Monday, April 28, 2008

I never like to exercise. I never like to sweat n feeling sticky . I used to hit the gym eons ago, and the only machine i used was the threadmills.

My hubby has been doing brisk walking at the nearby park on certain avlble, one of the evening, i decided to join him, while the kids were in their tuition class. It was breezy tht evening....I sweat a little...but dats not too bad. I came home that evening, had my shower , hit the sack and sleeping like a baby !

Last evening, after i came back fm the kids swimming lesson, i told hubby i wanna hit the park again for brisk walking. We left the kids on thier own at home, while they watched WaterHorse dvd, drove to the park , and we decided to cycle instead. What do you call the bike that has dual cyclist ?? Yes , we took dat one...cos, i dun want to be left farrrrrr behind , esp in the evening.

It was fun...we laughed like silly overgrown teenagers. We cycled from one end to the other. Then, we decided to take a 15 mins rest....before we have to return back the bike. We sat on the bench, talked and just enjoying the "no-kids" moment...hahaa

You can imagine, the pain im "suffering" esp on the butt.........cos, ive been exercise free all these while. No pain gain , im so doing this again !

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Today im a year older !

First start of the day, i had a secret conversation with HIM, asking for a little secret request. May HE grants me my simple wish.

Kisses and hugs frm the kids before they left for school this simply awwwwww preciously priceless. ! Hubby did the same too.

So, wat is hubby's gifts this year ???
a car
a bag ( with two initials or perhaps one )
a watch (not again, but i dun mind)
both cash and gifts.
Or none of the above .

Truely im emotionally blessed and i Thank HIM for granting me another year and see yet another day of my life.

Happy Birthday to Me !

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It's been a busy weeks.....last week, this week..and the weeks after.

Last Saturday, my son and myself , a frend and her dawter, attended the PSLE seminar and amongst those present were Natasha Nabila ( the top national scorer ) and family.

The event supposedly to start at 3pm but at 2.45pm, the staff and those involved were still seen putting leaflets in the goodie bags...which one of the items included some wayyyyyyyy back (read: 2004) magazine. **roll eyes **

Anxious parents and their kids were......errr anxious to get in the hall.

We were seated near to the stage. Good spot actually. Syah Ibrahim and Adi Rahman were the hosts of the day. I would say they are quite witty in a way. To cut the crap........the initial part of the seminar was a let down.

The first speaker was a certain Ustazah fm a certain kindy..........spoke w certain monotonous tone, zilch impact on her speech and expressionless **yawn** The second speaker is from a certain learning ctr...............she gave her talk that sounded like she's a reading news....which i presumed not even SUN tv wanted to hire her.. even my son commented the same thing....with her notes in front of her , she can even stumbled upon her words...........tis one is a double **yawn**. (at this point im just glad the event cos, only 5bucks !! )

I almost wanted to walk out to get a breather , until the 3rd speaker....who savour us with his, neat attire and good look. He didnt score well with me on the initial part of his talk.....but he's obviously better that the other 2 towards the mid and end of it.

Then we have 10mins break...which i badly needed. Hot and cold drinks were served and some kuihs were packed in a styrofoam , for non messy and time wasting results.

Hamidah Bashwan, whom i tink a well knw counsellor figure in the community took over after the break. I was actually looking fwd more of her talk. She's good ! Very eloquent...very expressive and most importantly she woke me up fm my previous boredom !! I tink she's the creme of the day .

Then, Natasha and her mom,were invited to the stage,sat on the couch provided, next to Adi as moderator , Puan Hamidah and the good looking guy . Many questions were thrown to her mom abt how Nabila goes abt studying...wat's her schedules like , did she watch tv and play etc etc etc. Puan Hamidah contributed some answers during the Q & A session.

All i can conclude is that Natasha Nabila is a purely gifted child. Her parents, esp her mom, just have to guide and support her frm behind. At the age of 5yo, she already has a goal, a vision and a role model of what she wants to be when she grows up..She wants to be a Paediatrician. She reads a lot.......she likes inspirational books. She can even read those books over and over again. She stops watching tv 6mths before PSLE, except for her fave chinese serial...Her study routine is properly planned....which one is priority and which one is not so.... she does have some break time in btwn thou. Her parents did not have any benchmark for her....she set her own benchmark. She is never satisfied with wat she scores during her tests or exam papers...and always craving to do better each time. This girlsuch a sweet and is special in her own ways.

PS : kalau lah anak aku camni, tak payah aku nak terpekik terlolong cam tarzan ! Tak payah aku nak stress gilerrrr !! *sigh*

## Anyhow, each child is special in their own way. Every child is a fitrah and have his/her value. Every child is an individual that needs our nuturance and unconditional love. ###

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I fetched a good frend of mine at around 8.15am y'day. She showed me the route to the mosque as i wasnt really familiar with that area. It was actually few minutes drive away fm our estate.

I parked my car within the mosque compound carpark lot. We headed to the "cafeteria" ,had a cuppa and i bought 3pcs of kuih keria to fill my empty stomach. We talked a bit over that simple breakfast.

As we entered the al-masjid ,we saw few ladies already seated...mostly elderly. We did our sunnah followed by dhuha prayers. The ustaz came punctually at 9.30am. It was actualy my first attempt of attending kuliah dhuha , and i didnt really know wat to expect. All i know is that the masjid is having the kuliah everyday in the morning, with different ustaz and topics per se. Y'day was abt Hasmaul-Husna.

As usual , the ustaz will begin w reciting some doas and then continued w the lesson. They are already at sifat 26 . We are sooo "late comer" ..! *bummer*

Anyhow, he also talked abt rizk.

Ada 2 cara rezeki di bumi Allah...yang Halal dan yang Haram. Rezeki yang Halal terlalu banyak yang boleh kita perolehi, tetapi yang Haram juga manusia cari (utk sesetengah orang). Allah telah tetap dan kadarkan rezeki kpd semua manusia, baik yang Islam atau pon bukan...termasuk cacing bawah tanah.

Rezeki dan kekayaan di dunia ini akan ditimbang di akhirat nanti. Kita akan disoal bagaimanakah kita menggunakan (dan menyalurkan) rezeki yang diberi oleh Nya. ( *siap kau* jawab! ) :P

Iblis laknatullah, telah bersumpah akan menyesatkan umat Muhammad s.a.w. Satu perkara yg iblis ambil dan tarik dari manusia.....nikmat bersyukur kepada Allah. Tatkala itu, manusia tidak akan pernah bersyukur....selalu mengeluh tentang apa jua kekurangan, namun mereka lupa akan nikmat yg diberi oleh Allah.

Ustaz also said, we must make doa, supaya " ilmu yang di cari akan dapat memberi kemanfaatan dan jauhi dari ilmu yang lari dari kemanfaatan."

It was just an hour of kuliah, but i guess it's the impact that u r'cd that matter..which i did. Time still permits us to stay in the mosque to ikhtikaf for while, before we headed back home.

Looking forward for the next kuliah, Insya allah.

Monday, April 7, 2008

I have to pre-order this book from TIMES the bookstore a week ago, due to their lack of stocks in thier Tampines branch. Collected it last Friday, and voila!.

This book is abt a 16 yo Amal, an Australian-Palestinian who somehow struggles to don the hijab "full time" while juggling btwn BGR and other teenagers issues and racism. Im unable to give the full review of the book , as im only in chapter 5..nonetheless, im liking it thou.

A little snippets ..."What's my class going to say on Monday when i walk in wearing the Muslim veil for the first time? Oh boy, will there freak out. Shawling up? In fron of the kids of Year Eleven? It would be easier to walk naked?"

Comments :

" Funny & Brave" ..." It's a book abt defiance,determination,intelligence and self-respect"

Thanks to my dear frend, Yati for recommending this book. :)

I reckon, after this im gonna look for the book "Ayat-Ayat Cinta" and dang ! im soooo gonna watch the movie if it's coming here.....saw the trailer and read the synopsis, it's a MUST watch !

Ps:can someone tell me where can i get the book ?

Friday, April 4, 2008

I r'cd a text mssg tis morning...when i read it, it's either im one konpused person, or that person who send me the text is konpused, so i thot. I check today's date...count my fingers and toes, i still have 20 more days before i turn a year older.....hahaha

So, check and amend..i have to agree with "her" ..konpused is my middle name! hahaha

But, u know wat dear my frend, u remind me to T/I/M/E . ! :)

The aura of reading the Quran (esp on a Friday) simply surreal. Im glad my reading was rather smooth except for some of my tajwid and other hukum that need to be corrected . So happy to see those 'friends' again.

Im trying to make full use of my morning to attend dhuha classes too, since the kids are all in skool... the benefits of T/I/M/E that is given to me at tis moment.

T/I/M/E is moving so wont wait for me / us . If i dont it not sure if im able do it next time. .

Another year has passed; minutes move into hours => into days => into weeks => into months => into years - seemingly faster than ever; yet every moment is a precious component of life and every moment counts.

Have A Blessed Friday !

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Sooo sad ,

when i read abt sufiah yusuf in the papers y'day...i was shocked and speechless. From a prodigy to a prostitute ! *astargfirullah*
I remember reading abt her & her family many years back. I was proud back then to see fellow Muslims achieved great recognitions in the western world. The power of brain that ALLAH has bestowed upon to a certain human being. *masya allah*

What happend to her and her family now ?? :(

"Whomever Allah guides, no one can misguide, and whomever Allah misguides, no one can guide."

Yusni Jaafar has passed away y'day. Her story is also quite sad. Somehow,she was shunned by her children when she was still alive, living on the ihsan of others........ i dont know how the children must have felt upon hearing abt thier mother's passing. Saddened of caused. Regrets ?? *sigh*
May Allah blessed her soul. Ameen.

Many of us dread the thot of death..but yet is to be remembered that living for a futher an hour is never guaranteed ! Nevertheless, when death comes, all the "realities" of life suddenly vanish. Your body, silent and motionless..just heaps of flesh. It will be washed for the last time. Wrapped in a shroud, remains in the grave and soil will cover you.

I can be morbid at times, when death is am i gonna face my sakkarul maut,how is my last breathe gonna be like... I reckon , we all afraid of death, cos,we are all not ready to face the torment of the grave..not enuf 'amal to bring back. *shudder*

"Life slips away second by second. Are you aware that every day brings you closer to death or that death is as close to you as it is to other people?"