Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My kids pissed me off BIG time , last nite !!
Then, they slipped a piece of paper, under the door......

" Mom, we are terribly sorry for what we did.
Please forgive us.
We love you "

please tick,

My heart melted !

.....I tink im PMS-ing !!

**breathe in** breathe out**


Mrs Beki said...

Apa yg budak2 tu dah buat?? Biasalah budak....

Relax beb!! Cool down.... Pegi shopping yok!! :)

Al Sayf said...

You know what you should do? Slip a piece of paper under their room door, then on the paper tulis "I know what you did last summer" (preferably in blood). Then you paku lidah lembu on their door sebagai tanda amaran. :D

*prasan Nor tak senyum*

Tak kelakar eh? :(

Okay lah... takpelah... saya balik dulu.
*tunduk step kesal and then exits*

nor said...

mrs beki,
did i hear the word s/h/o/p/p/i/n/g ! :) :)

al sayf,

my blood oredi go upstairs, u nak i tulis in blood some more..chet !!


Lynna said...

LOL !!

pandai pulak your kids..slip a note ..hehehe so cute !

amacam dah cool belum ? kecian budak2 tu nanti..jangan sampai they sit infront of your bedroom & sing lagu "maafkan kami..tet tet mafkan kami..tet te maafkan kami "..alah macam cerita "bujang lapuk tu "..kekekek

nor said...


im cool...! LOL

Us Angels said...
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Us Angels said...


thanks so much for the tag AND the hug especially.

i wish i can tell you i'm feeling better but that means i gotta lie.

anyway, that was really cute of ur kids! i remember slipping handmade birthday cards on my mum's birthday when i was younger. and she still keeps all of them in this big album!

may Allah bless you and your family always. ameen. :)

p/s sorry terdelete comment. :P

-isolde (ruzanna)