Friday, January 19, 2007

I was bored y'day morning. Most of my house chores were done.

I took my shower...dressed up and headed out.

I reached the place at 10.15am...just 15mins after their opening hours.

Few cars were there already and i thot i was early !!

No, this is not the case of kiasu-ism like the earlier comers of some's the case of serious boredom.

How, peaceful to explore the enormous place at that rushing,no pushing, no long queue... errr, tranquility !

It was my first time there, so near yet so far, thing ....FREE parking !!

Which means, I can be there, like forever & ever........however, that's was soooo not the case.

I got wat i wanted/needed and some stuff which i dont think i really need...hmmm :0

I left the place with a big grin :)

I love this place.

While driving out, i felt a tad stuffy inside ...i then realised my Mr Wheelies, were running out of aircon gas. I went to the station nearby my place and got Mr Wheelies the gas he needed....that cost me $30 buckaroos !!

On top of that, i had to make him drank a huge amt of petrol ...another $50 buckaroos flew fm my wallet ! *chett*

Mr Wheelies at the station..
getting his gas topped-up.

He's now up and runnin' .
Hmmm, now i wonder if i shld explore the other mega store next to this one...*evil grin*

Anyway, before i forget.......i would like to wish all Muslims , Ma'al Hijrah 1428.

A new beginning
A new day
With new opportunities
To look forward to
May Allah blessed our
Days with prosperity
Hope & Happiness


asydin said...

WHAT??!! FREE parking??!! Not fair!!

Seriously I m sooo jealous. If I have to move, I'll move to the east side. Initially it's only the beaches tt r calling me, now the shopping centres too hehe

Selamat Menyambut Muharaam. Jgn lupa baca doa akhir & awal tahun :)

nor said...


yes, u heard me right..the word is FREE !.teehee

it's time to tink abt coming over to the eastern side,eh.