Friday, April 4, 2008

I r'cd a text mssg tis morning...when i read it, it's either im one konpused person, or that person who send me the text is konpused, so i thot. I check today's date...count my fingers and toes, i still have 20 more days before i turn a year older.....hahaha

So, check and amend..i have to agree with "her" ..konpused is my middle name! hahaha

But, u know wat dear my frend, u remind me to T/I/M/E . ! :)

The aura of reading the Quran (esp on a Friday) simply surreal. Im glad my reading was rather smooth except for some of my tajwid and other hukum that need to be corrected . So happy to see those 'friends' again.

Im trying to make full use of my morning to attend dhuha classes too, since the kids are all in skool... the benefits of T/I/M/E that is given to me at tis moment.

T/I/M/E is moving so wont wait for me / us . If i dont it not sure if im able do it next time. .

Another year has passed; minutes move into hours => into days => into weeks => into months => into years - seemingly faster than ever; yet every moment is a precious component of life and every moment counts.

Have A Blessed Friday !

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