Thursday, January 11, 2007

My alarm woke me up at 5.30am tis morning. Stretched myself up and did a little prayer in my heart, HE has given me another day to breathe..Alhamdullilah.

I turned on the radio,.. soothing music and recital to start the day.

I opened the windows to smelled the crispy fresh air....thereaupatic.!

I looked at the ground and it was wet. I must have been sleeping soundly the nite before, i didnt know it was raining. The rained somehow, have stopped.

6.15am woke up my son, followed by my daughter few minutes later. By 7am, they left for school. As the school is directly opposite my home, i have a great full view of it. I waved them good bye fm my window and i'll stood there , till i couldnt see thier tiny little black shoes no more.

A mother's silent prayers to thier children never fail.

Now, i have a quite moment all by myself.. Sipping a cuppa hot coffee , checking my mails and stuff on this lappy. From where i sit, i could see rain, starts to fall (again)..not heavy thou. Thank God, it wasnt raining, when the kids walked to skool just now.

I did a quick cleaned up at the living hall. It looks neat and tidy,but not for long.

I need to fix lunch soon. Simple one will do, as there's only 3 of us.
I gotta leave the house, by 10am for my class. Hope the rain stops.

Friday, is just tmrw...means weekends is coming !

I have parents/teachers meeting tmrw morning, for both of my kids.
Both at the same timing. ! Times like this, i wish i could clone myself.

He's coming home tommorow, leaving again Jakarta *sigh*

But on the other hand, im having the four wheelies. Good thing for me, especially to run errands & ferrying kids to their classes. ;)


Mrs Beki said...

Wah!!! Sudah pandai upload pic!! Bravo!!

Our house will be at "showroom" state just for a while. But after the kids are home.....sigh, aku rasa tongkang pecah tu lagi baik.

Anyway, kau pagi boleh relax, aku pagi busy gillerrrrr!! Hope to see you soon, beb!!

ms mumbles said... kalau free, lu bawak tu keta, datang rumah gua, lu tolong bersihkan living room gua jadik dia jadik macam living room lu!!!! :D :D :D

rumah aku cantik gitu time only THE FIRST THREE DAYS OF RAYA !!! hehehehee

nor said...


dunno when can meet,eh. afnn, aku pulak yg bz gilerrr !!

ms mumble,
tu gambar, waktu pagi-pagi buta,taim burung berkicauan..taim tukang buat serak takde...taim skarang dah balik asal...seram aku nak amek gambor...LOL !

mummy jam said...

dah pandai upload gambar sekarang....mana gambar si Siti tu? upload lah , nak tengok jugak walaupun menyampah dengan dia!! kekekke

nor said...


hehehe..satu keajaiban telah terjadi kankan..LOL

ok, abt that photo, will try to do it ;)

Us Angels said...

hey there... blog-hopped my way here. hope you don't mind. hehs.

btw, you have such a beautifulllll houseeee. realllyy.. :D

takecare & God bless!


Al Sayf said...

Love the decor. Nie mesti suka tengok program nie dua pondan kan? :D

nor said...

us angels,

of cos, i dun mind ;) thanks for visiting . thanks for the compliment too :)

al sayf,

thanks. Gee, how'd u know i love the 2 pondans ...LOL !