Thursday, April 24, 2008

Today im a year older !

First start of the day, i had a secret conversation with HIM, asking for a little secret request. May HE grants me my simple wish.

Kisses and hugs frm the kids before they left for school this simply awwwwww preciously priceless. ! Hubby did the same too.

So, wat is hubby's gifts this year ???
a car
a bag ( with two initials or perhaps one )
a watch (not again, but i dun mind)
both cash and gifts.
Or none of the above .

Truely im emotionally blessed and i Thank HIM for granting me another year and see yet another day of my life.

Happy Birthday to Me !


Ummi's BLOG said...

Happy Birthday Kak.. May you be continuously blessed with all things that makes you happy.....!

May you stay beautiful always !

nor said...

thanks Ummi :)