Monday, January 15, 2007

Subhanallah !! That's my very first word that i uttered, the very first time, when i saw her picture (the top one) ! I was in awe ! Ive never seen anyone else , that has such a gorgeous looking eyes before.! They were just stunning !

I began to get interested to find out more abt the person behind those eyes ! I read line by line, her articles that was published in the newpapers, few years back. I began to glued myself on the telly to watch the documentary abt her in The National Geographic channel. It was really interesting , how photo journalist , Steve McCurry searched thru the remote villages of Afghanistan ,trying to look for the real Sharbat Gula..the woman with the most beautiful eyes , God ever created (in my opinion) !

However, i feel, behind those stunning eyes, there lies misery & hidden stories behind them. The eyes spelt pains,anger,fright & mysterious ! Lots of histories.

This girl, was so unaware that the world is giving views abt her electrifying eyes. She's been living in the simplicity of her remote ethnic village, with her husband and kids, without knowing how special she is. She's a gem!

If only, she's not living in the remote mountains & going thru the roughness of life..she'll definitely wont be looking like the second picture. This is wat i truly call, beauty of nature. No slap of thick make-up contact lenses etc etc.

Hollywood & Bollywood ,there are just too fake. !


Mrs Beki said...

Oh yes!! I've read about her. Talking about Afghanistan, I've just finished reading The Kite Runner. Sedih gilller, beb!! Ni semua gara2 mumbles ah..... :)

mummy jam said...

I saw the documentary on how the photographer searched for her, not an easy task since the ladies there are always in purdah and to see her again without it , he got to seek permission from lots of people icluding her husband.

nor said...

mrs beki,

ive heard of Kite Runner, but havent got the chance to get the book..can get fm the library?


u are rite, not easy..he was even given the wrong lead initially.

Lynna said...

yes..i've seen the documentary on Discovery channel.

her eyes really cantik eh .

MasyaAllah ..ALLah 's great creation !

Mrs Beki said...

I borrowed from the library. But going to buy soon. This book worth owning it!! Trust me, boleh sedu sedan bila baca...

nor said...

ya..beautiful creations,indeed!

mrs beki,
library ada eh..ok, will look for it. thanks :)