Monday, April 28, 2008

I never like to exercise. I never like to sweat n feeling sticky . I used to hit the gym eons ago, and the only machine i used was the threadmills.

My hubby has been doing brisk walking at the nearby park on certain avlble, one of the evening, i decided to join him, while the kids were in their tuition class. It was breezy tht evening....I sweat a little...but dats not too bad. I came home that evening, had my shower , hit the sack and sleeping like a baby !

Last evening, after i came back fm the kids swimming lesson, i told hubby i wanna hit the park again for brisk walking. We left the kids on thier own at home, while they watched WaterHorse dvd, drove to the park , and we decided to cycle instead. What do you call the bike that has dual cyclist ?? Yes , we took dat one...cos, i dun want to be left farrrrrr behind , esp in the evening.

It was fun...we laughed like silly overgrown teenagers. We cycled from one end to the other. Then, we decided to take a 15 mins rest....before we have to return back the bike. We sat on the bench, talked and just enjoying the "no-kids" moment...hahaa

You can imagine, the pain im "suffering" esp on the butt.........cos, ive been exercise free all these while. No pain gain , im so doing this again !

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norza said...

i miss pasir ris for the nearby beach and parks. in my place, the park is just too far (or maybe im just too lazy). by the time i get there, i will be too tired to exercise. hehe.