Tuesday, January 16, 2007

It was Ponggal (harvest festival ) y'day. My MiL called on Sunday , saying she'll be cooking and wanted me to collect some food for the kids n myself.

I left my home around 11.30am...reached her place at about 11.45am...left her place by 12.15pm......that was really jiffy,huh ! **phew**

I had to cook rice before the kids got back fm skool,alrite . So, we had vegetarian meals for lunch and dinner on banana leaves. Yummy indeed...definitely better than Komalas or any other restaurants in Little India. Nothing beats freshly fried hot vadai , payassam, sambar & vegetables . Homemade food = slurrrrp ! **burrrp**

On the other hand, i was nervous, almost the whole morning y'day, cos, im not too sure how my MiL would react towards the "new me". When i reached her carpark, i felt like i wanted to go toilet so badly...hehehe. (angin senggugut dah datang.!)

I braved myself, as i stood in front of her door...i called her out, she's praying. She opened the gate, w/o looking at my face. I acted calm and try to be as chatty, avoiding that "issues". But im prepared..just in case the "issues" were brought up. I went to the kitchen & quickly packed my food...hence the jiffy exit.

She didnt mention anything, like i expected or imagine. But, knew wat's playing on her mind. It was quite a smooth sailing,thou. I assumed my SiL (sister-in-law) has told her abt it, therefore, she roughly knew wat to expect fm my new ''image". I heart my MiL heaps actually. She's a great mom, i knew it fm the very beginning i met her. Somehow , we have our differences...just like everyone else.

However, The cream of the day.............. prayers do help ! Thanks Allah !


Mrs Beki said...

You've been married for so long, I'm sure she'll accept you as what you are. It's the "inside", not the "outside" that matters.....

mummy jam said...

because she's already accepted you as who you are, no matter what you wear!!!