lazy for fancy settings or im just too crever to create a fancy one...LOL

So, why i choose my blog title as such...hmmm, let me see.. maybe it's bcos, im either running out of time, not enuf time or chasing time. I wish i have more time for everything. Time is a traveller indeed. Once it's gone, you'll never be able to get it back. Time is precious ,u know!

Where did it go ? Time that is...from the time i was born, 1969 (u now know my age...!) till tis period, 2007 !! That's really a lot to time,huh . Those time has left , but it didnt leave me empty handed. It has left me with a gift of beautiful memories, that i can keep in my heart for safe keeping and cherish ,forever and ever.

Time has also thought me to be a person of wat i am now. Not only time has changed, i reckon, i have changed too..(hopefully for better)..hehe

To change things sound easy, but to make changes needs lots of courage. So, wat changes, have i actually made in myself.?

Story coming update ;)

Friday, January 5, 2007

Salaams to all...............

It's a blog alrite..yeah, im starting a blog (again). I used to blog wayyyy back in the Jurrassic era , when T-blog was or izzit still the "IN" thing. Somehow, i quit blogging for some reasons , but never stop being a blog-hopper, a blog lurker or ...a blog troll of some sort. I enjoy (still) reading other's blog & looking at some of the pictures posted on theirs.

Anyhow, Im not good at writing to begin , plus the constant writer's blocked , just puts off the whole blogging thingy. Im worried that too much writing (for my case), doesnt do wat it supposed to communicate *duh* (does this sound rite..hmmm)

So, a little intro abt the person behind the Traveller Of Time..

A SAHM* mending 2 little kiddos* all by myself , while the other half goes to work *across the country.
Im a great procastinator and this has been going on like forever ..not even any new year resolution could help. Im such a boring person **yawn** that love dancing and music.
Retail therapy has always been my fave past time.. ;) , the very recent damage was done few weeks back while holidaying in the neighbouring country. It didnt help much that they were having The Mega SALE !!

Alrite, just that for now..tune in to more in the upcoming updates. !

*not so little actually