Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Sooo sad ,

when i read abt sufiah yusuf in the papers y'day...i was shocked and speechless. From a prodigy to a prostitute ! *astargfirullah*
I remember reading abt her & her family many years back. I was proud back then to see fellow Muslims achieved great recognitions in the western world. The power of brain that ALLAH has bestowed upon to a certain human being. *masya allah*

What happend to her and her family now ?? :(

"Whomever Allah guides, no one can misguide, and whomever Allah misguides, no one can guide."

Yusni Jaafar has passed away y'day. Her story is also quite sad. Somehow,she was shunned by her children when she was still alive, living on the ihsan of others........ i dont know how the children must have felt upon hearing abt thier mother's passing. Saddened of caused. Regrets ?? *sigh*
May Allah blessed her soul. Ameen.

Many of us dread the thot of death..but yet is to be remembered that living for a futher an hour is never guaranteed ! Nevertheless, when death comes, all the "realities" of life suddenly vanish. Your body, silent and motionless..just heaps of flesh. It will be washed for the last time. Wrapped in a shroud, remains in the grave and soil will cover you.

I can be morbid at times, when death is am i gonna face my sakkarul maut,how is my last breathe gonna be like... I reckon , we all afraid of death, cos,we are all not ready to face the torment of the grave..not enuf 'amal to bring back. *shudder*

"Life slips away second by second. Are you aware that every day brings you closer to death or that death is as close to you as it is to other people?"

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